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  1. Looks neat, but unfortunately I can't buy something for $400 right now. Plus, if I wanted to replace any of the exterior parts, they wouldn't match the paint job. Are you offering or what? I don't see that anywhere.
  2. BACKGROUND: I played airsoft a lot from about 7th grade to 10th grade. I quit when I sent my gun in for repair, and didn't pick it up for about a year (because I wanted to sell it). Then I sold it. I had no job back then or anything, so I really couldn't afford to keep airsofting in the way I wanted to. Now, 4 years after quitting, I am thinking about getting back into it. I would need a primary though, and I know I want an AEG. Submachine gun or assault rifle preferably. I already know which brands are good and what they're good for, for the most part. But I never knew for sure: does it really matter what quality gun you buy, past a certain point? And disregarding external quality? I mean, I've heard of higher costing brands like VFC having :pain: internals, and also of lower costing brands like JG having good internals. But it sounds like most guns will have some problems at some point. So should I go for guns that will last the longest before having problems (KWA, from what I've heard)? Should I go with a gun that has great externals and spotty internals (VFC) Should I go with a gun that has okay externals and great internals (ICS) Should I go with a gun that is unique, because that's really what I want, and disregard the internal quality (King Arms, Classic Army, VFC, others) Should I go for one I don't find that interesting, but has great externals and internals? (G&P) Right now I'm leaning towards the VFC SCAR, but people say the internals are :pain:, but does that even matter when most people replace the internals at some point anyway?
  3. I've heard that the only good one is the Tokyo Marui (of course), but even that is one of TM's worst guns... JG and Classic Army both make AUGs too but I've heard a crap ton of bad stories about them.
  4. G&P guns are supposed to have a faster fire rate stock. So you could get strong gears with a lower ratio, a weaker spring, a faster motor, and a 11.1v LiPo, and it might work pretty well.
  5. If you never want to upgrade it, it'd be a great choice.
  6. For a beginner it looks like it would be a fun gun to use.
  7. Well nearly all airsoft guns are meant to look realistic in the first place, and most do a decent job. You could probably even use this: http://www.amazon.com/MR-700-FPS-250-Sprin...51&sr=1-167 Your painter will have to paint the orange tips though.
  8. If you get the MP7, you could use it as a sidearm with your DMR, and use it as a primary in case you ever go into CQC.
  9. If you want something THAT cheap, buy a shotgun.
  10. FINE! I knew I should've asked on airsoftsociety. How do you improve your groupings How do you improve making your BBs go where you want them to
  11. Are there certain upgrades for airsoft guns that increase accuracy more, or precision more? If you don't know what the difference is: accuracy is hitting where you want to hit (the bullseye). It doesn't really matter if it consistently hits that area, it just has to be able to. Precision, on the other hand, is basically groupings. You might not be hitting the bullseye, but your BBs are all hitting the same small area on the target. So which upgrades affect accuracy, which affect precision?
  12. After a crapload of research I've found that the thinkers of the mechanical airsoft world agree that LENGTH of the inner barrel does not make a gun more accurate, past a certain length. Reasoning? Because the BB takes a number of millimeters to attain stabilization. After it stabilizes, it would be best to exit the barrel as soon as possible. This stabilization apparently happens after a pretty short length. Having a barrel that's too long may cause the BB to hit the sides of the barrel, disrupting it's stabilization. Make sense? Also, a hundredth of a millimeter for the inner diameter of a barrel is very, very, very, very small. Most machines that make the barrels can't really be that accurate, lol. It can pretty much be called an advertising scheme, except for the slight majority of people who end up with a correctly sized barrel. So I guess if you have the luck and the money, you might as well try using a tightbore. Even if it's correctly machined, it will still barely increase your accuracy (if the BB goes where you aim) or groupings (if your BB constantly go in the same path and hit the same area). Because of all these miniscule amounts of upgrade in the performance of your gun through different barrels, it's better to just work on your hop up rather than your barrel. OH, and BBs too. Obviously if your BB is dented or chipped or messed up in any way, you will not be as accurate or precise. P.S. there's a difference between accuracy and precision.
  13. Uhhh you look more like a turtle... OT: See stereotypes are true. I could've guessed which of those would be the most answered.
  14. Because 1. they like to spend money 2. they have money and they like to spend money 3. they think cheap gear is fragile because it didn't withstand a campfire and chainsaw test.
  15. Like 5 minutes cause they are barely even 10 threads that were replied to today...not that active here.
  16. I really don't see a point in upgrading unless there is a weapon that performs waayy better in multiple situations than the M4. And besides that, we don't really have the money lol
  17. 1. Backpack/Camelback 2. A sling if you want. 3. More magazines. 4. Chest rig or plate carrier to hold those magazines. 5. The other useless stuff.
  18. Camelback. I also don't drink enough water in my normal life, so I never run out of water in airsoft lol.
  19. Every time I've heard an AEG with a mock suppressor it actually sounds louder than without it...
  20. 1. They're military wannabes but too afraid to join. 2. They have a "collector" type mindset (well I call it that) where they like stuff that is expensive or "authentic". 3. They were in the military before and have some leftover gear. 4. They're rich.
  21. I used to have a chair, put a cardboard box on it facing outward, put a towel in the box, and have another box facing up below the first box to catch BBs that roll out.
  22. Hmm...that reminds me of that one underbarrel shotgun. I would like an underbarrel shotgun.
  23. fradd

    G&P or VFC

    I just see lots of debates on this. G&P or VFC?
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