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  1. If you have one, I will pay a large sum for it.
  2. I want nice externals. I have money and some stuff to trade
  3. I have a highly upgraded TM 1911 with 5 mags and an MBK that I will trade for an mp9 or mp7 with multiple magazines. Suppressors with TBBs are a plus. http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac130/T...zpsbb52b2fc.jpg http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac130/T...zps7cd162da.jpg http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac130/T...zpsb42e80fc.jpg http://i892.photobucket.com/albums/ac130/T...zpsc6c18c11.jpg There's lube on the trades in the last pic, it's totally legible and in 9/10 condition. Highly upgraded Tokyo Mauri base Colt Delta Elite This 1911 is worth at least $700 all told. comes with 5 mags, a pistol case, and a spare set of wooden grips. Here's the upgrade list Upgrades: - PGC Delta Elite Slide (rare and now pretty much unavailable) - PGC Delta Elite Frame ^ - PGC Delta Elite Outer Barrel ^ - PGC Delta Elite Rear Sight ^ - SD POM Loading Nozzle Set - Nine Ball Air Seal - PDI 6.01 Inner Barrel for Marui Hi Capa - PDI Oval Hammer for Marui Hi Capa - KM Stainless Steel Hammer Strut - Tanio Koba 3 Hole Trigger (Two Tone) - Guarder Hi Flow Valve - RS Delta Elite Wrap Around Grips - RS Delta Grip Medallions - Guarder Steel M1911 Barrel Bushing - Nine Ball Dyna Piston - Nine Ball Valve Spring - PDI Palsonite Full Length Recoil Rod and Plug - PDI M1911 SUS Sear - PDI Kotetsu Iron Delta Hammer - SD Stainless Steel Valve Knocker - PGC 150% Recoil Spring
  4. How has no one bought this? If I wasn't looking for an mp7, I'd be all over this.
  5. I have a King Arms Galil, a Warhammer Fantasy army, 2 Warhammer 40k armies, and an iPod touch 64gb. Also I have money
  6. Classic Army SLR105 Things kinda messed up. It will need a new motor and maybe new wiring, it has new gears. The charging handle and rear sight block inside it is from another AK. It works but it doesn't look great. The gun doesn't shoot, but once you slap a new motor and wiring harness in it, it will shoot like a champ. Asking $150 with 4 mags and a LiPo battery King Arms Galil SAR thing works fine, sometimes a double feed from the hicap if you over-wind it. Very new, comes with the original papers and possibly the box if you can pick it up. Comes with 2 mags and a battery. Asking $200 G&G F2000Needs a new cut off lever for a version 6 gearbox. Charging handle is broken and the dust cover is scraped up. Other than that, it works fine. Asking $225 with 4 mags.
  7. Rules: No lowballing please We split shipping I don't ship outside of CONUS This is my Elite Force m4. Maybe 2500 rounds out of it, works fine, just not what I want. Comes with 2 hicap mags, a functioning aimpoint replica, and a Magpul AFG. Asking $200 for everything
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