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  1. The CA-25 actually has an auto function? I am surprised, I always considered it the 2nd best SR25 but I don't know now... =/ I was under the impression it only had Safe and Fire. I believe the A&K has the Safe, Semi, Auto. [I only mention A&K and CA as the rest don't use the V2.5 GB that and I obviously considered the G&P] Regardless I do love SR25's :) For Parts and mods, just take a glance over mine that I linked. EDIT: Its just a pet peeve of mine. DMR's do not have a Burst or Auto function or else, its not a DMR.
  2. I still like the trigger response the G&P M180 provides. If it was a price vs price, I will concede my favored M180 has the loser. But I still want to see more testing before pushing down the Satan :) It vs the Clone Torque's will give them more than a run for their money.
  3. I agree with airborn Though, you should be fine running it stock. They are rated to handle 11.1v 15C [or a lower discharge] rate safely without a mosfet. That is what KWA promises anyways. I have used a battery like yours for awhile with little to no wear on my ex-KWA SR12's trigger contacts. But to be on the safe side, follow their advice.
  4. Well its been awhile since I posted so I figured I would start here. My Favorite platform is the SR25 :) It just screams DMR to me anyways. [Mainly the replicas actually taking SR25 Magazines]
  5. I suppose I should have worded what I said a bit better. It doesn't really matter much because as long as my Flat Hop is somewhat on, I still peg targets easily at 300 feet, for the 300+ feet shots I like to personally increase the effective range by adjusting accordingly which is fine as what possible airsoft threat do I have when engaging at 300 + feet, where I play, Zero.
  6. I usually [when using the Flat Hop] dismount the scope and increase the hop up until I know the bb's are hitting the target [I do this at 350 feet]. Then I remount the scope and zero it in to 300 feet, then turn off the hop up. Now that my scope is set, all I do in game is increase the hop up to fit different situations and I can do so very quickly. As far as the scope is concerned its a Flat Line Trajectory and from my testing at various ranges it seems to be flat as well. I do not keep te Flat Hop on its maximum range setting to lower the wear and tear on it. If it is the R-Hop, I would treat the settings the same except its more of a "fixed" hop so increasing and decreasing as much as the Flat Hop isn't exactly needed.
  7. Though its not exactly on topic, getting a different brand AEG would be extremely beneficial for you to do instead of using the KWA as a base line for this specific type of build or most builds in general. I sold my KWA's awhile back simply because I wanted to be TM standard so I could upgrade parts easily and not have to worry about possible fitment issues [though such issues are still possible depending on the brands] If you DO decide to go the route of selling the KWA let us know and we will offer you some good decisions based on your preferences. You could even buy a cheaper base gun than a KWA and use the extra money for upgrade parts. Keep us posted and good luck!
  8. I used the FireFly Hard Buffer Nub and the KWA 2gx bucking because it was thinner than most buckings and blah blah on my theories on why I chose a thinner one as the theory I can toss around isn't really relevant. The point is it worked well. Age got the Madbull Blue to work well I believe? Yeah that would be loads of fun! But I am judge for that competition and I felt like this Airsoft Replica received enough attention and I would rather see other players build awesome replicas than have my own in the competition as I am all for the expansion of this sport. I don't think I will field this Airsoft Replica much though as its worth too much seeing how rare it is :) [Yes you will have noticed by now I am a G&P SR25 fanboy, so please forgive me.] I appreciate the comments though! It felt awesome to finally finish it. Soo...currently working on the oh so fun ER-Hop so I can lower its fps to 450 fps with 0.20g so I can use it at more games and still be able to effective use 0.40g. I want to use heavy bb's for brush penetration, stable shots against the wind to an extent, and so the numerous cheaters in my state will actually call their hits. I do play safe though and I have never aimed for any head's. I prefer thighs because I have found in my "tests" that it hurts the most there. The gearbox also needs to be radiused as well when I open it back up. [Too lazy to do so now].
