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  1. Well the shots are curving left and right mainly, not really up and down so I don't know if it would be the hop up. Sorry I am rather new to the airsoft internals, so you believe it is a bucking problem? How would I go about inspecting the bucking because I am not sure its the hop up since the hop up is supposed to control vertical movement, right? How should I go about fixing this? -Buying Heavier BB's? or -Buy a different bucking? If its a different Bucking where is a good site to purchase them. I hear the soft ones are better and cheaper but run down faster.
  2. Hello, to start off here is the gun I use: 550-600 FPS( 600fps with .2g) L96 Full Metal Bolt Action AWP-96 GAS Sniper Rifle w/ LASER & 9x40 SCOPE & BIPOD I filled the gun with green gas until I could not hear any more gas entering the gun, and mounted the scope. However when I shoot at my target the shots are randamly hitting it in different places; there is NO set area to where they are landing. I continued firing a few more shots and noticed through the scope that the bb's were curving. I shot from 30 feet and 50 feet and there was an awful curve. At 23 feet the curve lessened by my shots were still all over the place. The first thing you would assume is, is it windy?-No I did this indoors The second thing, your bb's are not heavy enough.-I used .25g at first but saw them curve so I switched to .32g aluminum bbs and they curved at the designated distances that I mentioned above. Example: If I take 10 shots at distance 25-30 feet, 2/10 will hit the standard paper sized target with only 1 being close to the center. The rest will wildly curve off as you can see through the scope when no wind is present and using .32g bbs. I even had the gun stationary and did this. I don't know what else to do, given that it curves I would assume the bbs are not carrying enough weight to compensate for the pressure they are being shot with but I don't know for sure. Also, by having the gun completely stationary and firing shots and all landing randamly, I can assume its not the scope since none land in the same place. Possibilities: Heavier bbs than .32g? Green Gas is too strong?<--that may be the case in which if it is, I probably damaged my gun with how many times I shot, right? Green Gas Info: http://www.amazon.com/Green-Gas-Dual-Pack-1000/dp/B000BUPDXS I don't see what else it can be, please let me know guys :)
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