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  1. Sorry for the double post, but I would like to say the rail system has finally been installed. Some silicone oil, a flathead, a mallet and some force finally pushed down the claw far enough to set the top half in. The bottom half took a bit of work to slide in afterwards, albeit a lot less time and effort than the top. The thing's rock solid and good to go. A big thank you to airborne101, Guges Mk3, and verisimilitude for helping out!
  2. The claw is not moving at all even with the screw out. I will try lubing it.
  3. Thanks for pointing that out, though I need a bit of help solving this. I took off the hex screw that was on top beforehand but I can't find a way to remove the claw aside from the small pin on the side, do I punch it out? If so, do I keep it off after installation?
  4. Recently acquired an M4 by G&P with plastic handguards and got a KAC-styled delta ring rail system for it, also made by G&P. The bottom clicks in perfectly, but the top half keeps getting stuck around the delta ring. There's scratch marks a milimeter away from the grooves where the ring itself is supposed to go, but the rail won't go any closer in. I've been trying a bit of force with a rubber mallet but with no luck. What can I do now? I'll get pics up shortly. RIS: http://www.evike.com/products/29014/ Base: http://www.evike.com/products/28775/ EDIT: Here are some pics
  5. This actually look pretty cool. If the plastic from Nerf guns didn't feel so flimsy, I'd like to field one. Also props on matching the paint on the M4 parts.
  6. I don't think 300 people would want to led by two grown men who awkwardly keep up their internet personas just to impress those who actually pay attention to their keyboard commando arguments.
  7. Apparently they are, but most Combat Machines that people want to upgrade usually have a compression problem that OP is facing. A 6.03mm tightbore might also help with the FPS by a fraction, the Madbull ones aren't super expensive and one of the easier things to install, plus it can improve on accuracy along with the mentioned upgrades.
  8. As of now, I'm in the talks for a triple mag, single pistol mag, and admin pouch. Therefore, my priorities are focused on the Condor MCR3 chest panel and Hatch XTAKs in tan. I have my list of items to trade plus some cash in hand. Bump.
  9. After-weekend bump! As of now, I'm no longer looking for a triple mag or admin pouch. Cash in hand for a MCR3 in tan.
  10. Like to get these items soon! Bump.
  11. PM's replied to, still looking! Bump.
  12. Externals-wise, most JG MP5's I've held had a UKArms sticker in their buttplate or rubber pad on their full and retractable stocks, respectively. Aside from that, obvious brand logos on visable stock internals like its motor, gears, and gearbox shell should give you a hint. Some good pics would be nice.
  13. Looking for the following: Condor MCR3 Chest Panel in Tan or Black Triple mag shingle pouch in Tan Single pistol mag pouch in Tan Condor admin pouch in Tan Hatch XTAK knee pads in Tan Please do not offer items of different colors or variations. I have the following for trade: DBoys tan ladder rail covers x3 Assorted amount of XTM rail cover pieces in black, tan, and ranger gray Small urban camo pants x2 Small urban camo jackets x2 Medium urban camo pants Black crossdraw vest ACM Magpul UBR stock w/ AEG adapter and trademarks SPR flash hider in 14mm CCW Triple tap/SPR hybrid flash hider in 14mm CW Boneyard M2 red dot replica with screw-on magnifier I can meet up face-to-face at Evike in the San Gabriel Valley, CA. There may be more things to be added on the WTB list, but if you have what is on here now, offer up!
  14. To be clear, I'm looking for the Condor MCR3 chest panel. If you have one, I'm accepting both tan and black colors. Also looking for a tan admin pouch. Bump!
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