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  1. I would keep the systema and do a teflon mod. I say this because I assume that you want to continue using your scs, and it can be a PITA to use with any other bucking. Wrap teflon tape around the half of the bucking on the barrel to prevent leakage. It works pretty well.
  2. Nah doesn't need a new motor. The Xyclone is a beast (or so I've heard). It outclasses the ACM motors. I do happen to love my matrix magnum though (same as 5ku/element etc) I bet that it is a motor problem. Do you have a third motor to try? I don't really know much about the insides of a motor, but if it works fine with one, the other should also work as well.
  3. I wouldn't use high quality and Jg in the same sentence. OK maybe I wouldn't go that fare. Some of their guns are great. But the chance of a lemon is just waaaaaay too high IMO. My first gun was a JG 416. Not nearly as accurate as my friends JG m4, not that his was very accurate anyway. Echo 1 is a JG rebrand with quality control. You can take your chance with a jg, but you could possibly end up with crap. If you buy an Echo 1, you know it will be pretty good (but it is usually $20 extra). However, G&G will be the most reliable of the three and definitely a great gun, as well as the most upgradable. For some reason JG and ECHO 1's can be annoying to disassemble ie. parts get stuck. ---------------------------------------- Josh
  4. 15 Not afraid to take it apart... Only afraid to put it back together lol :) Taking it apart is the easy part. The first time (and only time) I took apart my aeg, I opened the GB the wrong way and everything shot out. I was lucky that I was working in a box thing or else the GB would have been all over the room. It turned from an airsoft gun into a puzzle.
  5. You could get a used GoPro camera on ebay for less than $100.
  6. It would really blow. My friend bought a gun similar to that last year. Biggest waste of money. It was accurate to about 10 ft and broke after less than 1000 rounds. Go on the Buy/Sell/Trade section of the forums. You can find a great gun that WONT break in a week for around $60 or 70 of you search. Def worth the extra money.
  7. I'm looking for a 363mm Tightbore for around $20. Preferably Madbull. Would pay a lil more for a prommy or nicer brand. -josh
  8. Sorry guys. All gone :( Sold entire gun as a package deal. -josh
  9. I believe that age shouldn't really come into question. Maturity should be the deciding factor. Unfortunately, at a public field, they can't tell kids to leave because they are immature if they are 14 and the age limit is 12. I have played with plenty of awesome 12 year olds, but on the other hand, plenty of terrible and annoying 16 yr olds. You just have to hope for the best. However, this question is about age limit. I usually wouldn' be comfortable playing airsoft with the average 12 year old, so I would have to say 13+. And I completely agree that face masks should be mandated for those under 18.
  10. Alright guys. Lucky for me, I'm going skiing in Colorado. Leaving for the airport at three today. If you guys buy stuff within the next hour or two, I can ship it today. If not, Ill be back the first. I will still be checking the forums, so you guys cans till buy stuff, but I wont be able to ship till the 1st. :(. So if you guys want any of this stuff for christmas, buy it within the next hour or two and I can ship today. I have had several offers on the whole gearbox. I would rather sell it all as a whole than in pieces. For the next day or two, I will only sell the GB as a whole. If you buy the GB, motor, and body, I would provide even further discount. The faster this is out of my hands, the faster I can buy my new gun (it is being held for me at a store :).
  11. I changed the thread so that body can only be bought as a package :) Matrix GB fit fine in the body and stock worked great, but VFC externals are best together.
  12. Hey guys. Last year, I purchased a VFC 416 on the forums. It was a great gun, but a bit too heavy for me. Anyways, The piston cracked, so I ordered a new piston and took the gun apart. After I had finally cracked open the gearbox, I realized there was no way in hell that I would be able to put it back together. So I have decided to just part it out and get a new gun. :) **UPDATE-I am going on vacation, so I wont be able to ship anything until the 2nd. I will still be on the forums, so feel free to buy anything. However, everything bought from now until I return on the 1st will be shipped on the 2nd. Ok guys. Here's whats for sale (no trades): ---prices flexible, I have never sold anything and have no clue what to charge. No lowballs please. If prices seem unfair, just tell me. I am fairly negotiable. 10" VFC RIS- VFC Outer Barrel- VFC 416 Metal Body- - missing back body pin, not needed to hold together -VFC trades, no HK trades -$115 together----SPF ---*edit* just remembered body has magpul trigger guard. -VFC Sights-$15 -Magpul PTS MOE Stock-$35 -Madbull v2 247mm Barrel-$20 -Systema Hopup w/ nub and bucking-$25 ----ATM they are teflon modded together. They work awesome as a pair. -2 m4 mags, both full metal. might keep if I decide to buy another m4 - $10 each - Grip-$8 GEARBOX----Started out as http://www.airsoftpost.com/product_info.ph...oducts_id=30248 -added G&P white piston and a G&P explosive piston head --gearbox is in parts now, everything in bags from trigger to gears etc --Will sell whole GB (in parts, needs shims for gears, maybe a re-lube) for 70 or 90 with motor -Shell with trigger assembly, trigger, 8mm bearings, AR latch, tappet plate, etc - $20 -Gears -Reinforced Matrix Monster (Torque Up)-$20 -G&P white piston and a G&P explosive piston head (new) -$20 -M120 (ish) Spring-$5 -Ball bearing Spring guide-$10 -Cylinder and cylinder head w/ air nozzle- $10 - Matrix Magnum 3000 motor-$25 (plastic bags contain trigger, screws, and AR) Shipping will be around $ 5 for all smaller items and $10 for larger items such as the body. NO TRADES NO LOWBALLS BUY BUY BUY!!! *all transactions through paypal, will not hold for more than 2 or 3 days (if I get another offer sooner, its gone) Shipping by US Priority Mail flat rate boxes
  13. Haha I Took one look at the title and knew namloot would be there with his copy-pasted speech. He is correct though. I love my madbull. It is so much better than a stock barrel and a third the price of a edgi or prommy. You can't go wrong with it. The difference between it and a higher end Barrel are tiny. But you are asking for the best, however I believe is no difference at all between pdi, edgi, and prommy barrels. They all perform very similarly.
  14. I know this is off topic, but HOW DID YOU GET THE HEAD OFF OF THE PISTON? The screw turned the whole head and wouldnt make it come off... HOW HOW HOW Oh and yah those stock heads suck they break alot. But I got a G&P white and I love it.
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