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  1. hey guys im having trouble finding a tightbore and compatible hop ribber for my new pre-ban m700 takedown . the 2roy conversion does not fit the takedown modle. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Hey im looking to buy eith a KJW or tanaka gas rifle preferably with a Co2 or hpa rig and upgrades.
  3. Recently I sold my upgraded tanaka m40a1 and bought a vsr and honestly I miss my gas gun :( Soo im looking to buy a tanaka or maybe even a heavily upgraded Kjw rifle. Im looking at trying to find either a m24, a m700, or an m40. Will pay cash but I also have a fully maxed out tokyo marui vsr with over $1000 put into it, and a brand new g&g soc 16 if youre interested in trades or possibly trades with money added. Just let me know if youre interested via pm.
  4. If you have a tanaka preban for sale and he doesnt buy it I will. I assume its old but in working condition?
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