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  1. I have the JG G36C and I've had it for about 2 years. About 2 weeks ago the fuse broke, so I got a new fuse with correct amps and voltage (but it's ceramic because I couldn't find any glass ones with the correct amps and voltage). My gun still doesn't fire and the motor doesn't make noise at all even with a charged battery. But I believe electricity is traveling from the battery through the fuse to the gun and that the fuse is NOT broken. Does this mean my gearbox has something wrong with it?
  2. Do you have like $1000+ worth of airsoft guns because you have a job and you set aside an airsoft fund or something? Or are you a kid who has rich parents and gets a new gun every Christmas? I don't get it.
  3. I've had this gun for about 3 years now, and I've probably shot about 1000 rounds through it, and it still shoots just as great as it did in the beginning. It's surprisingly accurate too.
  4. My dream rifle would be the VFC HK417.
  5. If you think it performs fine, then why get a new one?
  6. Yeah, it's just more fun. I don't go to many wars anyway, so I'm mostly just shooting in my backyard at targets, or just holding the gun in my hands and playing with the slide. I like to go "chk-chk" with the slide, you know?
  7. So I need a pistol that is gas powered, and it has to be able to take CO2 magazines, or be a CO2 gun already. I would prefer not to have a 1911. I would only want a M9 if it looks really nice, or has nice trades. Budget: under $110 (if it's on ASGI, it can be under $125 cause of those coupon codes). I like Glocks, Sig Sauers, USPs, Desert Eagles...anything besides 1911. Those are too common. I'm planning to just have it as a secondary in wars, of course, and I'll probably be target shooting with it in my backyard a lot. The reason I need it to be CO2 or CO2 ready gun is because I live in Colorado, and it gets cold here. Propane/green gas wouldn't work too well. Thanks!
  8. People under 16 can't exactly get an hourly pay rate type job. And there are a lot of people under 16 on here.
  9. 1. We did reply to the girl and say sorry. 2. I wasn't the one who shot her. 3. I was carrying my airsoft pistol in a holster but I didn't even take it out. 4. My friend always does idiotic sh*t like that. So don't blame me.
  10. So one day, me and my friend were walking around in this field between our houses with our airsoft guns, because he was walking me back to my house and we had been using our airsoft guns. There is this river you have to cross to get to the side where my house is, and there were about 7 kids two grade levels below us there. Apparently, they didn't think we could cross the river, so they started teasing us about our airsoft guns. The usual "Hahaha, you have a pu**y little airsoft gun. So scary and cool." They were probably saying this crap because there were a few girls with them and they were obviously trying to impress those girls. So then we crossed the river and you could see the look of nerve-racking terror on their faces. Not wanting to be cowards, they all just stood there watching us walk towards them. Me and my friend said not to talk sh*t about airsoft or we might just shoot them. They complied. While me and my friend walked away, one of the kids said some insult again when we were about 100 feet away. So my friend turned around and shot one random BB into the air at about a 30 degree angle. Even though it was a windy day, the BB managed to hit one of the girls in the forehead. I don't exactly bring about the best of luck where I go... So we just kept walking away and the kids kept saying stuff like "wow dude, d*ck move, bro", etc. All the usual stuff kids say when a guy accidentally does something to a girl. They even followed us for a little bit. That was about half a year ago. This school year, a few of the kids that were there ride my bus (because of my mediocre luck). And today, one of them said to me, "Hey weren't you the one who shot Emma in the head with a BB gun?" And I was like, "Well, I was there. But my friend was the one who shot her on accident." Then a girl, who had also been there when it happened, said "Yeah, she had to have brain surgery because you shot her with that". In my head I was like 'are you f*cking kidding me'. Then I didn't say more. I'm thinking about explaining to them tomorrow that I've been shot in the head and various other places multiple times from less than 10 feet away without needing surgery. There's my story.
  11. The UMP with the stock extended is about as long as the G36C. And the G36C is used for field and CQB, so you could do that with the UMP too. Classic Army Proline UMP http://www.airsoftextreme.com/store/index....roducts_id=4321 Umarex UMP http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=10170
  12. This would be the same thing as any other FPS. You shoot somebody, then they die and respawn, or they don't respawn.
  13. So yea. I have been looking for an AEG that will last me a while (I only play about once a month, or less. Unless I start getting more active.) I've been considering the "higher-end" brands, like Classic Army, ICS, A&K, King Arms, G&G, and SRC (idk if SRC is actually high end but they sound pretty good). But I have a few conditions. Price range: $200 - $270 (might sacrifice a little more if I have to) Specs I need: Top rail included or at least able to put a scope mount on it (I don't know which guns can have this) Able to fit 9.6v small type or large type or stick, or a 7.4v Lipo (just needs to fit one of those kinds.) Can't be an Armalite, AK, or G36, because I want a unique weapon Needs to be long enough for field. Preferably short enough to do decent in CQC, or at least have a folding/collapsible stock And I've been looking at reviews and such to see if the internals and externals are good. Here are the guns I've found. SRC/TSD Tactical XM8 Gen. II (I can't find a Gen. III) A&K Magpul Masada CYMA/Cybergun Sig556 King Arms P90 TR Classic Army P90 w/ Built In Red Dot All of these have their Pro's and Con's. The P90s I'm not considering as much as the others, because I've heard that their mags suck which makes it a significantly worse model. Plus the P90s don't seem as good for field. Are there any others you could recommend me that follow my guidelines?
  14. 1. The only useful snipers in airsoft are the ones who camouflage themselves in a single location for a very, very long time, waiting for somebody to come along without moving. 2. Most AEGs can go as far or farther than a stock sniper rifle. You could probably upgrade an AEG to have as much range as an upgraded airsoft sniper rifle. This is why sniper rifles in airsoft are kind of...useless, most of the time. 3. I'd recommend getting a DMR. You can use it as an assault rifle, but it can go as far as a sniper rifle. Best of both worlds. But, these do cost money to make them good.
  15. I made a post on this forum asking about guns for under 80 dollars a while ago. 5 months later, I bought a gun for $160. So, if you're friends really want a gun, they'll probably find some way to save up and convince themselves to buy a more expensive gun. Especially if they do their research.
  16. I'm not an airsoft elitist, so I don't do anything or care. If somebody tells me they're gonna buy something that I know is cheap, I tell them that they probably shouldn't. That's all.
  17. I wonder if most airsoft players can read.
  18. I used to when I was a "newbie". I had a cardboard box on its side with a towel in the back, and I would hang targets over the opening of the box, and then they would hit the towel and not bounce around. Then I could go collect them. Then I bought an AEG...
  19. I miss my gas blowback that somebody most likely stole, because I searched for it for 5 hours.
  20. Just realized how few war movies I've seen. I still haven't seen Black Hawk Down lol. Surprised how little votes there are for Red Dawn. That's an awesome movie.
  21. Both. My parents pretty much always say yes, because I never ask to do...bad things or whatever.
  22. Mk. 14 EBR/MOD 0 is such a badass gun.
  23. World War II. I've always had an interest in those kinds of weapons, but I don't them airsoft versions because they aren't ideal for the airsoft stuff I do. But yeah I definitely like them.
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