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  1. so I was looking at the barrel upgrades, is 6.01mm over kill ? or is 6.03mm to loose ? I was reading under the EdGi 6.01mm is for advanced users and even the smallest peice of debris can cause a jam, is this still true with the 6.03mm?. sorry for the dumb questions but I'am a Newbie in the airsoft department.
  2. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/Full_Metal...8907-sig556.htm. thats the one I ordered anyone have anyidea what version the gear box is, also should I get a 9.6v battery with a high MaH ?
  3. ok kewl thank you for the info, I was thinking about replacing the stock piston/cylinder head. I have read that the internals are not that bad for the price range of the gun but wouldn't mind spending some money on upgrades. what in your opinion is a decent to high end ammo ? I would like to use a heavy BB just to hurt the enemy.
  4. Well im very new to this sport, I bought a Cybergun Sig 556 after alot of research and seen alot of positive feedback on it. I was wondering if anyone can point out the easyiest and most effective upgrade other than a battery pack?
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