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  1. Hello. I bought a black ARX160 Elite, but the seller is missing the lower grip cover. Its the cover you rest your hand on, that hides the grenade launcher rail. If anyone has a cover they are willing to part with please message me. Thanks.
  2. Im selling a brand new CA22 ris rail. Asking 80 + shipping.
  3. No thanks, I'm only looking for the G3SG1.
  4. As the title says Im looking for a JG G3, preferably the sg1 version. Im mainly looking for a stock one, or a boneyard. If you have one please PM me with a price, and images. Thanks.
  5. Both actually. But I really need the receiver with the bolt as well.
  6. Im in need of a ca33, and really just need the upper receiver, barrel, cocking assembly etc…If you have one in parts send me a pm.
  7. Im in need of a ca33, and really just need the upper receiver, barrel, cocking assembly etc…If you have one in parts send me a pm.
  8. As the title says I would like to buy one thats in good condition externally. If its internally broken thats Ok since I plan to upgrade it anyway.
  9. I agree with UfoBoat that your price range is a little low, I could give you some pros and cons about the models you are interested IMO. I upgrade all my stuff so I wont go too much into detail about internals. Mp5's are a good due to their compact size. The best one IMO are the VFC ones. Since their licensed my Umarex they're the only ones you can get in the US. Some Cons to the MP5 is the hicaps only hold 200, and battery space is limited in the collapse-able stock versions. Lower end versions of the mp5 are pretty bad. The FAL is a good gun and they make a clone of the Ca version which may be in your budget. I have owned a CA Fal RIS with the folding stock and it was a very nice gun externally. The mags are large(but hold alot)and will need a larger mag pouch. Also the pistol grip is very large so if you have small to medium hands it might be uncomfortable to hold. The stock is also long and you feel like your holding the gun further away from you which may feel uncomfortable as well. All in all I really liked the FAL, if you get one, get the full stock version so you have plenty of battery space. The only decent sig to get is a ICS, or G&G the ICS. I have had the SIG551 and it was a nice gun and had cool features. The 552 sufferers from a lack of battery storage which makes battery fitment hard. JG sigs are pretty cheap externally and I have seen alot break. The mags have that snap feature which is cool, but makes it hard to put into mag pouches. I would say in your budget get an AK they're are alot of affordable ones out there that you can internally mod into very good guns. They have alot of models to choose from, and the mags hold alot of rounds.
  10. I need a TM MP5 Navy lower, not the SEF type. It has to be a TOKYO MARUI ONLY, and have the pins, selector switch, and lower grip plate. I would also like to see if anyone has an ICS MP5 stock ( the one that looks like an MP5K stock but designed to fit onto a regular MP5). Thanks!
  11. Right it is weird. I called up Spartain Imports who distribute Javelin products. Their techs told me it may be a misallignment when the gearbox is set into the receiver. He said I should try adding tape to the bottom of the receiver to raise the gearbox a little. He also said that I should try adding shims under the hop chamber to raise that as well. I guess the nozzle gets positioned off center in the chamber and hits the top lip causing issues. I also emailed APS direct and they told me the nozzle may be off spec. Supposidly when they first run the machine the first few nozzles aren't to spec... I guess accidentally they got mixed into the batch. Doesn't make sence but he is going to send me a nozzle for free.
  12. It comes with a delayer chip....it jams the second I shoot it. I only test semi first, then auto. It jams on both modes. I have dropped a bb in, and the nozzle pushes it in fine, but it gets jammed up in the bucking. I have tried other buckings but it still jams. Something's seems to be off spec.
  13. Yes you are right I apologize. I didn't mean to sound like I didn't think your advise was legitimate. I sort of frustrated with it, and Im not explaining everything in great detail. Yes the gun worked when I took it out on the field but only for a few shots. Sorry for not mentioning that.So here is why I think I need to do the modification.. The javelin ak gearbox shell is a modified version of the standard V3 box. The piston, piston head, nozzle and hop chamber on the Javelin are all proprietary. Heres a picture of what the nozzle looks like: http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/21CA...L500_AA300_.jpg Notice how it is thinner than a standard air nozzle. The hop chambers internal dimensions are different to except this thinner nozzle, so you couldn't simply just replace one without the other. The nozzle is longer than a standard ak. Its actually the same length as an M4, which I'm leading to believe they may have just put the wrong type in there. Whats happening is the nozzle pushes the bucking in too deep and deforms the lips. When the nozzle retracts, the lips don't spring back, and the bb gets stuck and cannot pass through. The gearbox works perfectly fine whiteout the hop attached, so I know there isn't anything internally going wrong. I had the gearbox and hop chanber/ barrel alone, and when I place the chamber up against the gearbox I can feel the nozzle pushing the lips of the bucking. Its slammed right up on it. Now I tried installing a standard nozzle from Modify with standard hop chamber and I experienced a better result, but I would still get the occasional bb jam. I tried different buckings, and different chambers, and I would still get problems. The nozzle is still pressing into the lips of the bucking. This is where I think maybe slightly sanding the nozzle will allow the nozzle to properly fit the bb into the lips, without issue. Now at the store we sold the other Javelin ak74su that we had, and that one came back because it had the same issue, and it happened right out of the box.
  14. I installed a mad bull barrel and I have the same problems. I narrowed it down to the nozzle. I can see through the clear chamber that the nozzle is pushing in way too far. I was looking at Aps parts and try have an ka long nozzle and short. I thought that was odd. I'm going to do the mod and let you all know what happens.
  15. I do know what I'm doing. It James the day I got it. The nozzle is way to long. Shortening it will solve the issue.
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