  9. I just shimmed the inner barrel and hoped for the best as far as stabilizing it went. The way the OP worded it, it sounded as if he preferred this route so, for the sake of the argument I went :) But what you are saying makes sense and I know you mentioned it before. I agree on the clone. On the range part, for my fields anyways, [woodland] I really haven't needed that much effective range and places that I do need it [urban] do not allow DMR class airsoft guns into the area. I usually keep my hop up off and in game I adjust it for how much effective range I need on specific targets rapidly and it works out quite well. As long as my scope is still zeroed at 300 feet, all I really need to mess with is the hop up chamber and every so often slightly tweaking the scope. That's how I play anyways and it works for me, but you may have fields where excessive effective range is needed and my plan falls apart! :P _______________________________ To the OP, for the two piece hop up units for the M4/m16 variants, I only know of plastic ones and Classic Army is the only one I really know to be able to switch it with. As far as stabilizing it, all I did to mine was shim the barrel and hop for the best.
  10. Just now saw this. Yeah I wanted to judge others. I feel like the SR25 has had plenty of attention :) and if it didn't win I would pout and be a sore loser because I am an SR25 as you may know I love stressing how rare the G&P one is xD Thanks for the kind words though.
  11. My good friend Star has done quite a lot of "damage" on what to do so I can't really give any input as he covered it :) I will list very very brief and non-detailed items that I would do. Responses are in BOLD With an SCS/Systema bucking I was hitting targets at 250 feet with 450 fps with 0.20g with the Systema and SCS on my SR12 the accuracy was less at 270 feet though that was near its limit. Regardless most engagements take place within 150 feet so you will be perfect at 250 feet. If you feel inadequate with others on this forum boasting huge effective ranges do not be alarmed. Most of them are created for the sole purpose of pushing the limits of effective range and usually those guns are built and used by Techs and as a Tech I can say that I don't get a lot of skirmishing in that much and when I do, the longest shot I have ever had to take was 270 feetish. Given that my G&P SR25 [seen in my signature] has a MUCH higher effective range if needed, it doesn't really matter. If my effective range was 220 feet even, I would just compensate for it as I have been using my DMRs for a LONG time and have the feel of how they shoot and feel. I am just trying to give you some insight from a heavy DMR user :) and Tech As you said, hit those DIY Compression Mods and Mechanical Mods HARD. Though the KWA's don't have a lot of compression loss when using their stock parts, you shouldn't have to do a lot IMHO as I didn't as it was overkill. If it was me and I wanted to be specific, I would stretch a 14# O ring, clean and lubricate the cylinder, lubricate the cylinder nozzle and q-tip clean the air nozzle. Q-tip clean the hop up unit. For lubricating these items, grab some O-Ring Grease from your hardware store, its made for sealing and eliminating friction. It was VERY cheap and its made to work WITH your O-rings :) There is more that CAN be done, but for a KWA I would consider it excessive as the KWA stock parts are MADE to work with each other.
  12. Too heavy for your Bucking/Nub setup. The KWA 2gx is not rated for anything above 450 fps with 0.20g. This does NOT mean that it will NOT work but rather that it was not MADE for it. You will find that heavy bb's and a higher fps do not do well at all with the KWA 2gx bucking. The bb's I have not used personally nor heard a whole lot about, sorry. If I had to guess, it would be about the same as using Madbull/King Arms/Guarder/ etc... [All the OEM brands]
  13. Hmm I will admit that that does make some sense. I was just repeating what has been mentioned numerous times on the M170 and by G&P. _______________________ To Star: Umm I have not tested its ROF, I would have to bridge the MOSFET in a certain manner to obtain that as there is no other way for me to do this as I am "fairly" sure that the is no other very easy way.
  14. I guess when I post I, subconsciously, say the bb's that I would normally use: the OEM brands and such. No one would use Nites or Pearls unless they were Bill Gates. I would never use the Orange unless I wanted to destroy my Airsoft-Replica. I have never heard of Vanaras quality so there you have me :) I will have to address ALL of them next time....
  15. I think it is. My G&P M180 was MUCH MUCH more "Torqueish" than the G&P M170. The M170 was supposed to be the torque of the M160 with the Speed of the M120 in theory. My G&P M180 is pulling a Guarder PSG-1 SP150 atm [equivalent of a SP170ish] with Standard Torque Gears and I get instant trigger response.
