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  1. My Echo1 m28 has recently been malfunctioning, the bolt is shooting forward after I have pulled it back, it will lock back at full extension, but when I try to push it forward to finish cycling it, the bolt shoots forwards. I have no idea what is causing this and am really just posting this to see if anyone else has advice they can give me or if they have had this problem before, how they resolved it. Any and all help is appreciated.
  2. recently rewired my m4 in order to put deans ultra plugs on it (because the battery for the stock I bought had deans on it as well), and I also wired the fuse out of the wire that runs to the battery. After I charged the battery and plugged it in the gun would only work with the selector set to auto. This is the first time I've ever done anything with the electrical parts of the gun and I was hoping someone would know how to fix what happened to my gun. Any advice or help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Do I actually need to get shims in order to shim the hop-up arm or can I just use electrical tape in order to shim the hop-up arm?
  4. I have a socom gear meu 1911 and I have two mags for it, one which came with the gun as well as a we 1911 mag I purchased for the gun. Both have problems with them. the WE 1911 mag used to have a leak but after I took off the o-ring on the bottom and soaked it in some silicon oil it stopped leaking, however the mag will only shoot about 12 bb's before it runs out of gas. the magazine that came with the gun was left in the gun when someone in my family left the gun in the car during the summer, I didn't find the gun until a number of days, the ,magazine now gets wedged into the gun and instead of falling out of the gun like it used to, it now has to be pulled or pushed from the top out of the gun. Any knowledge or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Idez, I'd say probably 35 to 45 yards. Verisimilitude, I've taken it apart several times in order to get it to feed reliably. I may have done something to it when I disassembled it but I honestly don't know, also thank you for posting the link it has been very helpful in trying to figure out the problem
  6. I'm using echo1 high polish bbs.
  7. I've cleaned the barrel before. I'm using 6mm .28g bbs. As for barrel support, the gun came with three spacers, should I add more to the barrel to stabilize it further. As for adjusting sights, I couldn't adjust them because it wasn't consistently going to the left or right, it would alternate randomly. as for threads on the m28, so far I haven't been able to find one that deals with the problem I'm trying to fix. I'm not sure how heavy of a bb to use or which brand is good, I've heard that KSC bb's are good quality so I intended to try them out. Any suggestions on what weight bb to use would be appreciated.
  8. Hello, I have an echo1 m28 sniper rifle and I have been having significant inconsistency with where the shots are going. Shots have been going either way off to the left or right and its really making the gun useless as a sniper since I can't produce a consistent shot. does anyone know what is causing this and how it may be resolved. I was also wondering what other brands are compatible with the m28 because I would like to replace the hop-up bucking at the least and if possible the whole assembly to make it function more effectively.
  9. I have been looking for a scope for my echo1 m28 that I received for christmas and have been having trouble. I was hoping for some recommendations in order to help me purchase a scope. any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Yes my mistake I meant to type that it was 150 feet. sorry wrote this on the drive back to virginia from arkansas. Also I opened up the barrel assembly today in order to clean the hop-up assembly and thoroughly clean the barrel and after running the cleaning rod through once the cloth was very dirty, almost black. also in the piston assembly there is a white ring which stabilizes the piston and which if not seated correctly will inhibit the cocking motion. after gluing this piece in and reattaching the assembly I went to shoot to make sure I put everything back right. it would shoot but the hop-up adjustment lever would not move. this was easily remedied by simply removing the barrel assembly and reattaching it to the stock.
  11. Recently received this as a Christmas present. first impression was that it was very heavy and the stock was very solid. after putting it together I went to shoot it and to my surprise it wouldn't fire unless I pushed the magazine up. I then went and took it inside and saw that it was not flush with the stock. I discovered this was because there is supposed to be a forward sling attachment spot as well as one for the bi-pod to attach to and the bi-pod piece screwed into the upper assembly. after tightening all the screws down well enough I have had no problems with mis-feeding. now onto my impressions on the gun. The magazines are most definitely not built to the same quality as the rest of the gun as they require you to push them all the way up and occasionally slide the latch to get it to stay. without cleaning the barrel I was able to hit a four inch plate from around 150 yards away using nothing but the red dot sight off of my p90. for me the bolt pull is very heavy and is difficult to do while lying prone without moving the gun significantly. the trigger pull is light and easy. the compartment in front of the trigger is quite annoying as it will frequently come open if your not paying attention to not jostling the latch at all. overall it is a very good gun I believe that after I clean the barrel and put a magnified scope on it will be a very effective gun. also I am contemplating putting a weaker spring in it because the stock spring is too strong for the fields around me. I plan to find a disassembly guide so I can put a better barrel in it and change the hop-up rubber.
  12. If you check in the painting guide there is a very detailed and well done guide on how to paint multicam by leo5.0 it can be found at the link below http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Multicam...56k-t81733.html
  13. Where would I find a valve key? Because one of my mags won't hold gas at all and the other one will only hold a certain amount.
  14. I'd probably do a woodland theme because most of the outdoors fields around me are very wooded although I'd probably lightly dust it with a tan or khaki color because the past summer was on the drier side so there's more brown than normal.
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