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  1. Man, you run, you can hike, you can lift weights.. But when you get out onto a large woodland field with hills, and you're sprinting around trying to keep your arse from getting toasted, you're going to be out of breath real fast. Congrats on your first game, and welcome to the club!
  2. NGob, you couldn't throw up some links, could you? I found This Bucking, but not so much luck on the Nub. But boy hoody hoy, those rubbers are expensive. Thanks man.
  3. Is the W-Hold TM compatible only? Did some research, and combined with a homemade nub (ink tube, toothpick) looks like that's a good choice. I assume you're referring to This Nub, and This bucking?? (I expect you custom made your flat nub, but if the linked one works, I'd spring for it.) Thanks.
  4. I'm looking for a combination of the two that can give useable range, over 150 feet, but less than an R-Hop could offer. I've heard good things about TM standard buckings, but still not sure what Nub would pair up well. Would just be throwing whatever in two G36s, in an attempt to make them useable. Thanks, peeps.
  5. Okay, the nub is the problem. I believe the hop up arm is being pushed at an angle by the adjustment drum, and therefore causes one end of the nub to press down on the BB more then the other. I have absolutely no idea what a fix for this might be.
  6. Alright, it's a 2011 JG G36E. The hop up chamber is a combination of an M4 hop up and a G36 hop up. I've tried a KWA 2Gx, with an H nub, and with a normal rubber O nub, I've tried Madbull and G&G buckings, with Madbull Sharkbone and Echo1 nubs, but to no success. I've replaced the stock chamber, so there's nothing stock. It doesn't make sense that every single nub and bucking I've tried doesn't work. Here's a picture of the unit.
  7. Well, I still have eternal problems with hop up. I'm confident the unit or nub is mis-aligned, as the BBs are curving drastically, but I have no idea what the best ways to get a hop up unit perfectly set up is. Any tips? The ridge in the bucking is in the trench in the barrel, the restraining clip snaps in perfectly, but it's still obvious that something is wrong.
  8. The amount of closed threads in the General and other sections is pretty depressing. I strongly believe that moderators need to be able to completely remove threads from the website, and the OP needs to be able to delete his own threads. I also think the amount of closed threads- not deleted, closed, may be what is slowing this website down. It probably takes at least a few months for a closed thread to dissappear, and there are ALOT of closed threads that pop up every week. I would really like to be able to delete a question thread after it's answered. Thoughts?
  9. http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/WellFire_F...AEG_p/wf-r4.htm
  10. Ohohoho, this should be fun. I should actually wait for the summer buildoff, cause money is short, so gun building will be slow.
  11. Could you give a price on what everything in the Camera pack would cost new? Thanks.
  12. Doubt it. If you were say, in a trash bag with no air flowing, and say, a ton of C02 was pumped into the bag. You would die. From just a small amount of C02 being inhaled, you may feel a bit light headed, but you're not going to die.
  13. Why not, Ling? Bad experience? >:3
  14. Not bad. some very nice reloads in there. Well, knocking the mag out as was shown in the BF3 video works on a G36. good chance of messing up, but get it right and it's beautiful.
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