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  1. Long overdue bump. Fixed a LOT of error son my part. Added/reduced a lot of prices.
  2. AK is sold and shipped. I have the PKM one still which I will be getting pics up for soon. AK smersh SOLD PBS-1 SOLD KAC SOLD crye pants SOLD G&P body SOLD Prices updated. I realized I had a few with wrong or missing prices. I've adjusted these accordingly
  3. WTS stuff I no longer need Paypal only Shipping not included in price unless otherwise stated No trades unless otherwise listed. If I don’t ask for it don’t offer NO PARTING ANYTHING RIGHT NOW. I will part once I sell a majority (~70%) of a package Prices are OBO. Feel free to make me an offer if you don’t like my price Trades: -SCAR SSR (TAN ONLY) -SCAR-H midcaps -Madbull M4 RIS II in Black -7.62 mag pouches VFC M27 IAR complete upper receiver – This is not just the kit. This is a complete upper receiver with the outer barrel and iron sights. Never used it once after I bought it. No hop up or inner barrel $140 AK5c – SOLD TM P226R – Currently apart to fix a broken hammer. Once it’s all reassembled it will have the following upgrades: - Koba twist barrel - Nineball purple bucking - Guarder Metal hammer - Guarder recoil spring and hammer spring - Unknown brand metal outer barrel with 9mm Para markings - Guarder valve blocker Will come with 1 mag. The frame has the trades removed and shows signs of wear. But nothing severe or compromising to the gun or it’s function. $120 Mayflower APC in Coyote brown. Comes with MOLLE cumberbund, PIG elastic cumberbund, First Spear armor carrier shoulder pads, BFG triple M4 pouch, Grey Ghost Gear Small utility pouch, and a Ferro Concepts triple Kydex kangaroo insert. All pouches in Coyote brown. Grey Ghost Gear radio pouch and Platatac pack are not included in the price. If you want them it will cost extra. $220 for the APC with all mag pouches. $310 with Platatac pach and radio pouch Crye AC shirt. Size is Large Regular. Shirt has been worn once at a local game. Has not been used since. Shirt $110 VFC SCAR-H. Comes with 2 highcap mags, 1 black and 1 tan. Internally it has a brand new VFC motor, Madbull 363mm barrel and a G&G bucking. Had it relubed, polished and new VFC gears installed as well. Otherwise stock. Will come with the VFC flash hider and accompanying AAC style suppressor. Missing the charging handle and rear sight. I have a replacement charging handle coming from Evike. $250 P* A&K PKM. Really don’t want to sell this but I have too many guns and I don’t play enough to justify having this one. Internally it’s a M249 Fusion engine with a red low flow poppet, red nozzle, Prometheus 6.03 509mm barrel, Prometheus purple bucking, and stock nub. Has wood kit installed. Motor is wired to a Bingo MCU (motor control unit) so the box mag winds automatically when the trigger is pulled. Will include a 7.4v 800 Mah battery wired to deans and a dual JST to deans adapter to power the MCU and FCU on one battery. Will also include a dual tank Ninja LPR regulator with 2 Ninja 90 4500 tanks. One is a carbon fiber with 3 years left on the hydro and 1 regular tank with 2 years left on hydro. The regular tank has the cracking on the coating that can be fixed for free under the Ninja warranty but I haven’t had the time to send it in to be redone. Does not affect the strength or functionality of the tank. Asking $1000 for everything Will also sell as an AEG if so desired as I still have the original gearbox. However it will not have the ROF control. I ripped out the mosfet as the wired got in the way with the feed tray AI Tornado grenades – I have 3 I never use. 2 are impact and 1 is timed. The timed grenade has the spoon kit installed. One impact is missing the endcap and the small washer from the trigger parts but I have them ordered and they are on the way. Tested to ensure functionality before I took the picture. Will include the AI oil as well. $50 for Timed w/spoon kit $55 for Impacts $140 for all 3 as-is G&P SPR receiver - SOLD G&P KAC QD suppressor with foam kit - SOLD Madbull Surefire suppressor - $50 Esstac KYWI triple short - SOLD Ares Armor Combat XII pack - $140 Fox tactical 3-day pack Oakley gloves - $40 MS2 sling - SOLD PKM Smersh - $200 AK replica Smersh - $110 PBS-1 suppressor - SOLD AK rail - $80 Tokyo Marui suppressor BNIB - $35 Eagle Industries Kydex M4 pouches - $20 each or $50 for all 3
  4. Bump. Send me offers I want these things gone
