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  1. Lol you posted this in the wrong section. Post this in the Airsoft Items Wanted section. You will get better results there
  2. You posted this in the wrong section. Post it in the Airsoft items wanted section http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Airsoft-...anted-f225.html You will get more PMs there :P
  3. You posted this in the wrong section. Post it in this section http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Airsoft-...anted-f225.html
  4. Sorry for the gravedig, but I would recommend not using BernzOmatic. First of all, you wouldn't need extra flux. I believe the solder you have already has a flux rosin core inside. There are other better brands of solder out there that have better flux. I got a huge 1 pound solder roll and it has the best flux I ever used. It wets the surface really easy and doesn't ever come off.
  5. This year, I am in my Junior year, which has been very busy. I don't have any extra time for airsofting so I'm selling my gun. Paypal only Please no trades. (Im selling my airsoft gun because I am too busy to play with them.) Offers will be considered Price: Asking 180$ shipped (PM me if you are interested) Retail link: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...roducts_id=4392 What my gun includes: -Gun -Charger (upgraded see pics) -Battery -Barrel extender -Box -Tan hi-cap magazine For the charger, I made it have 2 options of either Tamiya or Deans, and I added 2 capacitors to reduce the ripple effect given off by the cheap rectifier inside chargers. I also drilled holes on the side to give better airflow so it doesn't overheat. For the gearbox, It shoots around 420fps with .20g out of the box. What I did Cleaned and relubed the gearbox Shimmed the gears to perfection Swiss cheesed the polycarbonate piston with precise measurements between the holes drilled Expanded the O ring to create a better air seal Properly cleaned, broken in, and lubed the motor The most important mod I did to my gun is fixing the double/tripple feeding issue. I did so by drilling a small catch in the hop up unit so the bullets would not slide due to the pressure of the magazine. I never experienced any double feeding issues after that. For the gun, I converted the plugs to Tamiya and I made the stock easier to take apart by expanding the holes the wires go through. The external metal rails, and the body are in very good condition and its pretty new.I Since I'm in my junior year and it's really busy, it would help me a lot if you would get this gun off my hands. Pictures: Charger
  6. What I did was let the connectors cool, slide the heatshrink up, and since I use a butane lighter, I just give it a little puff of flame and that 1 side shrinks. I do that for all 4 sides and it shrinks really nicely.
  7. Rules: Paypal only. Offers will be considered. No trades. I am asking for 170$ shipped. I need to sell this in order to get the cash for the iPhone 4. Our family's contract expires in 1 week so im trying to get it out within 1 week. The iPod's back is really really new. It isn't scratched at all on the back side. On the rim (Where the volume buttons are), there is a small scratch but is barely noticeable. The iPod has no water damage at all and has not been dropped. The screen has no scratches at all and is not cracked in any way. I want to sell my iPod because I am getting an iPhone 4 soon. The iPod comes with the box, and the charging cable. Please PM me if you have any questions.
  8. I used 1/4". I find it a decent size for the battery wires due to the thickness. For the charger and the gearbox wiring assembly, I used something a bit less than 1/4" inch.
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