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  1. You kind of circumlocuted your way around the actual question. Killing someone and stabbing them doesn't apply at all when were simply using the comparison to demonstrate the strength of metal over plastic for a single shot, single use airsoft round. And when your talking about one hit with a pipe, the metal one will hurt more, or cause more damage.
  2. If it was too much effort to find the truth behind the video your attempting to use as evidence, it hurts your credibility. Saying something is not like one thing, but rather like another, and gramatically equivalent to said item is "more like" the other (milk). Again, some credibility lost. However, I am looking at this from an unbiased view, and will admit I am uneducated on the topic of projectile physics and what not. But think about this. Is an aluminum (or other lightweight superalloy) pipe not much more sturdy (and damaging if you think about it) than a PVC pipe would be, even if they had the same weight?
  3. KWA has, in my opinion, the best out of the box guns for under 400. Check out the SR10 and SR12. They have a stock rof of around 23 bbs per second on a good 9.6 volt battery, a stock 6.05 (I think) tightbore barrel, and the great 2gx bucking. If you get it from airsoftgi, you can get at least 10% off and free shipping to the conus. The gun, a good battery, and one extra hicap would be a great start for a beginner with that nice of a budget. If you check around here, you can also find a great package deal that could get you gear, an upgraded gun, mags, and a battery for about that much. Good luck!
  4. Edited a bunch of stuff, 2 of the extended mags and the MK23 package are both SOLD! Interest on both the block and FPG, and a deal may be made very very soon.
  5. Trade for something in my sig? Either KWA G18 or KWA FPG? PM me if so!
  6. I know it's not exactly what your looking for but I have the KWA G18 in my sig...
  7. TM MK23? I'll negotiate with ya. PM me if interested. Link below
  8. I have one. 10 shipped? PM me if you'd like to negotiate
  9. You know you put over 100 dollars, right? If so, check out my sig!
  10. Well, I haven't logged on to ASF in a long time. I've airsofted once or twice in the past year, the last time being like 6 months ago, and I have begun to miss it, terribly. So, to fund my cravings of all the awesome new toys out there, I have decided to begin selling some of my current guns! They have been sitting for a little bit, so naturally they may need a good lubing. Unfortunately, I cannot test them as I do not have any green gas and the nearest place to get it is over an hour away, but the last time I shot all of them before putting them up they all worked! I will post more guns as I have more time, but here's what I have for starters. First, general overview picture and timestamp. Apologies for backwardness and hand, all I have is my laptop's webcam... First up is my KWA FPG (Folding Pocket Gun). I have used this a few times, and LOVED it! Rediculously high rate of fire (easily above 20 fps), with a 48(I think?) round extended magazine. The magazine is missing the bottom plastic part. However, this does not affect it's function, as the plastic only covers the gas intake valve. Originally costs 300, so I'm going to say $180 plus shipping for the gun, the one extended mag, and original box (I'm pretty sure it's still upstairs). ***NOTE: I just tested out the selector switch functions, and found out that while the selector switch itself works great, and there are no problems at all in semi or full auto, when it is on safety, the slide does not lock into place, and slides off the front. It only does this in safety, as I said, and it does not affect shooting function. The slide lock may simply need to be lubed to slide up into place properly, but I am not positive, and I do not want to take the gun apart and not be able to put it back together. Therefore, I am going to ship it for free. SOLD!!! Next up is the Tokyo Marui MK23. It comes with the suppressor, working LAM unit, 4 magazines that probably need lubing to take gas correctly, not too sure, and the black hard shell case it came in. All four magazines are Tokyo Marui brand, and the two extras fun for about 45 a piece. Not too sure where to start on this one, so ill just say $200 shipped. SOLD!!! And now, last but not least, my prized gem... My KWA, fully automatic Glock 18. As we all know, they no longer make truly traded KWA Glocks anymore, so this is a somewhat rare gun. It has a metal slide with, as I said, REAL GLOCK TRADES! Great recoil, so much fun to shoot. It will come with the standard magazine, plus one 50 round extended magazine, which cost 60 dollars when you could still buy them. Unfortunately, the rear sight fell out while playing, but this does not affect the gun's performance at all, and truthfully I don't think I ever aimed with the sights once... The gun with both magazines will be $200 shipped. One of the magazines has a broken plastic piece, the same one the FPG is missing, but still holds on to the magazine. Post or PM me with any questions, PayPal only, and you can entertain me with trade offers, but they will have to be in my favor as cash money sounds so much more appealing. Thanks for looking!
  11. How about an SRC Gen III RPK with a drum mag, 2 AK hi caps, 2 RPK hi caps, Guarder FTK, KWA 2GX bucking, Madbull barrel, plus a TM MK23 with silencer and 4 mags?
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