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  1. wow, thanks for the replies. But I need to clarify a few things... by side folding ak you mean ak47s? and with it works with the stock extended? also, I really like those iron face masks. Would those work with flakjak goggles? I use flakjaks.
  2. that sounds good. Could you link me to the iron face? I can't seem to find it on evike...
  3. Hi guys! Most of the time I've spent in airsoft has been using bolt actions, but a new cqb field has arrived in mah hometown. I'm going to be buying an aeg, but the rule they have that might be a problem is mandatory full facemasks. Now, I'd prefer not to use a red dot. Not really my style (non zooming sights.) So, is there any specific aeg that can be used with a full face mask? I'm considering a cm035 and removing the stock... But I might miss the stability. I'm not sure yet. Also, if there are any relatively cheap facemasks ( under 50 bucks) that are easier to look through than other, that information would be appreciated. Thanks guys and females!
  4. /\ Completely agree. But I'd also add a g&p m120 motor. With these I'd imagine you could be shooting past 25 rps.
  5. You know, I think it's kinda funny, it seems that deadlyapollo and namloot are in an epic battle spanning across numerous threads. Clone vs TM. I honestly think it's great for the forum, as the two sides together provide a very accurate representation of the market and the appeal of both sides. But on topic: Most of the time, I like high(er/ish) grade clones. G&G, cyma, etc. But I'd agree with namloot that the thompson is one of tm's best models. I think it could easily be the best. I say this because my local field uses them as loner guns, and they withstand all the abuse of a Newbie airsofting. Some last past 100k rounds. That's not unusual for a tm, but they get put through hell at this field. Most have been dropped. Only one has broken from being dropped. (it was at an odd angle, on a bunch of roots, and the stock broke off.) The cyma is great, but the tm is a lot tougher in my experience. I've shot both replicas, and fielded them as well. The only thing I like better in the cyma is it's brush-cutting ability. By this I only mean they can shoot through light brush, whereas most tm's cant.
  6. I use a cm030 in a normal pistol holder. It's cheap, and great for (as stated by brainplay) spraying a bit to make a quick escape. Besides, it has like 50 feet of accurate range, for a pistol that shoots auto that's not bad. Just a suggestion. EDIT: sorry, just realized you said no aeps.
  7. A bit impatient are we? the mp001 is not a direct clone of the vsr-10. You say it uses an aps2 cylinder system. It might just be me, but I'd get a zero trigger or noobie's m-trig instead of the sears and piston, piston head, etc. Then, you can use an m160 or m170 unless you have an fps limit. you don't need those barrel spacers, you can make your own just as well. I wouldn't suggest anything jbu, but that's your choice.
  8. oh yeah, it's possible with 600 fps. I just mean, under 500 fps, your range is brought down. My l96 is my short(ish) range gun, my tanaka is my longer range gun.
  9. Madbull .36's. I also have the utg upgrade kit, and teflon taped everything I could. with the edgi I'm clocking at around 500 fps with .20's, but that's with tweaking. I don't think you can get 350 feet with the stock hop up, and I'm not sure how to get that kind of range with a spring l96. I'm thinking you might need an up'd tanaka for that kind of distance.
  10. actually, edgi makes one that fits the stock hop up. I use one now. I really don't think the utg hop up is that bad, it's pretty underrated. with that and the upgrade kit it can reach 230 feet chest shots 80% of the time. I'm content with it. To reach max range the pdi would be great, but if you'relike me and won't bbe making that long a shot, why spend the money?
  11. Dude, likin' the RIS on the RIS! haha. If you put on a mock mock mock silencer it'd be absolutely sick.
  12. Oh! That's cool. So if I wanted to do that, all I'd have to do is stop the bolt at the minimum distance, and I'd be good to go? (until I can practise enough to only minimally pulll it back)
  13. Hi guys, I just recently bought a tanaka l96 from my friend. Pretty happy about it. