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  1. Thanks guys, I have placed my order. I like how (for some reason) they gave me free shipping even though my order was only $50. ~Will
  2. Here is their website: Stryke Airsoft I need to buy a vital part that I can only find on their website. I need it (Would be nice) by Sun., If not then Wed. My questions to you guys though are as follows: - Website reliabiliy - Shipping speed - Overall service/quality Thank you so much in advance for any help, I need this for a game Sun. P.S. I am in Washington right now, and Stryke is in California. ~Will
  3. I think I'll take the Prommy because it shoots a little bit harder. Thanks! ~Will
  4. Thanks!, I'll see what some other people think too. ~Will
  5. Okay, so this summer I am planning on playing at a CQB Arena. Their FPS limit is 350, so I'm going to have a spring change. I NEED to find a spring that I know FOR SURE will get me shooting at under 350 FPS. I have a stubby M4 with all stock internals and a 140mm barrel. Here is a chart of springs and their FPS. I just don't know if I can trust this chart or not. If there is somebody who does play CQB at this FPS limit, may you PLEASE tell me the spring that you use. I am thinking of getting this Prometheus spring here. I really need to know this and cannot stress that enough. Thanks for the help! ~Will EDIT: You can leave a message here or PM me with the spring I should use.
  6. AGM CQB M4 Gun Bag 2x Hi-Caps 8.4v 1500mah 2x 8.4v 1400mah Foregrip Carry Handle Army digital outfit 10x 10 round paintball tubes (Reloading for BBs) FlakJaks (Foliage Green) Iron Face Mask UTG Tacticool SWAT Vest
  7. First gun.... 2 years ago, at D!ck's Sporting Goods. It was a spring clear shotty. It eventually (After a year) Broke on me. My first AEG was one of those mini MP5's. Don't know when I got that. ~Will
  8. Finally, someone who is right! I have Hi-caps, but I mainly use semi, and VERY small bursts of auto. I don't just clamp down on the trigger. That's no fun. Kavvy saves the day again! =) ~Will
  9. Guess what! Minnesota (where I live) has no real airsoft fields or stores!! =( So yeah....... ~Will
  10. Dang, you beat me to it! It is probably that your bucking (easy to replace) is torn or not aligned properly. Try replacing that, and getting a new piston. To replace bucking, 1. Remove the body pins. 2. Slide the two receivers apart. 3. In the upper, you should see your whole hop-up, and barrel assembly. 4. Slide this out of your outer barrel/receiver. 5. Take the barrel out of the hop-up, the bucking should slide out on the end of it. 6. Take off the old bucking. 7. Put the new bucking on, making sure to align the notch in the barrel with the little line inside the bucking. 8.You're done!, Put the barrel in the hop up, (little hole in the barrel facing up towards the hop-up nub) slide that into the upper receiver and put the receivers together using the body pins. Hope this helps! ~Will
  11. Free bump for Mehkakakaka...... whatever that means..... o-O
  12. Actually, they both get scammed about the same amount. Adults get scammed more often, because they spend a large wad of cash on something, and the guy doesn't even have the item. My grandpa got scammed on a $1,000 camera a long time back. ~Will
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