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    My interests are,<br />Airsoft,<br />Biking,<br />Trading guns ;),<br />Uhh lego technics,<br />RE4,<br />Wish I had an Xbox for RE5,<br /><br />SCHOOL...

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  1. Whoah, Hiperson, did you say ARES Tavor? I've been looking for a used one for quite some time. If you are interested in what I stated above, would you like to trade? It seems that JubJub isn't too interested in my offer :( I've also reqired to the crane stock since that post.
  2. I've got a KWA M16 first gen that hasn't seen more than 3 hours of field time and less than 2k shots for the JG gbbr if you're interested. It has minor damge at the rear of the reciever but it's been reblued over the bare amterial and the difference isn't very noticeable, especially when youre playing.
  3. I've got a gun that started out as a gen1 KWA M16, but then I took the front sight off and added a REAL delta ring nut, along with a CA delta ring (better finishes) and a DD omega 12" replica by madbull (110 value), along with a LMT sopmod battery stock with buffer tube(70 value), and KAC flip up sights (dboys, but still 45 value). I will include this, and EVERYTHING that was part of the original M16, including the original KWA delta ring. The gun has not seen more than two games, and not more than 2k rounds. There is a slight belmish in the rear due to some bad dremeling, but it is EXTREMELY minor and barely noticeable. The gun will require a new rear pin because the original was stripped. However, the pin was successfully removed. The pin will still stay, but a new one is recomended. I will included a 9.6 intellect large battery for full stocks. I usually run a battery bag or put the battery in a pouch. Everything else is in very good condition. Unfortunately, I do not have a camera that works, but I have a HD flip video camera where I can take videos of different angles to show you the gun. I will even shoot it if requested as proof of function.
  4. Interested in the discharger and possibly the iron sight set for 30.
  5. Hey there, I'm looking to buy a crane stock with buffer tube, preferably around 30 shipped since I can get a brand new echo1 stock from ASGI for 40 (mind that it has a multicam finish) with additional shipping. I'm looking for either tan or black. If you have the multicam one, then even better. I also have a few trade items you may be interested in, such as M93B MAGPUL NIB stock for GBBR with ALL mounting hardware Riser mount for AR's (pretty much new. Not much wear, if there is any at all) KWA carrying handle for AR (NEW) Chris
  6. Could I have some closeup quality pictures of the rail system then?
  7. Would you be willing to part out the 12" DD Omega Rail without the reciever portion?
  8. I am currently looking for the following items- M4 Mids (mag brand only please) Pmags (preferably midcapacity) M16 length ris units (greater than 12" please) gas blocks with no front sight post rail covers magpul MIAD or MOE grip for aeg's Red dot sights (no short and fats, for example: the BSA red dot sights) -specifically looking for EOtechs, Docters, Reflex sights, C-mores, Micro T1's, and the like Looking for a BLACK flashhider, m4 exclusive Looking for a rear sling adapter for M16 full stocks. I have a ton of trade items, including an unopened M93B magpul stock with all of the mounting hardware (for GBBR's). Brand new condition, in box, unused. Lets get this PM box full XD
  9. Regarding the two 1911 slides that you think are WE, the one with the blue nozzle is made by KJW and is worth much more. GPP
  10. NS2 is redesigned to be better. The original USP's longer nozzle, trigger, and hop up were problematic. The faulty ones would have the feed lips crack on the magazines. NS2 is based off of the KWA glocks, with the shorter nozzle. Of course, both non NS2 and NS2 have there share of problems, with NS2's being less gas efficient and the original being somewhat finicky. Either ways, both non NS2 and NS2 are GREAT guns. I would take any of them over any other sidearm any day. In fact, they are more on par rather than how you stated it.
  11. Agreed. If I can buy a RS Armalite for 700, and spend 1300 on accessories...
  12. If this is an NS2, I have a NIB (stress the NIB) KWA g36c thats up for grabs. PM me for more information.
  13. Are you taking trades? I have a KWA G36c that I literally took to one game that was in incrememnts of 20 minutes, and we only played 4 games. I'll also include a JG gspec sniper rifle that has EXTENSIVE work done to it, along with an aftermarket top rail. It can hit targets accurately up to 250 feet, and I use it as a scout rifle, but it can sufficiently be a sniper. It comes with two cylinders, one thats 600fps and one thats closer to 500. This is with ABB rings, so the wear you find in the trigger mech is significantly less than what the fps suggests. If so, please PM me. I'm interested in the WA system.
  14. I'm interested in the KWA Mk2 with 3 magazines. I have a NIB KWA g36c thats up for trade. It comes with everything plus a mini bat. Gun is literally new. If interested, shoot me a pm please? Chris
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