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    To keep the list short I will list my favorites. G&P SR25 DMR (Original Version: V2.5) -effective range 350-400 feet - +/-0 Compression KWA SR10 Burst "DMR" (Accurized AEG) -effective range with burst 250-300 feet -Compression N/A have not tested.
  1. From an Ebay store. I don't know if any official/mainstream Airsoft Website has them in yet.
  2. So I was ordering a batch of Madbull 0.40g when I was told that my order was different than intended and that the product, Madbull 0.40g Tan was no longer tan. Please note, I am not advertising this seller, this is just the place I found these colorings. Madbull 0.36g Rust/Brown Madbull 0.40g Gray I have the gray one's coming in. I am curious if I will be able to see them better because they are a whiter-black ( know that doesn't make sense) or will they be just as hard as black. As in the scale it does go, White ---- Gray ----- Black. Maybe the quality is better now? We'll find out.
  3. Hop-up is two piece...kwa proprietary, Piston, what's wrong with it? The only thing I would switch on it would be the Piston head...Aluminum head? Give me a break KWA... Barrel: 1. Prometheus if you have the money 2. Madbull far cheaper and the performance is pretty much the same for a standard build like yours. So go with this. You don't really need to stablize a barrel especially on the KWA. Barrel stabilization helps but not in any way you are going to notice. Unless you are building a high end DMR you won't notice any difference in stabilizing your barrel, I have tested it in various gun brands and builds. It only really makes a difference at extreme range. You have an auto, you are throwing rounds down range, it doesn't matter. R-Hop Flat-Hop whatever you want.
  4. With the right compression, if the ER-Hop is as good as everyone says it is, at 450 fps with 0.20g, it should be putting 0.36g out very far. If it cannot then the ER-Hop is no better than an R-hop. Because I was able to get the Flat Hop at 450 fps to shoot 0.36g very far out there. And from what I recall, R-hop fanatics put a lot of hate on the Flat hop. Supposedly the ER-Hop is supposed to be insanely better. I actually have an ER-Hop now on my SR25 so I am going to try it out but its at a much greater FPS. My point is, the ER-hop is supposed to be give you a much greater contact time and should result in a better spin and consistency so using 0.36g should work fine with a 450 fps gun and should get decently far results but your round may travel slow. However, to agree with the above posts, with only 50 fps difference I wouldn't do it. That's how most fields where I live have it at. You really don't want to have to lead targets and pray that the wind is with you because your round is traveling so slow. If you had a 500 fps cap or even better, a 550 fps cap, its an entirely different game. With the flat hop, and good compression and work, you can get a 0.40g to easily go 350 feet++. Lets see what happens with an ER-Hop :)
  5. azulueta


    To the OP, most brands' 0.25g work well enough. Madbull 0.25g is a great brand actually and cost isn't bad at all. Same with Goldenball or G&G or any of the others. If you want one of the better options: Bioshot or Bioval. ______________________________ Expensive for DMR terms: Bioval 0.40g 12$ &lt;AT&gt; 500rds I consider expensive enough :) Maybe you were referring to like CNCed bb's. Yeah those are competition grade, say goodbye to your barrel.
  6. KWA is all proprietary...its a fine gun if you only care about stock performance. DMR base builds need to have lots of room for upgrading. Now when you are talking about replacing parts do you mean on your VFC?
  7. If you want to upgrade the gun...do not get a KWA. I have made a KWA DMR in the past but literally all I switched out was a spring and nub...its about all you can really do without extensive cutting and modifications I wouldn't even really call it a DMR as I think very highly of a gun when it is addressed with that term. If you want a DMR that will is an awesome base build (and seeing as you are willing to pay for a KWA M16), buy this: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/2860-ANK-L...-AEG-Rifle.aspx Its one of the only places I can find the A&K SR25 in stock. It should come with an V2.5 Gearbox as well unless in newer models they went to V2. It will accept multiple aftermarket parts and has the potential to compete with high end builds if upgrades and modifications are done correctly.
  8. azulueta

    Black Ops .2g BB's?

