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  1. Did you replace the bucking with a "VFC" bucking? All other buckings are much thicker than the VFC. I have tried to get Systema, Guarder and W Hold to fit without success. As you push the barrel into the hopup chamber it pulls the bucking back on the barrel, stretching the opening, and creating a poor seal with the air nozzle. I had to hone out the chamber to get a King Arms bucking to fit.
  2. I have two of the ASGI G4 CM rifles and they both shoot between 400 and 424 on 0.23s. This is close to what my G&G CM with a M120 shoots. I called ASGI and they said they receive the gear boxes straight from G&G and don't open them. Is G&G sending them out with m120s now as their stock setup? This would disqualify me at many fields. Anyone else notice this?
  3. I had the same trouble with my VFC SCAR-H. Multiple BBs feed, many of which go a few feet and then an occasional shot that goes far. I tried various buckings to see if that would help. It did not. Systema, guarder, madbull will not fit as they are thicker than the VFC bucking. . The VFC hop chamber is a smaller diameter so you need to use the stock VFC bucking. The stock bucking is soft and BBs are pushed past with stiffer mag springs. I switched to mid caps and this made a huge difference. I still get bad feeds for the first 10-15 rounds. This has improved as the mags have broken in . I just received a Firefly and W Hold bucking and will try these as well. BTW, what length barrel did you use? My stock barrel is 340 mm and no one makes one in that length.
  4. You can slap on the velcro silencers for game play allowing you to use just the buckle.
  5. It should fit into any M-18 smoke grenade pouch. The M-18 is 5.75 inched long and the Thunder B with the black cylinder shell is about 5.5 inches. I'm planning on using the pouches from Specter Gear.
  6. This is from GB Tech's site. No trades and short rail. This was also posted over at Arnies:
  7. I have only used a full brand new midcap mag. I shot semi with a few weak shots, switched to full auto and it started to shoot long and strong, then switched back to semi and then it shot strong in semi as well. I did this in the same order a few times. I can try a few of the other combos of half-filled mags, shooting full auto first, etc, tonight.
  8. I had the same issue with my scar. Unfortunately, the air nozzle for ,y rifle is proprietary and does not have an o-ring. I wrapped a single layer of Teflon tape around the cylinder head nozzle and then carefully slid the air nozzle back on. The compression was improved but not perfect. There is a mod where you can file down 1 mm or so of the butt of the air nozzle (the width of the o-ring) and glue a tighter fitting o-ring onto the air nozzle (after filing it flat). I haven't committed to trying this yet. Maybe some of the gurus can chime in.
  9. I have had a few issues with my VFC scar that I felt were a combination of low compression, hopup, and/or using a highcap mag. My shots were getting weaker and weaker with a few BBs just rolling out of th barrel. The rifle was stock except for a Guarder steel cylinder head, bearing spring guide, Prometheus gears, and proper shimming and greasing. I took the gearbox apart. Installed a Systema M120 non-linear spring, Guarder polycarb piston, piston head and new cylinder. Replaced the cylinder head pad with a sorbo pad and set the AOE correctly. I teflon-taped the cylinder head and cylinder junction, and also under the air nozzle, and demonstrated good compression. Replaced the VFC bucking and teflon-taped it to the barrel. I replaced the stock motor with an AMP high torque motor. I purchased 3 VFC midcaps and loaded/unloaded them 3 times. When I initially fire the rifle on semi-auto a get shots that curve down after 50-75 foot. Once I set it to auto and fire a few bursts I get a straight rope that is pretty impressive. Now, if I switch back to semi I get single shots that are also powerful and straight. I wouldn't imagine that I am still having compression problems unless it is sporadic at the junction of the bucking and the air nozzle. Is this just the midcaps not being broken in yet? Thanks. p.s. Aligning the selector gear correctly while sliding the gearbox in is a MAJOR pia.
