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  1. If you feel concious of self exposure and letting go of the pistol grip you can just move the stock over to the other shoulder and keep your hands in the same place, then switch back a few seconds later. I don't understand... the one rule of the internet is to not make anything personal. But you started a topic on a matter of personal preference and from the outset took a stance which would inevitably clash with another person's stance on a topic which is not easy to objectify. Congratulations on stirring the pot I guess - at this point a stranger would believe you aren't good at anything else.
  2. Owning 4 guns can be justified easliy. Two long range guns set up identically, and two cqb guns set up the same way. The 'clones' would act as back ups or spares for friends, brothers, cousins, or the dad and would be brought to the field but left in the car. I don't do this however. There never is any sound logic behind impulse buying, yet everyone is guilty of doing exactly that. But you're right about the airsoft crowd chasing the FOTM in unison. I have no idea how they manage to do that.
  3. They all perform identically. From personal experience, mpegs and especially sportlines give very little pride of ownership. Please lean towards buying vfc, G&p, or CA m4's ($250+). That said there are some golden nuggets amongst the middle end guns and they're pretty well known, so you can find them yourself.
  4. In my mind the top tier of AEG brands has the most members. When picking a brand at random what's more important than getting a good brand is not getting a crap brand. This lower peasant class is, at the moment, populated by a single brand: APS/Javelin.
  5. Give the gift card idea a try. Make it and shoot at it. If it fails horribly then don't use it, and then REFRAIN FROM PLAYING until you get mouth protection. If I had to choose between a nasty mouthpiece to play now and a mask that I'd have to wait for to be delivered I'd choose the mask. I'm sure a layer of bandana over one or even two gift cards over another layer of bandana would be enough for a quick and dirty solution for a single outing, but if it were my teeth I wouldn't do that without testing it first, and even then I would order a mask immediately so that I'd be protected at subsequent games.
  6. Alright, I'm sorry. I should not have tried to twist words around. It was posted before I realized what you were referring to.
  7. The fact that you're outranging someone's g4 isn't proof that the barrel in your gun is made in japan. After all, bb quality, hopup quality, compression quality, and a clean inner barrel do more for accuracy than a supposedly upgraded barrel. The notion that KWA may have chosen to not use a crap barrel and went with a slightly better barrel for their AEGS doesn't impress anyone but Newbies. KWA motors aren't high torque types. Neither are TM motors, but TM motors don't claim to be something they aren't. Since there's so much false marketing in airsoft it's better to not trust anyone.
  8. I wouldn't buy an AEG from either brand. I think TM is better than KWA because upgrade parts fit in it like a perfect shoe on a foot. Also, I've seen KWA AEGs break internally and externally, and the bucking barrel combo in the KWA is over hyped. They would be better off going back to the drawing board with the gen1 rifle or just abandoning it in favor of developing the ERG into the perfect rifle training tool. Also, KWA makes a sweet modern 1911 (bottom rail + skeletonized parts). Seriously, your posts had quite a bit of authority without this. Now the original poster is trying to argue with you using "proof", but it's quite lame. HOW CAN SO MANY PEOPLE BE WRONG?!?! Because they can be wrong.
  9. Spring bolt rifles cannot compare to AEGs from both a cost standpoint and an effectiveness standpoint. A lot of independent techs here on ASF will give you some free consultation if you send them a private message asking about AEG upgrading. Gas bolt rifles close the gap a little bit. You have been warned. Now I'll answer your question. Some common online retailers are: Airsoftgi, airsoftatlanta, airsoftextreme, airsoftoutletnw, airsoftmegastore, and evike. The task of hunting down coupon codes falls on you.
  10. Darn. Time to get make some bookmarks! Good luck to all who are entering!
  11. Perhaps there should be a subforum or sticky archiving previous build-off contests. I think the contest winners deserve a bit more attention.
  12. You never said you asked your buddies about local stores, so my suggestion is ask them. If you can put a side mount rail on your AK, then try that first, along with heavier bbs. Even if it can't take a scope I wouldn't buy a bolt action sniper as an answer to your problem. You want something that will basically let you hit others first, no matter where they are, correct? You can make an AEG do that for you easily.
  13. Which inner barrel and bbs are you (original poster) using?
  14. The market would enjoy a better stock gun. Mosfet, deans, corrected AOE, r-hop, grime-free inner barrel, marui spec shell in 8mm would be greatly enjoyed. Secondary priority imo goes to metal bearing spring guide, upgraded bushings, full metal rack piston, super gears, neo magnet motors, upgraded nozzle- I'd like to pick these myself.
  15. check out opsgear, a sponsor of ASF! They've got a cool youtube channel and some nice gear and they don't insult airsofters :) it would be better to buy what you need from them than from some salty dude's store.
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