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  1. As you, folks know, I was looking for info on CYMA M16 series. Obviously "monkeys wth screwdrivers" at hitguns and airsoftmegastore didn't know CYMA M16 from their own rectums. So, being bilingual I went to RUSSIAN internet (aka Pirate Paradise). Here are few links for those interested. Video, the guy there just puts a motor to bodies of CYMA M series... Motor sticks, which means they are made out of some kind of steel alloy. http://strikeup.ru/blog/airsoftguns/2056.html Link number 2 - list of all M series available and their quick chars: What body is made of (металлическим means METALLIC), and what forergip is made of (пластиковым = plastic, though they do not say what kind), what motor is installed and... the velocity, in Meters per second. Enjoy folks, and yes, you are welcome. (It is hard to be humble when you are as generous as me :-). Getting an M16A4 with RIS. High torque motor...
  2. I asked the same questions of "technicians" that "work" in hitguns.com. They have all the models in stock. The answers they gave me are retarded. According to them I should get... a JG M16A1 Vietnam style. According to them the A&K M16 which shoots 330 fps <AT> 600 RPM has "THE STRONGEST MOTOR". According to them "All of those AEGs have 6mm bushings." I just happened to come to an airsoft site in czech republic which actually gives me the complete data on CYMA and DBOY. Needless to say it is TOTALLY different then what the retards at hitguns gave me. STAY AWAY FROM HITGUNS. They have NO idea what they are talking about
  3. Hi. Now I am an AK guy, but I decided to get an M16. There are several I am looking at. Considering I am pretty tall guy, I want a full size M16. Here are some I am looking at: a) DBOY DMR. It is full metal, comes with a PEQ box (why would I need one?). Has full rails on the foregrip. Not bad. http://www.evike.com/products/31317/ b) A&K M16A3 metal version also known as M16A4 http://www.hitguns.c...p/ak-m16-a3.htm c) DBOY SPR http://www.evike.com/products/28681/ rumor has it that it is the same as DBOY DMR but with different front end. e) CYMA CM009 http://www.airsoftme...le-cm009a4.aspx Since the only thing I carry on my rifle is POSSIBLY a red dot, I really do not need all those rails. However, I do wanna make sure I get the rifle with THE BEST externals and internals out of these. I can't drop 300 bucks on KWA. I can't drop 250 on G&P, so these are my only choices. Any suggestions?
  4. Hi. Now I am an AK guy, but I decided to get an M16. There are several I am looking at. Considering I am pretty tall guy, I want a full size M16. Here are some I am looking at: a) DBOY DMR. It is full metal, comes with a PEQ box (why would I need one?). Has full rails on the foregrip. Not bad. http://www.evike.com/products/31317/ b) A&K M16A3 metal version also known as M16A4 http://www.hitguns.com/A-K-M16A3-Full-Stock-Airsoft-Electric-Gun-Black-p/ak-m16-a3.htm c) DBOY SPR http://www.evike.com/products/28681/ rumor has it that it is the same as DBOY DMR but with different front end. e) CYMA CM009 http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/11507-cyma-full-metal-m16-a4-ras-airsoft-aeg-rifle-cm009a4.aspx Since the only thing I carry on my rifle is POSSIBLY a red dot, I really do not need all those rails. However, I do wanna make sure I get the rifle with THE BEST externals and internals out of these. I can't drop 300 bucks on KWA. I can't drop 250 on G&P, so these are my only choices. Any suggestions? Thank you
  5. Hey, folks. Got a Lancer Tactical FAL. Would like to upgrade it. Anyone knows FOR SURE which nozzle fits Lancer Tactical/JG/Echo1 FAL? (aka MK58, aka SOF). Nobody seems to have an idea. Evike and airsoftgi techs are NOT responding. D
  6. My ICS L86 started to lock up after 5-6 shots full or semi auto. It has been reshimmed didn't help. It is stock with ICS turbo 3000 motor and using 9.6v batteries. Gears have NO chipped teeth, neither does the piston. Any ideas? D
  7. Hey, got a PT99 CO2 Cybergun. Nicknamed "SURPRISE", as it has full auto capacity. I want to improve it's performance: FPS, Accuracy, etc I found GUARDER 6.02 barrels. Does anyone know will they work with KWC/Cybergun PT99? If so, HOW DO I INSTALL THEM? Also, any way to increase FPS on that thing? Thank you D
