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  1. There are no necros in classic sections, and if you think that's a necro, then you also necroed.
  2. Probably why they refunded with seemingly no reason - they accidentally put it up as two cents.
  3. That, is, if anything, an extreme exaggeration. But IMO, that's just false.
  4. It says it will work on the KWA Third Party Compatability Thread.
  5. Tobi-Kun was saying that your opinions are better than the JG G36.
  6. The light comes with it, right? If it does, how good is it?
  7. Seriously, and then lower down it says that the rail retailed for $300.
  8. None - just use it until it breaks (which would be a long time, even with an sp130+). A MOSFET might be good though, especially if using a LiPo.
  9. Does the gas efficiency seem worse or the same? A high flow valve should definitely increase FPS by releasing more gas.
  10. I guess I meant to say Polarstar, and bnoji said they were on hold in this thread.
  11. EdGI is making one, but there isn't one currently for sale. However, you can always turn the bucking inside out and file the internal nub down.
  12. That's exactly what I was thinking. As Shredder said, EdGI had nothing to do with this, so it would stink for them if we boycott their distributor.
  13. Definitely get a TB and MIAD as others have said, and you could also get PMAGs if you like the look of them. However, as said on KWA's 3rd Party Compatibility Thread light filing may be needed, and it will be a tight fit.
  14. It says blowback right below the picture. Also, you have the 1337 reply.
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