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  1. Hey, Thanks for the info Fanatic. Externals make the gun for me, If it's ugly or it's loud, I won't get it. So, the best way to go would be the JG with TM internals?
  2. Ok, I will be getting an AUG, probably in a month or two. Thanks everyone for all your help!
  3. Everyone, thanks for the details! I'm probably going to pick up the TM version. I've already been through a bolt action, a TSD SD700, and I wanted a change, and the AUG seemed very versatile.
  4. Thanks for your input! But I think you misunderstood what he meant. He was just saying brand can make a big diference. And it can.
  5. Is the trigger responsive on semi? Because I would be using it as a DMR.
  6. True. Wasn't thinking about BE. Mainly JG, TM, and CA.
  7. I've read the reviews and watched the videos, but I still need a little more information. Any of you guys had any hands on with the AUG?
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