  8. As far as MPEG. I have CYMA CM042S. had it for 3 years now. The only problem: the underfolder developed a NASTY wobble up and down, which I fixed. MPEG ARE as good as high end... PROVIDED UP UPGRADE THEM. Here is what is an ABSOLUTELY NESESSARY for you to consider before you purchase CYMA or JG or AGM. 1. STOCK BARREL IS CRAP, good enough to snort coke with, not good enough for anything else. REPLACE IS MANDATORY. My Cyma shot 3 feet left at 30 feet. Replacement barrels: MADBULL, G&G 6.04, and DEEPFIRE. All are about $30. COUNT THAT IN THE PRICE YOU WILL NEED IT. 2. Spring guide. MANY MPEG have plastic non bearing spring guide - REPLACE for metal/bearing guide. Cost about $10 - COUNT THAT IN THE PRICE. Mine was good. 3. PISTON HEAD. Mine was not bad, however, I still upgraded it with G&P. Cost: About $12 - COUNT THAT IN THE PRICE. 4. Bucking. JG buckings are BAD. Cyma are better but NOT by much. Replacement $10. COUNT THAT IN PRICE. I like Guarder, Madbull and MAPLELEAF So, the BASIC upgrade that you will need for your CYMA AK are worth about another $50. If you are buying JG, remember: bushings may be plastic - REPLACE IS MANDATORY - thats extra $10. So, to make an MPEG be able to compete with high end guns you need about $50-$60. At this point your CYMA AK now costs $240. D
  9. Hi. I got my hands on JG AUGA3 for $50. When I got it, I got a surprise: the RIS was PLASTIC covered with metal rails. The GEARBOX was BLACK, with METAL bushings, and the MOTOR was simple unmarked Black motor. Yet, the MOFSET was covered with METAL plate. The body of the AEG had a JG logo. My friend also has a JG AUG A3. His RIS is METAL. The gearbox is also BLACK with metal bushing, the motor is BLACK but the bottom of it is BLUE and it has CHAOLI motor label on it. What is more the MOFSET was covered with PLASTIC plate and the wireing is SUPER THIN, about half as thin as mine. I have also seen online another version of JG AUG A3, this one has SILVER gearbox and a BLUE JG motor. How bad is my version? How much worse is the black jg motor vs Chaoli motor? D
  10. Hi, folks. This mod was done here several years ago, but one thing was NOT discussed: WHAT TO DO WITH AN OUTER BARREL. Classic army G3A4 has a VERY THIN barrel, especially under the handguard. The HK21/HK11 has wide windows in handguard to facilitate a quick barrel change (a-la MG42). I need ENTIRE outer barrel replaced: both UNDER the hand guard and OUTSIDE the handguard. The barrel on HK11 and HK21 is VERY thick and is NOT tapered (like Classic ARMY G3A4 is). Any ideas on how can I: 1. Remove the OUTER barrel from my CA G3? 2. What do I replace it with? Will JG M16 barrel (fairly thick) be a valuable option for installation? It is thicker than my barrel and M16 has same hop up unit and same gearbox as G3. Any other suggestions (and no PVC pipe is NOT an option) Thank you D
  11. Allright, folks. I am looking to purchase a new AKM. I have quite a few to choose from: CYMA CM036, CYMA CM036A (036 with wood), CM042, CM046 and CM048M. My FIRST question is this: which of these has the best (as in most reinforced) gearbox and which has the highest torque motor. My SECOND question is this: which of these has the best (sturdiest, strongest), BODY AND OUTER BARREL. THANK YOU D
  12. Well, my CM042S had officially kicked the bucket. Few days ago I fell on it and bent the receiver, pretty badly. And broke the barrel. So I need a new AK. I am NOT interested in AK74, since there are no metal mags for them. I am only interested in the AK/AKM. There are many AK models by CYMA. CM036, CM046 (blow back), CM042, CM048M and CM050. There is also JG1012. Well, I know that CM048 is VFC clone (which makes it a Pain IN the butt to take apart), other than that, what are the differences INTERNALLY. Yes, I know all have short motor and v3 gearbox. But is motor better in some versions over another? Is hop up unit better in some versions over others? Are gears/spring guide and nozzle are better in some versions over others? Once again, I am interested in the best INTERNALS. D-BOY is NOT in the running because they do NOT have an AKM. The main reason for AK74 is that the flash hider is Pain to take off, and the VFC clones are MUCH harder to take apart, since on TM you take off 4 screws and just slide front part off. Another reason is that AKM has a METAL mag, which is much sturdier, I have broke 4 plastic AK74 mags, all at the same place- front lock up tab. So I prefer metal mags. Okay Thank you