  10. I just put the Systema non-linear M120 in my VFC SCAR. It was slightly longer than the stock spring but went in fine. Hold the screwdriver/springuide assembly with your left hand. Place the base of you right palm and thumb over the cylinder and exposed spring and push with the left hand. Make sure you have the other half of the gearbox ready
  11. They are great slings. I have the 3-point on my real-steel SOCOM 16 and the Viper sling on my SCAR and GR16. I love both of them. The quality is incredible. Call Jeff and tell him what you are attempting. He can swap connectors and make a sling for your needs.
  12. Thanks! Both of you were a big help. Is there any reason I should go with the Guarder poly piston head instead of the VFC aluminum? The guarder is a ball-bearing head and I already have a ball-bearing spring guide.
  13. I'm in the process of upgrading some of the internals in my SCAR and want to set the AOE correctly. I shaved off the 2nd tooth and half of the third. The stock AOE is quite a bit off as you can see in this first picture. Note the black mark on the piston rail: When I slide the piston out to correct the AOE it moves a distance of about 4 mm, or 1/8": Is this typical? Seems like it is quite an adjustment and you can see that the sector gear is not perfectly parallel. If I accomplished this with spacers there would not be much of the piston head sleeve remaining in the piston. Sorbothane would be the alternative but I can't find anyone that sells the nice pre-cut pads. Should I be correcting the full 1/8"? Upgrades include: Systema M120 spring, polycarb piston, prometheus high-speed gears.
  14. I found it. It's Glenn Forster's Warped Paintball Park in Castaic. Looks like they plan to have a field for airsoft as well. Warped
  15. Driving north on the grapevine I saw what looked like a plywood CQB village, and a series of wood cable spools aranged on a hill next to it, just south of Pyramid Lake. Has anyone else noticed this or is it just wishful thinking on my part?
  16. No worries. I wasn't sure I read the meaning correctly anyway
  17. The bushings are metal and so is the spring guide. VFC SCAR-H internals
  18. The VFC, at least my SCAR-H, comes with metal bushings and steel spring guide with bearing. My bevel gear stripped and I wonder if it is because of increased play/movement in the gears when they are under load.
  19. Hey, thanks for all the replies. Yes, I meant an overall smaller OD. From what I have heard, the VFC clear plastic hopup chamber may have a smaller inside diameter. The stock barrel may have a larger OD as some of you have mentioned. I don't have any calipers to check. I will try one-shot's suggestion as I have another systema bucking to try with. If not, I may look into a more precision barrel. I'm not even sure if the bucking was my problem to begin with. I had double feeds (only in semi) and some semi shots going only 15 feet. Gearbox was recently rebuilt and shimmed and has good compression.
  20. I shimmed two of my rifles recently for the first time. I found this tutorial to be very helpful: Shimming Gearbox I also used this one: Shimming
  21. I just installed a Polar concave nub into my VFC Scar. I purchased a Systema bucking but it is way too thick for my hopup chamber. The barrel pushes past the bucking lip before the bucking seats into the end of the chamber. Grease doesn't help. I tried the blue Madbull but this one is too thick as well. What about the green G&G or the Guarder?
  22. I use the Viper sling from Specter Gear and it works great. You can use the Agency clip without taking the stock apart. Specter Gear
  23. WGC carries the pin but they are out of stock. You could email them and see if they have both parts for you. You could also try emailing GB-Tech. I didn't have luck with them answering my email though.
  24. I just finished replacing a damaged bevel gear and took the Scar out for some test shots. On full auto is fires great. On semi, every third shot or so seems to go about 10-15 feet. I put it back on auto and all BB shoot fine. Pull the mag out and about 6 BBs drop out. The hopup bucking is stock and does not appear torn or bunched up. Could it be too flimsy and allowing the mag spring to push 2 BBs through every other shot or so? I was talked into buying the madbull blue hopup bucking when I placed my last order. I may put this in today and see if there is a difference.
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