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  1. Wow, I spelled 'KONY' wrong in the title, if a mod could fix that for me... Okay, this is most definitely not airsoft-related, but I hope the moderators and admins can make an exception for something that is much bigger than airsoft. (Some of your mods probably have already seen this, blowing up their Facebook news feeds or heard about it by now) Basically, Joseph Kony is a man in Uganda who kidnaps children, makes the boys soldiers and the girls sex slaves. But you really should watch the video, to see how we can get him captured and arrested. KONY 2012! (Yuhp, when you see this being a top comment on many Youtube videos, it actually has a big purpose.)Wow,
  2. Well you coulda get some cheap silencers off some offshore sites, buy some used red dots. . . depends on what you mean by cheap. Also your link is broken
  3. I would email Evike on this one, they usually email people back fairly quickly.
  4. I was wondering if anyone knows of the cheapest place to get WE magazine parts? Like the Magazine Lip/Feeder. I see them on Evike/ASGI/other airsoft sites for about $5-7 each and that's pretty ridiculous for a piece of plastic. . .
  5. I put up a comment notifying people of it, but I think it's already been sold, also if I did make it in time he has to "approve all comments" probably wouldn't have approved mine to make some money.
  6. Jarek4 is a scumbag, he's trying to sell it (for a lot more than it's worth) Also, on that review at his "150ft" accuracy test, he notes how you can see the gas that "comes out when you shoot it". You can see the gas on the screen of the camera that is about 20ft from the target.. . so what's the dealio with that?
  7. Wait, guys you can't possibly say he deserved to DIE. Everybody does something stupid, and people shouldn't die for being stupid. I agree 100% he was stupid, but to deserve to die? Come one, he is only about 14 years old. Think of some of the stupidest things you have done when you were younger. Also, the police might be making an excuse with "but police said the boy was brandishing — and refused to drop. . ." -EDIT: Isn't there any way to get out of situations like these without killing a body? (even fi the person had a real gun). I'm sure we have the technology to disable somebody from long ranges without shooting fatal bullets at them? (any long range tasers or tranquilizers?)
  8. So you're pissed too? Why is everyone trippin' out about being called homosexuals indirectly, it should be about them implying that gays are a bad thing.
  9. Why is the fact that you're straight emphasized? Am I the only one that's pissed that they put a negative connotation on homosexuality?
  10. I'm quite the opposite, I don't care that they insulted airsoft, but the negative connotation they put on for homosexuality angers me. I love airsoft, but it's a hobby/sport if anybody insults something I do, I ignore them and keep doing what I'm doing. I hope no one is being angered because 215 Gear indirectly called you a homosexual. (by now, I'm sure you can see I'm open to homosexuality)
  11. Would somebody sell these High-Caps taped to GBB mags that have the CO2 hose? Also... Could you do this, but instead with a tank of propane?
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