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  1. It's actually all custom machined by Dobey of WNY. You can find his WIP logs online about it if you google it. And it's all built together, and apparently fires very well. And yeah, the WA2000 is an interesting piece, but finding the right buyer can be really tough...I've posted ads up for it quite a few times now. Too bad to hear about the VSR resale value though.
  2. Hi all - I'm considering trading a really unique WA2000 GBBR with some issues (I value it around $800 or so cash), and someone has offered me this rifle. A TM VSR-10 that's highly upgraded with the following. Lightly used, I guess 2 games. Guy built it and got bored apparently. This is how he described it- Pdi: Bore up Receiver Trigger guard Bolt handle Barrel cap Light outter barrel Bore up v trigger Trident flash hidder Avalon scope base Lpa real steel iron sights Edgi bull barrel Barrel spacers Tm enhanced hop Maple leaf 80 degree rubber Ra tech bb ramp 3 different springs 2 different pistons both pdi vacuum M nub mod Foam mod "Btw I also have a Harris bipod, 3 mags, and a box and random misc parts for it. I honestly can remember all the stuff. It was a project build only fielded like twice. It lost its luster when I finally finished it." I wish I knew more of spring sniper rifles to know if the above are good parts, assuming it was installed/tuned/assembled well. I know I could do extensive research on every part, but could an experienced spring sniper tech give me a general review of the above gun so that I could get back to the guy soon? I know that the parts list looks really pricey, but sometimes some parts just aren't worth the money even if people are willing to spend it, haha... Thanks for any advice or info. Also, I know this isn't a buy/sale/trade subforum, but any guess on the general resale value of a VSR10 like this? Thanks!!!
  3. Nick, I can see that you're from WNY. Not sure where we've met before though. Do you frequent Buffalo Battlegrounds?
  4. Hey all. I just got a fixer-upper, and a doozy at that. It's a WA2000 custom made by Dobey in his machine shop, with entirely KWA MP7 internals. From what I heard, he just dropped the MP7 internals in without doing any/much mods to the internals- just removed the MP7 shell and swapped the guts. Here's a link to his thread detailing some of how he made it http://kwausa.com/forums/index.php?showtop...amp;#entry26029 Since he made it, a couple upgrades include - reinforced nozzle, some kind of upgraded springs inside, a 790mm 6.01 EDGI custom cut barrel, and I think that's mostly it. Right now it's firing around 390fps on .25s, which is WAY lower than I expected coming out of a MP7 with a 790mm barrel. It also seems to be firing 2-3 shots on semi randomly, and once in a while will just fire full auto. Before I open it up, any ideas what might be causing this? If it's a major problem, I may just buy another MP7 and drop new guts into the system, but if it can be fixed with a couple parts being swapped out, I'd prefer that. Thanks for any direction or help!
  5. I guess I'm just ignorant of the physics behind it, but why do Polarstars outrange a typical AEG when their FPS output is the same? I.e. an AEG shooting 1.5J vs. a P* shooting 1.5J, assuming a field is chronoing the gun as is and doing it by J rather than by .20 gram bbs at a certain FPS. If we're talking about effective range, wouldn't it depend more on things like flat/R-hopping, barrel quality, etc? I guess I'm just thinking, I could squeeze 250-300 foot effective range with a R-Hopped and well tuned AEG, and I'd expect the same thing with a R-Hopped and well tuned P*. Am I missing something? Granted I've own both, but I've played with AEGs WAAY more than my P*...
  6. I was playing with a friend who just started getting into Airsoft. We were at an indoor field with basically all adults, all decent weapons (upgraded AEGs, GBB SMGs, etc). He brought a spring shotgun, single shot, 15 round mag. He ended up contributing more to the team and getting more kills than half of his team of veteran players (he did have a paintball background). When his shotgun ran out of bbs, he just went on to achieve objectives and not even shoot people. On about 3 occasions, by careful positioning and patience, he bang-banged me with his finger pointed in the shape of a gun. Later I let him borrow my spare tri-shot UTG spring pump shotgun, and he was easily leading his team in accomplishing their objective and even getting kills. All that to say this: contributing to the team's victory involves way more than a tricked out gun. And even then, a JG G36 with a hi-cap and a ballsy and smart player can easily turn a game as easily as a vet with an ER-Hopped $2k P* gun. Outdoor I realize range plays a much larger factor, but unless you're lined up like revolutionary war re-enactments, good feet are always superior to good guns.
  7. That's what I figured. Seems like the more patient you are, the more value it can have. It seems a very slim market for stuff like this... as in, Wolfgeorge...plus like 3 other guys in the world. Haha.
  8. So I found a guy locally unloading a very unique airsoft rifle. He basically got it almost free, and gave me the same deal he got. I have no idea what it's really worth though, so it's hard for me to know how much more to invest in it. Custom made WA2000 by Dobey. KWA MP7 internals, hand-machined metal and wood for everything else. (Currently has a firing issue...sometimes double fires and sometimes full-autos when the trigger is pulled, and the FPS is "only" 400 with .25s even with a 790mm barrel.) Link to his work on it here- http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/29-galle...ns-dobey-4.html You can also google a couple other threads detailing it a bit. Externals are slightly worn on the paint. Wood is all hand-oiled Walnut. The whole thing is very heavy and solid. Here it is: Original cost was about $1600 I believe. Currently has a custom cut 790mm EDGI 6.01 VSR barrel, further customized to fit the MP7 hop and everything. What would it be worth now? What might it be worth if I could solve the firing issue? Depending on what it may actually be worth, I'll invest an appropriate amount of time and money to fix her up. Thanks!
  9. Updates: Sold the Polarstar for cash and trades. Needed cash, got some good items. The next few are common, and one is a doozy... 3(!) KWA MP9s, about 8 long mags and 2 short total. One is being sold ASAP... Echo 1 CSR...basically a SVD. Eh... A KWA MP7...purchased a few extra mags on eBay.. And... Dobey's v.2 WA2000 GBB rifle. It's basically a custom machined WA2000 with KWA MP7 internals. I've never owned anything this rare or unique before...will pick it up tomorrow and pick up a scope for it soon. Has an issue where it's double firing every once in a while...not sure how to fix that, but replacing MP7 internals can't be too hard. Also, Dobey lives close to me so if worse comes to worse I could contact him and see if he could do something with it... Pics soon, stay tuned...
  10. PMed you about the TM. Checked your edited post- guess it's sold. Ah well.
  11. M4SD. JBU M4 SD front end, A&K gearbox (sorbo AOEed, pinion to bevel shimming, 16AWG teflon wiring, deans connectors, glued bushings, relubed, the works.)
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