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  1. We are currently recruiting again and looking for teams to play against and train with in the Atlanta/Northern Georgia Area. If you are interested, contact us via this forum or the website. The team's mission is To further military tactical knowledge, lifesaving first aid, self defense, defense of others, and overall situational awareness of team members. Dagger was formed in 2009 as a Military Simulation unit comprised of like minded individuals that are either individuals with military background or pursuing military careers. The team trains in real weapons and tactics, while also pursuing training in the Airsoft/Military Simulation field. The team attends large scale Milsim operations, while also maintaining a high level of proficiency with their firearms and training as much as possible. Check out www.daggerunit.com for more information. The following are from recent carbine/pistol/medical training events.
  2. Dagger Unit has several members in Kennesaw but we don't actually play up there much. There is how ever a new field that just opened up somewhere up in Kennesaw called my elite ops I think. Its an indoor CQB place.
  3. Team summer training sessions and games are beginning soon and we are still looking for new and dedicated recruits looking for a milsim team in Atlanta.
  4. We aren't looking for everybody, but everybody isn't necceesarily looking for a team like us. Dagger Unit is currently looking for new members as of April 2011. This is a milsim team and is highly militarily oriented. Most current members are either military (Army and Marine Corps), cadets, or future cadets. We train airsoft and real military tactics and skills. We enjoy the training aspect as well as playing. Training days are as important to us as playing in actual games and will be required of all possible recruits to the team. The training may or may not be practically applicable to airsoft but will be in accordance with U.S. Army SOP. Along with training the team plays at all the fields in and around the Atlanta area and some larger scale national OPs like Fulda Gap. This will expand as the team grows. Requirements You must be 16 years of age. You must be physically fit. You must have a good attitude. You must have a desire to play but also to train. You will be required to look uniform with the team. We generally wear multicam and the associated gear. We occasionally run in civilian clothing. We require Multicam uniforms for OPs that require it but other wise will not bar interested recruits for not having it. You will be required to have your own weapons. KWA, G&G, or VFC M4 variants weapons are highly reccomended. You must either have your own transport or be able to carpool with someone local to you. If interested check us out at www.daggerunit.com . Contact us via the Contact Us Page. Team member being taught how to maneuver securely in an urban environment. Team members conducting MOUT training. Team members training in repelling : NOTICE : Only team members who have military or state qualification in repelling may conduct repelling training Team members conducting MOUT training. Team members learning how to properly secure a live EPW.
  5. A little update on my KWA SR7 since the summer. Going for a SEALish Mk18 Mod 0 look. Yes I know the delta ring thing on the KWAs is not the standard and yea the flashlight isnt either but I got it for free so it stays and gets used. Added: Knights Silencer G&P Aim Point mounted in a Wilcox Mount 4sevens Quark 123squared Tactical in a Viking Tactics Flashlight Mount.
  6. Thanks and thats a good choice, don't know about the store though.
  7. Im actually selling the M4 if you want it. But your right 3 in my opinion is to many. Besides the SR 7 covers CQB and the SR 12 covers field. The M4 is has been unused for a while.
  8. Its excellent externally except for one thing. The front sling mount. When you move the gun at all it slams into the RIS making an annoying clanking sound so I took it off. I haven't actually had the chance to use it so I cannot speak for its performance yet.
  9. Online pre registration is now open. This OP is going to be sick. The facility is one of the best indoor CQB facilities of all time. http://airdogshop.com/forms/game-reg.php
  10. Sorry for cell phone quality pictures. KWA SR 12 with G&P Aimpoint, The new KWA SR 7 Devgru, and a Generation 1 KWA M4A1 with JBU 8.25in silencer and 469mm tightbore. I guess Im a bit of a KWA fanboy. Comments and suggestions welcome.
  11. Ok I was confused as to why he said front of my PC which is why I assumed the other. Pantac just calls that an MBSS hydropack or atleast Airsoft Columbus does. Anyways it is mounted directly to the back in the center. The picture is just at a weird angle.
  12. Its supposed to be a light and fast moving loadout. Kneepads slow me down a lot. As for the blouse I like it untucked. The only reason I would tuck it in is if I had a belt rig going.
  13. Its a Condor MBSS with Pantac pouches and hydropack. Probably going to replace it so Ill have all Pantac stuff. If by MAP you mean my admin pouch it is mounted directly onto the front of my MBSS. If you mean something else Im not sure what. Kitlist: Tru Spec MC Set Wiley X XL-1s Condor Shemaq Condor MBSS Pantac Admin Pantac MBSS Hydropack Condor M4 pouches MC Name and Team tapes USMC Hot Weather Altama Combat Boots Gun: KWA SR 12 with G&P Aimpoint replica
  14. My load out is a work in progress and is not really based on any particular unit. Its light and effective, doesn't have extra useless stuff that weighs people down. Looking for some ideas. I know the black gloves are kinda out of place and I cant tie a shemaq. By the way its not my house so don't make stupid comments about the background. Front Back Shooting
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