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  1. Ok, so while playing this weekend, I broke a gear, a bushing, and stripped a wire on my Dboy M4. This gun has been giving me trouble for a while now so instead of using the money that it would take to repair it, I am looking into the option of just buying a brand new gun and using the Dboy as a project gun later down the road. If I buy a new gun I am looking for a gun that I wont need to upgrade farther than the barrel. Something that is out of the box ready. I was looking at possibly purchasing one of the Airsoft GI G4's but I would like a second opinion. What do you guys recommend? My price range is 150-250ish and I would like to stick with an M4/M16. I play at a medium to long range field. Thanks! XxGREEKSTERxX
  2. heres a review on the gun if this helps:) http://sideshow1.startlogic.com/semper/pro...as-mini-review/ I would say buy the JP and not mess with the internals unless you feel the need to. Hope this helps!
  3. Im sure if you called or shot an email to them they probably would tell you.
  4. Cheap .12 bbs could be used for airsoft grenades :D
  5. well its pretty much in the middle of nowhere so I think its well away from public view:P
  6. Well im actually going to host it out in the desert so insurance wont be an issue. Thanks Dario, ill keep those things in mind!
  7. Hey all! So this fall or winter I hope to organize a weekend long airsofting event. I already have a location and some details worked out, but what I want to know is what does it take to put together an airsoft event as a whole? Also, does anyone have any tips on making an event better? Thanks!
  8. - hydralover - Norm - Yorba Linda, USC - Slayer750 - Adam - Agoura Hills/Thousand Oaks area - Jericho (Simi) - RunnerGunner - Nathan - Irvine - NathanE92 - Nathan - Glendale ( Los Angeles area) - EchoRecon1 - Frankie - Alhambra (San Gabriel Valley) - Whorify - Dennis - Ontario - SirGlockimus - Patrick - Diamond Bar - mrquackbunny - Dale - Northridge - Maruipro - Thomas - Diamond Bar - Blackpig - Philip - Tujunga (North of Burbank) - psychobunny - Ryan - Monterey Park/ Alhambra area - cstrikeman - Eric - Rowland Heights (San Gabriel Valley/ LA area) - NumbNuts - Logan - Irvine - Suzaku - Justin - Riverside - Allizard - Allen - Yorba Linda - KWA - LtAttiic - Alex - Torrance - Eyecon - Steve - Corona - Scavengre - Steve - Elsinore - Roughneck Member ;) - Shimizu - Justin - Torrance - Will1980 - Riverside - MrTrinh - Vincent - Irvine (Team Dead Cell) - THCfox - Aidan - Riverside (UCR) - Keirosabi - Keir - West Los Angeles - Gunmage - Chris - Mission Hills/San Fernando - DAYWALKER - David - Pasadena - Death From A Mile Away- Collin- Orange County (Mission Viejo) - Master Gecko - Michael - Simi Valley - Lizzard - -Quentin - La Crescenta (almost Glendale) - carbonfibreguy - Ghetto Eastside Palmdale - Antelope Valley - wongton - Albert - UCLA - Teh Vainguard - Taylor - Woodland Hills - a4andy - Andy - Riverside - CSUSB - onandu - Kevin - Fullerton - ndh777 - Nathan - Compton/Temecula - Kyromoto - Jeff - Fontana/ San Bernardino area - Joker224 - Alex - Westminster (Team Dead Cell) - Ciel - Adrien - Tujunga - Brenda (HSP)- Brenda - Bellflower (Hollywood Sports Park) - RazorJack - Nelson - South Los Angeles (south gate area) - Wybot360- Wyatt - Laguna Niguel - Lon3Wo1f - Alan - Huntington Beach - Leinad16- Danny - Corona - SyntaxError- Elliote- Carson (Cal State Dominguez Hills) - D.C. - Diego - Santa Monica (West LA) - SMC - Saber 6- Collin - Orange County (Mission Viejo) (Used to be death from a mile away so you can take old one off) - ian mofoker - Ian - Irvine - Jub Jub - Taylor -Altadena - KOPER- Justin- Laguna Niguel (OC) - EchoRecon3 - Daniel - Alhambra (SGV area) - XxGREEKSTERxX - Tyler - Ontario
  9. Ive heard about the place. It looks pretty sick! I would love to try it out sometime, but im looking for a place that you don't have to pay to play. More on the lines of a plot of land that you go to when you don't want to pay. somewhere that is just open with no people around.
  10. Our group (around 15 of us) usually meets up to play once a month to airsoft and we currently are playing down in Temecula im searching for a new place to play that's closer to where we live so we can go more often. Does anyone play somewhere that's NOT a Legal field around the Ontario area? If anyone could help it would be most appreciated! Greekster
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