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  1. Hey I appreciate it man... The more I thought about it the more I was thinking that the cylinder was in backwards. Actually the semi/auto problem was happening even before I got a new selector plate. It seems that it does it once I secure the rear holding pin that goes thru the gearbox...
  2. So here is the deal on my current predicament with my M4. I recently tore my gearbox completely down and re-shimmed and greased the internals. I also installed a Systema air nozzle as well as a King Arms selector plate and new shims. Now, I am 99.9% sure it was all reassembled correctly and I dry fired the gun a few times with just the pistol grip and battery attached and everything seemed fine (no heavy grinding and semi worked correctly). Also know that on my AGM M4 the cylinder has an oblong hole on the side of it at one end. I couldnt remember which side the hole should be closer to so I put it towards the front of my gun on the right side (if looking at the gun from the back). Ok so first of all I completely reassembled my gun and took it outside to rip off a few rounds to see how the new nozzle would increase my fps (if any). So in semi auto I pulled the trigger and bb's were literally just rolling out of my gun . I opened up the side of my gun where the hopup is and when I pulled the trigger I noticed that most of the air was escaping thru the oblong hole that is in my cylinder. I really am kinda stumped as to how I can fix this problem even though its probably an easy fix. Also when I completely reassembled my gun and I put it in semi auto mode it will occassionally fire in full auto unless I really pull the trigger back hard. Also there is an unpleasant feeling click when I pull the trigger back at its farthest point. It did not do this when the gun wasnt fully assembled. Any ideas?
  3. Word... Sucks I have to spend 20 bucks to rethread this beast but I will make this work. Still does anyone have any ideas on how to fix my dust cover issue?
  4. So I currently am in the process of changing all of my internals from an AGM M4A1 Carbine over into a G&P Zombie Killer metal body (which I have been making some progress on). Sadly I realized that the threads on my Delta Ring (which my handguards store the battery so its not a RIS version) don't exactly match the G&P. Is there anywhere I can purchase simply the part that screws the outter barrel to the upper reciever? Also I am having trouble with the dust cover staying closed. Yes, yes I reversed the spring so the tension keeps the dust cover closed but when I put my gearbox in my piston cylinder restricts it from closing all the way because of the gaudy latch on the back of the dust cover..... Any advice or fixes for these issues?
  5. So I recently purchased a G&P Zombie Killer full metal body for my AGM M4 just because my AGM body is garbage pot metal. I went to install the gearbox into the G&P and the upper receiver just doesn't seem to fit over the gearbox... Also why is there no dust cover on this thing? The dust cover from my AGM body fits into the G&P but there is no slot (like there is in the AGM) to help guide and hold it in place... I really think someone on here is going to end up getting a sweet Zombie Killer body for a cheap price if I cant figure out how to fit it all together...
  6. Well I doubt I will be going lithium anytime soon then. All I need to do now is figure out what kind of motor is in this thing. Its has no markings on it at all so I have no way to tell who manufactured it.
  7. A group of about 25 or so play some scenario/CTF Airsoft in western MD and I was just wondering if anyone within an hour or so of Garrett County is interested in playing? We are actually even looking for a new place to possibly play if it is within reasonable distance.
  8. For your first charge on the battery you would probably want to put it on a slow charge so that it charges properly. Its doubtful that it would come fully charged from the manufacturer.
  9. So this is my first post and hello fellow Airsoft gurus! I am just wondering a few things about my gearbox and some problems/concerns I have. This is my actual gun I purchased in case you want to check out the specs. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/NEW_2010_A...e_p/agm-031.htm Regardless I recently tore my gun down and discovered a few little nasty surprises. Well, as I am sure most of you know, AGM's "full metal body" is metal..... pot metal at best... So while disassembling my gun I noticed that my stock tube was rather loose. When I took it off I came upon a snapped backside to my lower receiver. Luckily I work at a facility which supplies some ridiculously strong epoxy so I patched/sanded/filed that problem right up. The reason I tore my gun completely down is because I was having a problem with it not wanting to go into semi auto properly. When in semi auto if I pulled the trigger at regular strength it would fire fully automatic but when I really gave it a good pull it would shoot semi auto...mostly. Sound like a selector plate problem or maybe something with the trigger? Now on to the gearbox.... Well when I opened the gearbox I discovered a rather large smearing of grease throughout. Yeah.... there was a lot... So I cleaned that all up and am now just wondering what exactly is this gearbox made up of. Does anyone happen to know the brand of the gears/piston/piston head... etc.? Also I am wondering if anyone knows what size bushings are really used in this thing? I would imagine 6mm but I really don't want to guess on that. Anyway, I have ordered a King Arms selector plate, a systema air nozzle, some madbull gear and piston grease, a guarder steel pinion gear and some systema shims. Im looking to eventually have a good all around M4 with high FPS and decent ROF. I know I am kinda asking a lot of questions in this one post but it is basically all related on the fact that I want to know if the steps I am taking are good or....not so much
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