    Its hard to find completely useless 0.20g. Its a very easy bb weight to make high quality, even Crossmans can be used in certain bore sizes and perform just fine.
  9. Yeah I am just going on some of the comments he had on his SVD thread about technical stuff and how he felt by it. As he was looking for techs to do all the above to his airsoft gun except for electronics, I thought it would be easier for his lady, who probably wouldn't abuse the gun like a lot of players, to use a gun with good support. It is his money :P I have never seen a V2.5 Gearbox on sale since I started looking in 2010. The person I bought mine from bought his in 2004 he said they were discontinued right after they were released in 2003. As far as airsoft goes, I was not around then and it was only through rumors from "older" airsofters that I heard about it to begin with. In my searches numerous sites at the G&P Sr25 when I was looking since 2010 and none had the 7mm V2.5. A lot of the international companies had G&P Sr25 Extended Gearbox and when I messaged them about the gun, they said they had to contact G&P to actually make it then send it to me and that G&P told them it was 8mm V2. I messaged around 4-5 different international websites trying to hunt it down. The stages I saw were: 7mm V2.5 (less than 100 made is what I heard) ---> CNC V2 (company had to order this from G&P) and V2 Regular. I have not heard of what you were saying, does not mean you are wrong though. On another note, it was pure assumption as the G&G Sr25 was out much earlier G&P's V2, and a lot of these companies tend to copy each other (a majority do in airsoft, good idea's why not use them). I just assumed that since G&G was the only one using a spacer and extended air nozzle G&P did the same. Meh.
  10. Its whatever the OP decides. My decision was solely based on the fact that he does NOT tech and that its for his girlfriend. Last time I sent in my KWA they only charged me for shipping and did it all for free (when I first started airsoft), I suppose they may have changed. Just saying though as I did in your thread.. From you, "Note* G&P made a few version of SR-25s that has V2 GB, this include the original version and later CNC version. The newest ones and some CNC versions are labeled with "SR-25 GB" use the V2.5 GB." G&P SR25 Original = V2.5 7mm Post Original = V2 8mm (These could be found everywhere 1-2 years ago, they may have said extended gearbox but they were not. I ran into this as I searched for the 7mm V2.5. They were all 8mm V2, based off the G&G)
  11. One of the main reasons I mentioned KWA was because of customer support. In the off chance of the King Arms M4 breaking, which airsoft guns often do, he would have to send it off to a tech. Unless in my absence from the scene King Arms has great customer support now? You cannot guarantee that it will not break, and if it does, he has to pay a lot more money to have it fixed via local techs than simply sending the KWA back to get fixed (especially with the warranty) unless KWA has changed since my absence. ____ Off topic: While you're here, would you mind fixing your SR25 thread? Your misinformation about the G&P Sr25 annoys me.
  12. I believe the OP wants a gun that is decently good for a non-hardcore airsofter to use right out of the box. That's still KWA. To an enthusiast, its ranked full of "issues" but to someone who wants an AEG to shoot reliably and have good customer support because they aren't going to tech it, KWA is a fair choice for that specific price range listed. As you said yourself.... The OP is not going to work on this gun, nor will his lady friend. If my girlfriend was going to get into airsoft, I would get her a KWA so I don't have to mess with it much and if it does break let the company handle it, I get sick of working on airsoft guns so why not utilize that prospect. KWA is not garbage for the non-enthusiast. It works just fine for the needs she will have.
  13. Without seeing some FPS readings I really can't help eliminate issues. I will say that just putting in a standard nub instead of the SCS as a "benchmark" to compare could help. Even if BB's are going straight down every time, its better that they do that then random directions because it will help eliminate multiple issues that COULD be going on with your AEG.
  14. When it comes to accuracy there can be numerous issues and factors. Also what range are we talking about? Nub (You may not have the SCS centered correctly. Try a PDI W hold or KWA 2gx bucking or Flat/Rhop Bucking: could be too thin/thick depending on FPS and BB choice or could be dirty (residue) Compression, you may say its good, it could still be bad. Are you getting consistent FPS readings on a chrono? BB choice: quality Barrel Quality: I don't know too much about your barrel, but it should be fine honestly. Make sure its not bent (roll test) This is just to start. Eliminate possibilities one at a time until you find the culprit. Yes its time consuming, and yes its annoying but its what you use on the field, it NEEDS to perform.
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