  13. Hey, folks, interested in ICS galil. Sorta like "AK but with style". The problem is that ICS magms are $28/each. I keep hearing on different forums that ICS Galil takes AK74 mags (CYMA, DBOY, etc) with minor modification to the mag to make it lock. I also hear, on the different forums that Galil does NOT take AK mags. So, can you guys tell me which one is it. Does it take them or does it NOT take them? Thank you D
  14. Yes, I know I do not have a tang, lol. I was wondering if taking two metal plates, the same plates with which I will cover the holes in receiver, extend them a bit, so they form the new tangs, except these tangs will be not above and below the stock but on each side. Another alternative is taking a metal plate bend it so it forms tangs, liquid weld it to the rear receiver and install the stock that way. I was wondering if there are EASIER ways to do this
  15. Hi, folks. Got me a CYMA CM042S Underfolder, had it for over 2 years, still has 440fps (OUCH) and fires pretty accurately too. Like it, it is nice and heavy. Problem is stock. The underfolder stock now moves up and down by about 1.5 inch in either direction, has about 3 inches of play total up and down. After talking to EVIKE who told me that EVERY and ALL underfolders either come with this problem or develop it, I now need to convert it from underfolder to either a SIDE folder or a FIXED stock. I know how to take the underfolder off, I know how to cover holes with steel plates:-). However, any idea how can I put a side folder or a fixed stock on this thing? I really hate to throw this AEG away.
  16. 1. I said it is NOT a disease. 2. A while back, pedophilia, along with necrophilia, zoophilia and homosexuality were considered in the same family of sexual aberrations. 3. Read up on the beginning of movement to "protect the pedophilia". 4. As far as "different", cancer cells are also different from normal, lets not treat them, after all, who are we to judge them, they are not bad, they are different. 5. Different is a matter of degrees. Today you protect homos' saying that "they are different, what's wrong with that", the same logic is already beginning to be applied to pedophiles. Aberration is aberration, no matter how you want to sugar coat it. As I said cancer cells are merely "different" from your own cells, so, why don't you open your arms and welcome cancer cells into your body, they are not evil, right? they are merely "different". and what damage can mere 6% of cancer cells do to your body, right? Wrong. 6% of your body turns cancerous - you are DEAD.
  17. Disease is not a correct word for it. Abnormality, aberration is. It is not transmutable, except via teaching that "gay is cool". However, the mechanisms of developing homosexuality are just that. The must be studied and cured. Because it is a slippery slope. Today we tolerate homosexuality, tomorrow we will tolerate pedophilia. And do not tell me "that will never happen". They are already working on "protecting pedophiles against hate speech", also in Canada one senator already said that "Pedophilia is a sexual orientation, just like homosexuality". So all these aberrations must be nipped in the bud. 50 years ago, nobody thought that homosexuality will be recognized as "alternative sexuality". So "never say never". Studies were done that brains of homosexuals vary IN ACTIVITY from brains on straight. Many homosexuals do have hormonal levels different from straight people. look it up
  18. Society already went downhill, partially (only partially) to declassification of homosexuality as disease. Marriage and family is a place to produce and raise children and teach them their proper roles according to their gender is society. Woman can be a doctor or engineer, but she must remain a woman, not a man wannabe in a dress. A man can be a nurse or a cook, but he must remain a man, not a metrosexual something without a gender. Gay marriage is presumption that aberration and disease is equal in value to health.