  5. Well I need money and I have a lot laying around collecting dust so it' time to find it a new home. Here are my rules for the sale: -NO TRADES EXCEPT FOR ITEMS LISTED. If it's not on the list don't offer it - NO PARTING UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED -All prices are OBO -All prices do not include shipping unless otherwise stated -I deal in Paypal only -Shipping is via USPS only. If you want another service let me know Trades are for the following: -M4a1 RIS 2 in black -16" outer barrel -Magpul ACS or ACS-L in black -4x ACOG or 1-4x Spectre in Black P* M249 SAW NO TRADES FOR THIS ITEM. Up for sale is a P* M249. Body is an A&K receiver with all non essentials stripped from the receiver to lighten the gun considerably. Also included are a G&P SOPMOD stock and a G&P lower RIS with G&P foregrip, rail covers, and grippod. Will include the Mk2 style full stock and Big Dragon Noveske replica as well. Also has a 20mm rail custom mounted on the feed tray. Internally it has a M249 FE with a gold low flow poppet valve. Also contains a stock hop up unit that has been modified to apply appropriate hop up. Also has a stock barrel. To accompany the gun are 2 box mags with pressure pad that can keep up with the gun's ROF (currently set at 27 RPS). The tape pictured is just to ensure the covers stay on the gun. Will be given the once over before shipping to ensure functionality. Asking $800 +shipping. VFC 416/IAR external set Was an old Polarstar build but I decided to go with a more unique route. This a complete external set including 416 style stock and pistol grip. Has very minimal use and wear on the receiver. The IAR upper is also a complete upper so they can be swapped out at a moment's notice. No iron sighs are included. The ladder covers are included. Looking to get $300 for the whole set-up. For $50 more I will include a Madbull barrel build for the 416 upper and a stock VFC gearbox with motor G&P Block 2 -ish external set Old build I never finished. Gun has pretty much every external part needed minus a pistol grip. Will include a Magpul PTS MOE stock. Externals (apart from the receiver) have never been used in a game. Complete list of externals are as follows: - Madbull M4a1 RIS II - G&P 14.5" outer barrel - G&P SPR type B receiver (Colt trades) - Magpul MOE stock (Black) - Magpul AFG 2 (FDE) - Magpul PTS AAC flash hider Internally it has a Prowin chamber with a Prometheus bucking, Orga 363mm barrel, and Namazu flat nun. Never had a round fired through it. $210 OBO for the complete external set $270 OBO for the gun with barre build Shellback Banshee in Multicam Received this in a trade but I have no use for it. Used but nothing is torn or frayed on it. Inner cumberbund straps are included. $140 shipped for it In the next photo everything but the receiver is up for sale. Prices are as follows: Replica KAC 7" RIS system $25 AABB Eotech 553 (FDE) $40 Replica Noveske KX3 amplifier $20 Pistol grip $10 PM me for a faster response as I don't check the thread everyday. Feel free to make offers on items. I am willing to negotiate on some prices.
  6. Bump. I will entertain offers for all remaining items. Need money more than I need this stuff Pantac MAP SOLD Sordins SOLD
  7. Bump. I will now part out all components of the P* package. Uppers, lowers, fusion engine, tanks and accessories are available for individual purchase G&P saw parts SOLD All pouches SOLD ICS suppressor SOLD EF midcaps SOLD All pouches SOLD Some interest in the other items. Feel free to make offers. I need money more than this stuff
  8. I've amasses quite a bit of things over the past calender year and most have been collecting dust. So it's time to find them new homes. Here are the rules for my sales thread: -Prices do not include shipping and are OBO unless otherwise stated -I can provide more pictures upon request -I ship USPS Priority. If you want another method let me know Not really looking for trades unless it's for a G&P Mk46 Now onto the good stuff G&P Mk18 P* package $950 I WILL PART OUT PIECES FROM THIS PACKAGE I've had this since Polarstar came out and it's been running strong ever since. It has seen maybe about 8000 rounds since day one as I use only semi and have the FA set to 3 round burst. Never had an issue with it at all. Here's the parts list: - V2 Gen 1 engine - V2 gen 1 FCU - Red low flow poppet valve - Red nozzle installed (Comes with blue and green nozzle as well) - 2 7.4v 200 Mah mini lipos Externally it will come with 1 complete upper and a spare lower receiver. It is a G&P receiver. The upper comes with a G&P 14.5" outer barrel, a Madbull M4a1 Ris II in FDE, Genuine Magpul AFG, Prowin hop up, Prommy purple bucking, Namazu flat nub and a 363mm Orga wide bore barrel. The upper has never been used in a game and doesn't have a shot through the barrel assembly. The lowers are a G&P M16a1 lower with a MOE stock, ASAP, and a Ergo style pistol grip. The second lower is a G&P M16a2 lower in good condition. will also come with a Ninja SLP 90ci 4500 Psi tank and a SLP air rig. G&P M249 external set SOLD MSA Sordin Dual comm with 3 