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  1. I am gonna buy a shotgun for under $30 (w/o shipping). I don't care about how many BBs it holds, or if it's all metal. Just if there's some metal besides the spring on it, that would be good. I can't figure it out on some of these. Also, the FPS has to be over 330, so if the website is lying about how much it is, tell me how much it really is. Also you could give an explanation. Here's the links in order of poll choices. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/ProductDet...8B&CartID=1 http://www.trendtimes.com/airsoft-utg-shotgun870.html http://hobbychase.com/airsoft-guns/airsoft...irsoft-gun.html
  2. I just think as long as everyone knows you are responsible enough, any age works.
  3. fradd

    What's Your Role?

    Yea I like CQB best. Then Recon.
  4. What about the website airrattle.com? Is that trustworthy? And should I get one LPG (automatic) or a pack of like 7 spring powered ones.
  5. I was wondering if anyone knows if the website ezairsoftguns.com is any good (like trustworthy). I might get a pack of like 5 guns there. I know they'd be weak for you forum people's taste, but I don't care because 300 FPS is enough for me.
  6. Ok, I have figured out two guns I might buy. They are all shotguns. 1. UTG Everblast M87SA Pump Shotgun http://www.pyramydair.com/p/everblast-M87S...off-stock.shtml 2. UTG Everblast Remington 870 Spec. Ops http://www.trendtimes.com/airsoft-utg-shotgun870.html I personally think that the first will be a way better deal because it comes with 2,000 BBs and an extra mag. Just want your opinion though. No suggesting other guns, unless they are $0-$30. Thanks!
  7. Hey everyone. I am pretty new to Airsoft. I sort of want to have some backyard wars with my friends now, because I have a Colt 1911 spring pistol, and my friend was talking about how he has wars with his sniper. I wanna get a primary weapon. I probably can't afford anything over 50$. So I don't know what would be good. Everyone says to get like a TM gun, but how could I afford that? There are a TON of cheap guns out there, and I usually have good luck with things that people say "break within the first 2 days". I also don't get why shotguns can't be primary. They shoot hard (most of them) and what else you need. I know that AEGs are usually primary, but I can't seem to afford the good ones. So basically, here are my questions: 1) why cant you use a shotgun for primary. 2) Why not get a cheap AEG for backyard wars. 3) I doubt you can answer this but why would people just starting out get like a 200$ gun? 4) How old are all you people to be able to afford those $200 dollar guns? Sorry if I am a newbie. I know I am am...
  8. fradd


    I just don't understand why I would buy an airsoft gun for even $100 unless it's my pro sport. I just want one for like those backyard wars, if you know what I'm saying.
  9. Hi, I just joined the Airsoft world (and this forum). I have had a cheap spring-powered Colt 1911 since Christmas of last year. I don't even know the brand. I have started to look at some places to buy guns these forums recommended. The problem is how much everything costs ! I'm sure I could manage without an airsoft gun that costs as much as some real guns! But all the websites you guys recommend, the cheapest gun is like $100. I'm can't spend that much on a gun....yet. I can only afford like a $20-$30 one. I want an automatic one that's electric, because I already have the pistol for secondary. I saw this website called HobbyTron while I was looking around for cheap(er) guns. It had a lot for my price. Are these okay? I have many other questions too, but I guess they can wait for now.
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