  19. This is very simple. I understand that AMA, under a political pressure de-classified homosexualism as a disease. However, that is exactly what it is. No, it has no microbes, or viruses. It is MUCH more complex. 1. Our behavior is regulated by hormones. There are dozens of them of various function and potency. A hormonal disbalance can make you hairy or not. Can make you butch or make you a femboy. Of course they also affect our behavior. If someone is attracted to "wrong sex" hormonal disbalance may be the cause. 2. Neurology. Men and women have their brain working differently. They use different parts of the brain more. No surprise that many artists were gay, because their brain has their "feminine" side more developed. 3. Psychiatrical or psychological past: a person with a series of devastating relationships with opposite gender or one who experienced trauma from opposite gender (gang rape, I knew a girl like that), can turn to their on gender for comfort. Other reasons can be simple curiosity or search for variety (but that qualifies as more bisexuality, my former fiancee was bisexual, and while she did enjoy other girls, she did and still does enjoy men, but we are not together no more). It can be sociological (protest, or falling in with the crowd who says "Being gay is cool". Gender confusion. I knew a girl who's grandfather wanted a grandson badly, so he raised her as if she was a boy. For a long time she had some gender confusion issues, she was very much a tomboy, and didn't get along with girls, but at the same time was attracted to boys, many of whom seen her as "one of the guys", fortunately she met a guy who helped her to see herself as a woman. The reality is the REAL homosexuality - when you are NOT aroused by an opposite gender at all is a disease. The mechanisms for it a very complex, usually all 3 of abovementioned mechanisms are involved. Homosexuality IS an aberration. In nature homosexuality does happens among higher mammals. However it happens either as test of domianance (Dominant male wolf would mount less dominant male wolf), or when females are unavailable or all taken by stronger males. Both of those situations happen in jails (Gay for the stay) and CAN NOT be considered real homosexuality. Homosexuality is a disease, disorder and aberration, which has NOTHING to do with religion. Family is a cradle of society, family = ONE MAN+ONE (or more) women and their children and possibly their parents (3 generations), living in one roof, bound by common loyalty and purpose. Without this brick - society fails. Take a look at the society in USA in 1950s: crime, standards of living, juvenile crimes, and current. This is due to the breakdown of FAMILY structure. Same thing happened all over the world. Once traditional (3 generations) family is destroyed - people do NOT learn any loyalty to each other neither do they have an idea how to be attached and bound to anything (if today you have daddy named Mike and tommorow your daddy is named Zach, and 3 days later you have a 2nd mommy). I rest my case
  20. Few common sense suggestions: 1. Make it TRUE to real SKS. No "tacticool" stocks, no pistol grips just imitation wood stock would be great. No flash hider too. That would be FARBy. Real SKS did NOT have Flash hiders. Neither Soviet, nor Chinese, nor Romanian nor German. 2. Make it a CO2. CO2 usually is MUCH more consistent than green gas. 3. Make a mag not detachable, and to load it you need to pull back the bolt and load it with speed loader (stripper clip like), this will be VERY similar to real steel. 4. Make a "yugo kit" which would include a "grenade launcher", appropriate sights and a different bayonet. 5. Scope rail is OPTIONAL. 6. Make it NBB, this way it will be less prone to breakage. 7. Make an "AK MAG" kit for it, so it can take AK mags (for Chinese Army imitation). 8. Give it a tough plastic bayonet, blade style or (if chosen), spike style. 9. MAKE IT SEMI AUTO ONLY. SKS was a semi auto weapon. 10. Offer a real wood style stock upgrade for those who want it.
  21. Dmitry, dude. I do NOT want to modify high cap to be higher cap mid cap. All I want is a 300 round high cap mag. PERIOD. And I need 5 of them because that's what soldiers were issued - 5-7 mags. D
  22. Well, it is not that I need more mags, it is that 50 rounds is NOT enough. I need 5 Hi Cap mags, and wonder is it possible to mod other mags to fit into AGM MP40
  23. Hey, folks, wondering if there is ANY way to fit an MP5 mags or maybe a Thompson mags or maybe GREASE GUN M3 mags into AGM MP40. I have red somewhere that Thompson mags do fit with minimal modification, but can't find where I red it. Anyone has any ideas? D
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