PTT and icom IC-4F radio $SOLD G&P MK46 Outer barrel - $50. Basically brand new. Taken out of the package for the above listed M249 assembly only to find out it doesn't seat properly G&P MK46 RAS - $40 Same as the barrel. taken out but no way to mount it G&P CQB front end - $40 PTS MOE stock with buffer tube and all screws - SOLD PTS MOE pistol grip - SOLD Thunder b shells - $5. One pineapple, 1 cylinder and 1 loud cylinder Pantac MAP in CB - Taken out, mounted and taken off in favor of my Ares Armor combat XII pack SOLD Condor hydro - $15 Eagle Single kydex M4 mag pouch $15 each or all 3 for $40 ICS QD suppressor with flash hider SOLD Hop up builds: -Madbull 300mm barrel, G&G bucking, unknown metal chamber $25 -Madbull 300mm barrel, Madbull blue bucking, Madbull hop up chamber $40 Elite force midcaps $5 a piece or both for $8 VFC highcap $10 Unknown brand highcap $5 BSA scope with rings $20 TM M14 highcap $10 Madbull 18" outer barrel $20 Unknown barrels $10 each Feel free to make offers on anything. I need money more than I need this stuff so I will listen to pretty much any reasonable offer
  9. I'm looking for the following items: -Echo 1 M240B -G&P MK46 or any G&P SAW I'm looking for these items specifically. May listen to other offers but those are my top priority
  10. Sorry I've been busy with my jobs. But I sent out the links the day after you messaged me about them. I'll see if I can find out what happened to them for you. What are you looking for? I removed the pictures and descriptions of the items that were sold
  11. Sorry I've been swamped with work. I PMed you about your gun. Also long overdue bump. SR-25 GB and motor SOLD Mayflower insert SOLD G&P 249 SOLD Emdom hydro SOLD
  12. Bump Allied MAP SOLD Mayflower insert SOLD Adjusted a few prices. Send me offers. Willing to negotiate
  13. Time to do some closet cleaning and get start up money for a new loadout. First my rules: - No parting out anything unless otherwise stated - I ship USPS with tracking. If you want insurance or a different shipping method please tell me. Buyer pays insurance - Prices do no include shipping unless otherwise stated - Only trades I will accept are the ones I have listed - I can provide additional pictures upon request - Prices are negotiable to an extent Trade list: -A&K or Echo 1 PKM -P* V2 fusion engine (Gen 2 preferred. Will accept Gen 1 with Gen 2 FCU) -Eagle H-Harness -Tornado grenades. Impact preferred but will accept timed - Eagle/Pantac MAP in CB - Sordin headset - GP68 or other high end radio - CB radio pouch Now on to the good stuff: G&P M249 Ranger SOLD VFC SCAR-H external set $180 Got this to drop in a Fusion engine in but I got sidetracked with reconfiguring my loadout so I'm scrapping this project. I have a complete set of VFC SCAR-H externals in black with the VFC SCAR-H suppressor that screws over the flash hider. Internally it comes with the selector plate, trigger, ambi selector bar, and complete hop up unit with barrel. Also has the wiring that is in the stock. All you need to complete it is a VFC SCAR-H gearbox or a Gen 3 Fusion engine. Will also include 1 Highcap mag with Magpul Allied Industries MAP Khaki SOLD Eagle M4 single kydex pouch Have 3. From same kit as the MAP. Used but in good condition. $15 shipped each or $40 shipped for 3. G&P CQB front set $65 Complete front set taken off a G&P CQB. Includes delta ring, outer barrel, front sight, gas tube, and hand guard. G&P SR-25 gearbox w/ M120 motor SOLD Madbull 18" outer barrel $25 Taken out of the package and found out it was too long for what I wanted Magpul rear MBUS - $15 G&P hop up with bucking and prommy nub - $30 SCS concave nub - $10 King Arms fire selector BNIB $5 ORGA 6.23 500mm Barrel $55 Used in an old Polarstar DMR upper. About 1000 rounds through it. Gear: Pantac double M4 pouch $15 Pantac single M4 pouch $10 Flyye Double M14 M14 pouch $15 Flyye Single M14 pouch $10 Flyye Horizontal utility pouch $10 Flyye dump pouch $15 Condor hydro $20 Condor open top double M4 pouch $10 condor single M4 pouch $5 Mayflower APC triple M4 insert SOLD Esstac triple M4 pouch with KYWI inserts ( will also include bungie insert) $30 Condor rigger's belt size SM/Med $15 Emdom Vehicle hydro SOLD Please PM me with any offers and questions. I will see them faster than posting them in the thread
  14. Overdue bump. SIG light SOLD Gemtech SOLD 6094a SOLD MP5 SOLD Banger holster SOLD I still have the Eagle Kydex pouches and Allied MAP $20 shipped per for the pouches or $50 for all 3 shipped $100 shipped for the Allied MAP $60 shipped for the G&P SR gearbox and 120 motor $50 shipped for the ORGA $15 shipped for Kydex fast mags $50 shipped for CA stock and battery Send me offers. Need this stuff gone
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