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  1. Dude, You do realize a cheap soldering kit from Radio Shack or Walmart is less than what you'll pay in shipping. It's not a circuit board, so being sloppy isn't a problem, and it's good practice.
  2. I love my Masada (AEG, not GBB). But for the money, I'd build/buy from a cheaper frame. The externals are awesome, but parts are expensive and finicky.
  3. Yes and yes. I have one of those, (different brand though... not the cheap "Matrix" Evike sells). Goggles are no problem. As for cheek weld, the mask gets in the way a bit, but that's mitigated by the fact that you can bend it to conform to your face. First time I used this mask, I hated it. Now I use it all the time, and have no problems.
  4. I find the suppressor type of tracer units to be junk. I think you're much better off modifying a magazine yourself with a light to charge the BB's. IF you do this, make sure to use a Blu-ray laser, or a UV LED as your light source. THey charge MUCH better than regular visual light, or white LED's, or even strobe lights.
  5. Awesome gun. Can you give approximate range and accuracy you get from this beast?
  6. Yes, yes it can. I have that exact same gun. It takes the 7 cell 9.6 mini battery just fine. It will be a complete biotch to pop in at first until you learn ho to get the wires just right. But once you do it a few times, it's easy (a heck of a lot easier than getting the same battery into my Masada). I will say this: 1) tuck all the wires under the barrel (under, when looking at the barrel from upside down... so really above the barrel). 2) line up the edge of the battery with the curved edge on the barrel... you'll know what I'm talking about when you look). 3) Make sure to watch the wires when you close the hand-guard. The guard will slice through those wires easily (I have on mine). Enjoy the rifle. Many will bash JG for it being a clone. However, I have several expensive rifles, and my JG is the most dependable. It may not fire as fast as the others stock, but it shoots hard, accurate, and takes a beating. In three years, I've yet to have to repair it, or replace any parts. And it gets TONS of use, as I loan it out to people all the time (as I use my other rifles more).
  7. Exactly. I've seen marines using Systema PTW's that are tuned to no end, still need to adjust fire by watching BB trajectory due to inconsistancies caused by wind, and the fact that no matter how hard we try... airsoft guns can only be so accurate/consistent.
  8. I have to admit, I tried Black BB's and hated it. I completely see the point, and want to like them, but fire on the run too much to not have some cue where shots are going. Though for sniper rounds... if your sniper rifle is well tuned and consistent as hell.... go for it, would make a huge difference.
  9. Yeah I signed the petition and also emailed, wrote and called my NJ representatives. I live in NJ, and this would SUCK. Sucks enough how much red-tape it is to register real steel, but to have to do that for my airsoft guns!?!?!
  10. Do yourself a HUGE favor.... The second most important item in airsoft, aside from your gun, is your goggles. WHY? - you ALWAYS wear them - they have to protect - and you need to see through them without wiping fog out For that reason, I suggest dropping some dough and getting real-deal ESS goggles with a fan. They are very expensive, but worth every penny. I've gone through about 5 sets of cheaper goggles, including a set of ESS Advancers (I got from Ebay for an amazing $30). Even those fogged too much.
  11. Update... Just ordered 2 AWS Raptor MOSFETS. We'll see how that helps. I also plan on re-wing the stock, which should be easy in the VFC as that's the only wires (nothing goes to the gearbox bu solid contacts). And I'll borrow a friend's 7.4v lipo to see if that makes a difference too (I heard anything above that risks the GB, and I'm NOT going for speed).
  12. Not to semi necro (even though it's only a few months old), but I found a source for the AWS Raptor drop-in MOSFET. See: http://www.airsofthero.com/aws-airsoft-rap...fet-mosfet.html They order them by the ten, and resell them individually. I just ordered 2.
  13. Good input. I may as well get a few, as my stock PTS Masada seems to chew them up in full-auto for some reason. (Need to figure that one out). What about the more metal teeth ones? Not necessary?
  14. Ok, got some holiday money and looking to upgrade my new toy, the 2011 VFC Scar-L. 2011 VFC SCAR-L UPGRADES???? - Straight, accurate and consistent - a little slow (I know, FPS is not everything... but I see people dodging my shots sometimes, as they float out to good ranges). - poor trigger response (with decent brand 9.6v 2000 mah battery, and all else stock). What I plan on upgrading so far: - PDI Tight Bore Barrel, 6.01 (I already own this in my Masada, so I plan on transferring it.) - possible spring upgrade I have several Systema springs, I was thinking of experimenting with a 110 at first. I also have a 120 I can pop in there, but I don't think I 'need' that power. - wiring in the stock (it's thin, so I know I need good gauge silver wiring, especially if I plan on lipo) What other upgrades would you VFC veterans recommend? - battery (I'm thinking of going lipo, and know that I should stick with 7.4v so I don't need to replace too much, and I'm not worried too much about ROF.) - motor? (We'll see how the 110 or 120 spring pulls... but I would want torque over speed as I'm in semi-auto most of the time). Not looking for externals, as I have decent optics, etc... I'm looking for more function. BTW - money is not an issue. I want the best for this gun. (I plan on selling my Masada to pay for making the VFC my ultimate gun. Gotta compete with all the Celsius rifles appearing on my field).
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