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  1. Nova SAI BLU, EMG BLU frame I have this slide kit since it was released in 2016 I think. Build it a bout a month ago.. I can't decide which barrel to leave on the stock black barrel or the Airsoft Surgeon brass fluted Brass barrel Wolf
  2. I'm looking for a Sun Project Escort engine based GBB M16 or XM177.. Don't care on the looks all are welcome. Wolf
  3. This is my favourite gun in my collection. Brass Prime Colt Gold Cup National Match I just gave it a good polish and the shine came back. Wolf
  4. My brass gun collection. Airsoft Surgeon/TM SFA V12 Face Off Prime SFA V12 Face Off Prime Colt Gold Cup National Match Prime Colt SAA Wolf
  5. Here's one a couple more! Prime Springfield 1911 V12 Nova Springfield 1911 V12 Wolf
  6. Escort SVD GBB w/ real steel Soviet PSO-1 Wolf
  7. Escort SVD GBB w/ real steel Soviet PSO-1 Wolf
  8. One more addition to the collection!! WA Rtype based SV Infinity 1911 And with my other one! Wolf
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