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  1. I know this topic has been dead, but the field is still there and we'll re-open in the spring. I worked <AT> RHC over the summer, and have been converted to paintball, I've pretty much given up airsoft. We're currently working on a new field, which will be a town, with trees, houses and such.
  2. Ok, its been more than half a year and I havn't even had a reply for yea or nay, cancel my application. Havn't been doing much airsoft recently anyway, might be a while before I have the funds to get back into it.
  3. ...What proof or reason do you have when you say that ASGI and Evike are garbage? Not everybody has a local airsoft store (my closest is like an hour away, and it's the only one for a while), and places like airsoft atlanta (the only retailer I'd order from if the ones in cali go O.U.B.), can't handle that many people that the other companies would lose, there'd be stuff out of stock all the time. The only reason prices MIGHT go up is because the retailers left would take advantage of the situation, the prices don't HAVE to go up. A big portion of airsoft sales come from southern California, and the same area is arguably where the biggest concentration of airsoft exists in the US. So yes, airsoft would be greatly impacted across the United States if these businesses go out of business.
  4. Here, thought this was worth sharing and had some good points relating to SB 798: http://www.airsoftgitv.com/?p=2082 Wouldn't hurt to circulate this vid around, also please make sure to sign the petition on the change website.
  5. Ya, with this field that opened this weekend in Richmond (RHC Paintball), we are taking everything in the larger more modern looking fields and trying to fix it. All the on site staff are great, try to become friends with the people at the field, and attempt to cater to what they want to play, not just playing elimination for every game. We got such good feedback, a team from Texas flew up here just to play at the field. (paintball team)
  6. Same, I've never had trouble with ASGI. Guess every company is gonna have a mess up every once in a while, but compared to most airsoft retailers, Airsoft GI is one of the best, my second fav would be airsoft atlanta.
  7. Really? Thought only pyrotechnic discussion wasn't allowed. An ammo idea though might be finding a way to launch thunder B grenades out of it. You could design a shell that would keep the spoon down until it hit the ground, realeasing the spoon, and starting the delay on impact.
  8. Well, in order to maintain some peace around here, don't think I'll rant about ^, but I can say that for the majority of the time, I disagree with the 5 points states above about people that criticize MAG. I always attempt to follow the game plan as accurately as I can, and do my best to not be a jerk, and have never gotten called on it. Not to say that I don't appreciate what MAG tries to do, but in paintball circles, CPX has a reputation of only caring about raking in cash, and not so much about customer satisfaction at the end of the day. Don't get me wrong, their fields are great, but staff and the way they manage games leaves a lot to be desired.
  9. Blarp, does anybody have a recording of it, was sort of interested to see it.
  10. Ya, but I don't support games run by MAG, so I've only ever played paintball there (I sort of do both paintball and airsoft, but more airsoft). For now, he said airsoft would be by appointment only, but if you get a reasonable amount of people together, you could schedule a private game. CPX is about 2 hours away from me, Richmond is 20 minutes.
  11. Welp, I'm now a referee at this field, so if any of you get a group together, let me know and I can try to get something set up. I believe he said it would be 22 or 30 dollars for entrance. Lets get some airsoft goin, PM me and let me know if interested.
  12. Agreed, saw some very nice guns there. Glad there were lots of entrys!
  13. Not according to the video, they did work as intended when he shot it with the Hi-capa. However, not sure if they might have some coating which could mess up your barrel.
  14. I know, really liking those balloon ones, watching the sphere of water hang for a second is pretty neat.
  15. ...and the advantages would be? LED glowing tracer are still the best form of tracers for airsoft. Airsoft is designed to be able to shoot at people, exploding rounds would cause injury, and have no practical use. Not to mention they can't be cheap.
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