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  1. Special LIMTED EDITION --- G&G G2010 HUNTER AEG (Tan) G&G Armament G2010 HUNTER SERIES -- FN F2000 Tactical replica Airsoft AEG Rifle (EGF-20H-DST) -- Short Barrel Desert Tan Color HUNTER Version -- Integrated 3.5x magnification Scope with crosshair reticule -- Built Material: Aluminum / Zinc / Stainless Steel / Nylon / ABS Features: Bullpup Design / Full Length Inner Barrel / Tactical Flash Suppressor / Ergonomics & Ambidextrous Handling / Compatible AR type Magazine / 2-Stage Trigger Design / Quality G&G Gearbox Gun sells for $410.00 from Hong Kong plus $70.00 shipping - $480.00 Rare and sold out everywhere --- SELLING for only $350.00 plus shipping (UPS rate) Never taken out to the Field. Only five to ten magazines ever fired. Basically in new condition. As a collector I don’t like the trigger. Shoots in 2-3 shot bursts in semi. Quasi-Dual stage trigger in auto. Basically an Auto firing gun. I think this is a design flaw with this type of trigger. Very accurate. Can adjust spring force by turning a screw in the back of the gun. G&G quality. Very good looking gun. PayPal only Only sell to lower 48 states in USA
  2. Not too much force. I basically squezzed the trigger a little harder than before. I only used my index finger. The gun was doing the same thing before the it just stopped. It still fires sometimes in semi mode. I am very tempted to open the gun up to check, but I don't want to void the warrenty. I don't even know what the warrenty from G&G is? Do you think the trigger lever sticking would cause it shoot in auto when in semi. I was looking at your other post (great post) and I wonder if the angle on yhe trigger lever could be causing the problem.
  3. I sent a e-mail to G&G and Redwolf. We'll see what they say. This is pretty disappointing. A strange thing, when set to semi the gun switches between firing in semi mode and full auto. Without the mag and bb's, it more often shoots as it should in semi. Once bb's are fed into the gun it shoots in full auto. Maybe its just a coincidence.
  4. Thank very much for your help! . I didn't have the gun long enough to be able to tell a difference, but I pressed really hard on the trigger and it started firing again. The problem is now that it auto fires when set to semi. When I slowing squeeze the trigger in semi it just auto fires. If I mash the trigger pulling it all the way back it fires one shot. Seems like a problem with the switch? Any other suggestions. I don't think this should be happening. Would you recommend I pull the gun apart to inspect? Seems like something is hanging up with the trigger switch. It sucks that it is a new gun and not cheap. Thanks again!!
  5. Just gave a G&G F2000 as a x-mas gift and the stopped woring after abot 10-15 trigger pulls. I tried the gun out dry firing is semi and the gun cycled, I then switched to auto and the gun cycyled. I then switched to semi again and the gun cycled in full auto and then just stopped. The gun is brand new right out of the box. I read on Airsoft GI that there were selector switch problems and I think that is the case. I doubled checked my battery and it is fine. Does anyone have any experience on this or have any suggestions. I bought the gun from Redwolf Airsoft.
  6. Just picked up a GN2000. Is it ok to run a 2s lipo in the stock gun? I have a battery that would fit.
  7. Well completed my upgrade, but I have one problem. The threads on the outer barrel are destroyed. I had both screws out, but the threads must have been crossed. I want to get a relacement outer barrel. There seems to be a lot of option and I really just want to replace the stock outer barrel. I am looking at the "PDI VSR-10 Light Outer Barrel - 65375". Does this fit the 430mm inner barrel? Again, I looking to replace the stock config. Does any one know if this comes with an end cap? Thanks for the help. I'm open to any sugestions.
  8. WoW that's great guys, really appreciate the input. I looked around for the M-Trigger and edgi barrels but could find them. I get that they are limited supply due to being more custom. I went with most of the items on list the but dropped the bucking and added a set pin and cylinder head. Man it's expense upgrading these guns, but I can't wait to get it together and shoot it. Thanks again!!!
  9. I am interested in upgrading my TM VSR-10 Pro Sniper, and I was hoping someone could look over what I was going to pick up for compatability and other comments. I was going to start with a 130 spring and then maybe convert to a 150 later. This is what I was thinking of getting. Firefly Hop Up Bucking for VSR-10 (soft) PDI VSR-10 2nd Sear PDI VSR-10 1st Sear PDI VSR-10 6.04 Tight Bore Barrel 430mm Polar Star Spring Guide for VSR10 / Bar 10 Laylax PSS10 130SP Spring for TM VSR10/JG BAR10 Polar Star 45 Degree Piston for VSR10 / Bar 10 Thanks for the help!!
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