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  1. I always compare airsoft with other sports, because it kind of is a sport for some people. So are hockey sticks, snowboards, tennis rackets, and baseball bats toys?
  2. Yeah, it's not that easy for everyone. I've tried selling my old stuff over and over again and nobody ever wants to buy it for any price. I don't have anything to trade that anybody wants.
  3. As a 15 year old, I saved up from all my birthday money for years. Then I eventually hit like 360 dollars in the bank, and I bought my JG G36C for $160 (ripoff, but it was in an airsoft store). I get 15-25 bucks a week now though. Still, I find it hard to get money, and I don't know how those other kids do it. Yeah, this is pretty much my exact situation too. And the reason I can't have a 300 dollar gun is because my parents think it's ridiculous to buy an airsoft gun for that much, although my Dad is a gun enthusiast (kind of).
  4. Looking around the interwebs, I haven't found a Browning M2 airsoft gun for sale anywhere, or even anybody really mentioning one. I've seen people on this forum wishing there was one. BUT, at the first and only airsoft war I've been to, the guy who's property the war was on (it was 22 acres, not a backyard) had a Browning M2 airsoft gun. It was freakin' awesome. Yeah...how did they obtain this?
  5. I don't understand how airsoft companies can muck up a sniper rifle....they are probably the most simple airsoft guns to make.
  6. Awesome. Not that I'll be able to afford it....
  7. The Evike Super Store is "about an hour" away from you. https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Alhambra...mp;t=m&z=10 Evike is a popular airsoft website, and their store looks big.
  8. I don't think most people know what a dead rag is. At the last war I went to, I was searching around for my pistol that I thought I had dropped (later I figured out it was stolen), and I was holding up my red dead rag, and people kept shooting at me until I said stop.
  9. Sometimes, people say how airsoft guns are toys, they are for kids, etc. It's pretty annoying. How do you respond, what do you say in defense of airsoft guns?
  10. Well, hopefully I'll be able to afford a greengas GBB soon, because I'll probably get one instead of a CO2 gun. The only reasons why I wanted a CO2 gun more was because I have like 20 CO2 canisters left over because somebody stole my CO2 pistol.
  11. Main reason I want to sell it: I bought it for $160 at an airsoft store, when I could've bought it online for about 110, including shipping. It wasn't even my most wanted AEG on my list at the time. It was like my 10th most wanted. But I was too impatient in the store. I hate knowing that I could've saved 50 bucks and maybe gotten a more preferred gun, but I didn't just because I was impatient. I don't really like the way the gun looks either. And my friend always calls it a "cheap piece of s**t" because "it's not a G&G". That's the least of my problems though.
  12. Instead of getting a semi-only DMR like an SR25 or whatever, couldn't you just get an AEG with semi and full auto capabilities with a long barrel and maybe a high magnification scope? You could use a G3, SG550, M16, G36E, M14, M16 SPR, SR15, SR25. Look, here's a full auto SR25: http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/450_FPS_NE..._p/ank-lr25.htm
  13. Do they even have Kriss Vector airsoft guns.....?
  14. How come I hear people ALL THE TIME talking about how more expensive guns like the Masada have a few problems, then they say MPEG's have a few problems too, then they say you should get the Masada.
  15. Yeah, I was thinking of doing the regreasing and reshimming and maybe get a tightbore barrel for the gun I'd get. But I'll have to learn how to do this. The only CYMA gun I found that I'm considering is an MP5 RAS, but I'd still rather get the D-boys SCAR-L. Then when I get more money, I'll sell that one and get a nice gun.
  16. Yeah, that's what most recommend... I have no idea how long it'll take to save up to 300 bucks, (if I sold my gun for $120, I'd need $180 more...), because I can't get a job after the summer, because I'm not 16 (I could do lawn mowing til the end of summer possibly). Anyways, how long will a JG gun last compared to a 300 dollar gun? In amount of years. Because everyone always says, "it'll last longer", but they never say how many years they'll last in the first place.
  17. Guns that cost that much shouldn't have to have anything done to them.
  18. Sigh-muh L-P-E-G Fu-moss M-P-E-G Boy-E
  19. I go to all the sites that are trustworthy that I know, and I look for the costmetic details of what gun I want for my price range. After a find a ton of guns, I check and see how good their internals and reviews are. Then after I find a few guns that will probably all be just as good, I ask people and/or choose the one that looks best. This usually takes a few days, with 3 hour sessions.
  20. Why'd you post and not contribute at all.
  21. Background info: I'm looking to buy another MPEG to replace my JG G36C (MK36) that I bought a year ago. I just want a different gun, but I don't want an M4, M16, or AK variant, because those are too popular. I narrowed it down to a bunch of JG guns, a D-boys SCAR, and a CYMA MP5. You can see the thread where I ask about what gun I should get here. So I asked my friend about what gun he recommends, and he said that JG is cheap and unreliable and breaks often, and that D-boys is like that too. He said I should buy a G&G, King Arms, Classic Army, or Echo1. Then he recommended a bunch of $250+ G&G guns, when my price range is below $170. So do you guys know how good or bad JG and D-boys is? How good are they compared to G&G and Echo1? Are they so much worse that I shouldn't even consider them? Are they better? I've heard that the Echo1 SCAR is just a rebrand of the D-boys SCAR, and that JG manufactures a lot of Echo1 guns. Thanks for helping.
  22. M14 is more for a DMR role than that M16. M14 has that nice looking scope too, so I would get that one.
  23. CO2: 25 canisters for 15 bucks (or less). Each canister lasts for 90-250 shots, depending on your gun. Probably around 120 shots. I don't feel like researching the price of a canister of propane and how many shots you can take before it runs out and how much gas a magazine holds.
  24. That's like the ideal loadout for a beginner. But, I saw a test on the mesh masks where they shot them with an airsoft gun at point blank, and the BB shattered and went through the mesh. So I wouldn't trust those at all after seeing that.
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