  16. That would work. I would rather name of names :). Which brands actually exist now that don't use those "colors on designated weights"? [I usually don't include crap quality as I don't want players to really consider putting it down their gun, like those orange bb's] Goldenball
  17. I suppose I should have said, "has" Green. Well all the current bb brands as they all use the same OEM basically.
  18. Bioval 0.40g Horribly inconsistent air pockets/ I am anxious to see the color Bioshot has chosen for their 0.36g as every brand chooses green as they only high quality brand with no airbubbles and very consistent external diameter is Goldenball for the 0.32g, 0.36g, 0.40g (only issue being color) [cue yee] So Bioshot was actually able to solve the feeding issue and their 0.36g do not have horrendous quality, we will be good.
  19. Well my bad, I meant the fps was around 500 fps with a 0.20g. I believe you said that with a 2.32J gun (approx 500 fps with 0.20g) you were over hopping 0.43g Madbulls but it was VERY accurate nontheless. I will try to find it somewhere on ASM. =) btw I hope what I said before didn't come off as rude as I didn't mean it in that manner, I was just questioning my own wording and actions :p In any case, yes, I am quite curious about the Power increase vs the Spin Velocity as well.
  20. Not to nit-pick at all, but did you mean 0.1-1.0? because 0.1 and 0.10 is the same :) But regardless, that is incredible. The HPA P* truly is impressive.
  21. Well maybe I am completely wrong but I could have sworn you said, on ASM, that you had fine tuned the ER-Hop at around 500 fps with 0.20g and you had trouble preventing them from overhopping. I suppose I took this as, the ER-Hop provides so much hop that if you increase the FPS, you need heavier bb's to compensaste, hence what I have been saying. Oh but you did cut a barrel for me :) I don't have the proper tools to cut it right now as mine are on campus. That madbull/G&P Hop up chamber was mine. I have experiemented with it ever so slightly and have not had the time to really get down on what is needed with it. However from what I can tell its VERY accurate at long range. I am assuming you mean "comarping the ER-hop......and Flat hop" right? No it is not 100% tuned at all. You could say its in a general sense. I just took from what I have used and what Star had told me about his experience with it vs the Flat Hop. As soon as I get more time though I would be glad to swap out, in the same gun, my two setups: Prometheus Neo Strike Chamber/Prometheus 6.03mm 590mm/Flat Hop vs the G&P Hop Up Chamber/Madbull 6.03 509mm/ ER-Hop. I am heading on vacation this weekend but when I return I will see what I can get going. However, you do have a very valid point, since I have not fully tuned it I really don't have any right to give the MOST accurate response. All I can say is if it performs better than what I currently have, god help the OPFORs.
  22. Correct. The ER-Hop is the most difficult hop up setup to setup. It really is overkill if you use a gun that is high fps as you need heavy weight bbs and I am saying that like Madbull 0.43g would be weak... We are talking 0.66g minimum and may be using steel 0.88g. I believe HS5 said that around 500 fps with 0.20g he had difficulty using 0.43g without overhop despite it being accurate though. So its useful if your DMR limits are say 450 fps with 0.20g in order for one to use it in order to better provide backspin to heavy bb's like 0.40g. The R-Hop is a much better choice if you were to use on or the other. From my results with using the Flat Hop its accuracy still seems to be right there with the R-Hop and ER-Hop its durability though is just at a much lower scale by far. The issue is the Flat hop, which is difficult to tune, is MUCH easier than the R-Hop or ER-Hop. I am currently working on tuning the ER-Hop and I can tell you how much this thing has been taxing my Tech Abilities.
  23. Target Rifle huh? It sounds fun to me :) I hope it becomes a DMR at some point so Age, Star, you, and I can compete then again I think Star and you would need 550 fps though :) Or we can all be on the same team at a game. In any case, this build sounds like it will be awesome. I highly recommend the G&P M180 but then again I have never tried the JG Blue/Red. Nothing else I can really add as Star and Major pretty much took care of what I could input at this stage right now and Major answered that one person quite adequately :) Keep me posted on this friend. I am interested!
  24. SOLD. It was sold awhile back.,..my deepest apologies for not asking for locking. Please Lock this Moderators.
  25. IIRC, the 9.6v 5000mah took up most of the space inside the Full-Stock, so a 10.8v...unless in some kind of...configuration..would have issues, I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure I am on the right track. Regardless I do hope it works out for you, if not you can just use it as an external battery and get an attachment for out side the crane stock or something..
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