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  1. We'll definitely welcome all the help we can get if this project lifts off; right now we’re still gathering info if enough people would be interested. We cannot promise anything...but should the indoor facility prove a success we could open an outdoor woodland field, about a mile long, right next door ; )
  2. We'll definitely welcome all the help we can get if this project lifts off; right now we’re still gathering info if enough people would be interested. We cannot promise anything...but should the indoor facility prove a success we could open an outdoor woodland field, about a mile long, right next door ; )
  3. Thanks for your interest! Tacoma Tactical is also another option and it’s within Washington State. Good luck at Port Townsend, do let everyone know if any large skirmishes or operations get successfully scheduled in that area.
  4. Salutations Everyone, A group of airsoft enthusiasts and I have gotten into a position where we could acquire and accommodate an indoor airsoft facility, it is actually the same facility we proposed years ago as a CQB setting. This time we are trying to find out if there is enough interest here in the northwest to start an indoor Airsoft IPSC Shooting Range. For those unfamiliar, International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) was established to promote, maintain, and perpetuate the shooting sports. Extremely prevalent in the United States, IPSC is just as popular, in airsoft form, in Asia, but not vise versa due to legal and cultural factors. Our indoor ISPC Shooting Range would provide a place for airsoft enthusiasts to practice handgun marksmanship with airsoft replicas or just have fun with friends shooting airsoft bbs down range. We would strictly enforce eye protection, fps, and family approved behavior whilst still allowing customers to have a fun time. A competitive admission fee would cover complementary gas refills, range materials such as targets, and even a beverage. Lockers, indoor climate control, and a convenient location are just some of the reasons we believe people might love to enter IPSC for time trials, casual target plinking, or cash-prize tournaments. Please let us know if you would be interested and, based on the quantity of people, we may invest in this facility. Cheers!
  5. This is unfortunate, as I was planning to go there soon, you all present legitimist concerns but do you think perhaps you may be exaggerating their behavior? For instance, Karland, I personally would like no lasers in airsoft, save for the low-powered types that you would use simply for aesthetic appeal; however the issue of enforcing low-powered types only would be difficult so I would just exclude them all, same opinion on training flash bangs due to the high decibel count. Over emphasis on safety I consider a huge plus, but if you guys are claiming that the refs themselves are being arrogant and disrespectful to their customers, then I’m disappointed. Shooting people from the observing balconies?! Are there any other indoor airsoft facilities in Washington State, I would like my first CQB experience to be positively memorable.
  6. A friend of mine may be interested in your JAC MP5, if it is still for sale. If you could answer a few question about it, that would be very helpful. What is the external furniture (hand guard, silencer, & stock) made of, is it ABS? You somewhat mentioned that it functions fine, any problems what so ever? Lastly, what kind of gas and gas presure can it take; could you supply the air rig as well? Regards, PolishLad
  7. Whilst I do not want this thread to become a "tactac hate" one, this feedback is helpful to me. If staff are questionable, I do not want to think about how incoming customers are; I still would like to hear reviews concerning the new tac tac. Thanks all for sharing!
  8. Should I fall behind my responses to this forum, everyone interested may keep up with news at this website: Visit My Website I will try to be prompt nonetheless. Guy_With_A_Gun, now that your facility is larger does that mean your accepting higher fps rates? (I personally hope not)
  9. Considering that Flashpoint caters to real training personnel, I’m not surprised that they're professional. Thanks for sharing your experience at Tactac, that’s exactly what I was looking for; granted I would like to hear from others to make sure the staff there really are questionable to everyone. The only problem I see, going into this summer with Flashpoint, is that their facility seems to be closed according to their web calendar. Are they accepting people by call bases?
  10. That is to say Tactac's staff is questionable, or just the people that go there? I would like visit both Flashpoint and Tactac, but what I dislike are immature airsofters who modify their replicas to shoot 400+fps. That sort of power is not needed, the terminal velocity of airsoft bbs is low; it may exit the replica at 500 feet per second but as soon as it meets air resistance it slows down to the point where it travels barley any farther than a bb that was sent-of at say about 350fps. Longer and tighter bore barrels are the answer to range, not fps tune ups that simply cause injuries to people within 30 feet or less. Anyway, put simply, who should I visit first for some safe airsoft fun?
  11. Flashpoint looks great, how often do they allow the public to play at their indoor setting? I don't like the NO OUTSIDER BBs policy, though I understand the reasoning behind it; I wonder if they would let me use my Tokyo Marui .2s?
  12. Thank you all for the encouraging feed back and interest, your comments helped for sure. There should definetly be an indoor setting within Renton, but unfortunetly it will not be through my group. We have choosen to drop our investment for what would have been a 100 feet squared space, it seemed just too small to appeal to enough enthusiasts. I fell, however, that this thread was not a waste, in that I met many new airsofters and got to know a good number of airsoft sites. My group is now comprised of four people, though it was considerabley bigger prior to college; if anyone would like to meet us at a site (we have plans to visit Tacoma Tactical this summer) and show us around that would be great. Nice to meet you all.
  13. For sure, do you happen to know any places currently that organize annual or weekly events at say military bases or suburban areas? To be honest, I only know of Northwest Tactical in Kent and Spokane Airsoft, who in general hold airsoft facilities.
  14. Large warehouse, food court, mobile walls, thanks! I always found it ironic that California is airsoft central, doesn't the state hold heavy laws against firearms and especially silencers; granted these might not apply to airsoft. Gosh, you had the pinnacle of what I hoped to achieve and yet it still ended up closing? Thank you for the background, I hope your able to re-establish elsewhere. True, though I dislike Seattle weather (rain 24/7) with a passion. Your right though about size and upkeep issues. I only wish airsoft where a respected sport with school districts; I 100% agree, I always dreamed of airsofting at my old schools. That would be Tacoma Tactical right? I've seen their website and I like their rules, I might just go with my group this summer and perhaps meet some of the staff there.
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