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  1. Hi, I have KWA SR10 AEG and I upgraded its barrel. I bought 509 deep fire 6.02 barrel because I thought the SR10 and the SR12 have the same gearbox. but now I think the FPS, rang and accuracy are worse. so, does the SR10 can use 509 barrel or not? Thanks in advance and sorry for my English ;)
  2. What M4 better, KA or G&P? Please write which is better and way? Thanks in advance :)
  3. Hi, I have KWA sr10 with X4 ACOG scope and silncer. I want to buy red dot for it and I want to know your opinion, what red dot will look good on it? *sorry for my english... Thanks in advance :)
  4. TNX! I bought the pistol, USP(not compact) I don't know how but it shoot around 360 FPS with gurder green gas! Accuracy bad? I shoot the gun out of the box and the bbs fying straight! I hit head size target at 15 meters or more without any problem. And the safty works :P Thank you!
  5. Hi, I need pistol that can be side arm at wood land but I still could play with it in aCQB as main weapon. I just love H&K products and designs, they are pretty and practical. so... I immediately thought about the USP. I love how it looks and I heard alot of good things about it but befor I'm buying I would like to hear what you have to say! Does it has any problems(If yes, what are they)? Does it agood pistol? Will you recomend it to me? Thanks in advance!
  6. Inokatsu M4 is good GBBR? I am talking about this one: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/inokatsu-m4-mtw...er-version.html It has asuper bolt in it?(is it included?) is this upgrade: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/airsoft-surgeon...gbb-series.html is good? the brand is good? If I will install NPAS could I get more consistence power? Does the "STRONG RECOIL LIKE YOU ARE SHOOTING 9mm REAL STEEL WEAPON" is only with red gas or with green gas? Does this gun has good range and accuracy? If no, what I need to add? Does this GBBR is worth the money? Does it has all the regular problems? It takes pro win mags? pro win mags are good? what better mags can you offer me? At the end, this what I want to get: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/inokatsu-m4-mtw...er-version.html http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/ra-tech-n-p-a-s...gbb-series.html http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/prowin-50rd-mag...gbb-series.html (X2) What do you think?
  7. I want to buy real G36K handguard, this one: http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/G36K-Handgu...man-187p617.htm you think it will fit the WE? and this rails: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/ea-g36c-picatin...l-2pcs-set.html will fit the handguard? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi, I want to buy WE G39K and to put on it this: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/ea-g36c-picatin...l-2pcs-set.html rails. How can I attach this rails to the handgurd? Thanks in advance!
  9. we g39k ra-tech custom VS scar(open bolt) ra-tech custom, What do you think? :) + If I will get the scar I want to make it longer, Please, give me links to scar barrel extension (not sniper barrel, just standard external barrel) + inner barrel of RA TECH 6.01, I could not find where to buy it. Please give links from reliable store that sends worldwide. Thanks in advance! :)
  10. That why GBBR is not for any one. Yes, the WE G39C is good GBB but it doesn't magic gun, you shuld take care of it and it's mags. First of all you should lube the mags and the gun when you got it(not to much but there should be some oil). because you didnt lube the mags and the gun if stopped warking fast at cold. When the mags don't get lubed and you playing with them at cold wather you should know that the O ring gets dray and frez, after that(and before) you should lube it. GBB is much more fun to play then an AEG but it takes more work on it. try to lube your gun, buy another mag and lube it and I am 90% sure that you will be much more satisfied :)
  11. question, I want to buy the RA-tech G39K: http://en.ratech.com.tw/product/html/rag/r...tom_work046.php you think it worth the mony? the upgrading that included are necessary? I want to buy the NPAS version. I want to get extra 3 mags, you think it's enough? the upgrading that included are: RA Precision inner barrel RA Hop up rubber RA steel CNC trigger set RA WE firing pin base RA Valve Locker RA G39K KIT Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi, I am going to get WE G39K and I want to engrav on it original markings. can some one please put here clear picture of the G36K markings? you think that if I will paint the white markings in black and engrav the original markings it will look good? Thanks in advance! :)
  13. so... what say about the kit? can I ajust the FPS to 400 and to 420? how? and can I use the carry handle on the GBB? I saw on aRA TECH that they recommend not to use the original carry handle because the recoil is very strong and can harm the scope. some one tried to use it on the WE G39?
  14. Hello, I have 2 questions 1) do you recommend to buy this kit(with NPAS): http://en.ratech.com.tw/product/html/rag/r...tom_work046.php ? 2) I want to buy this scope: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/star-g36-carry-...d-top-rail.html But it says it does not suitable for heavy recoil rifle. Do you think it will be good to the GBB at the upper link? Thanks in advance!
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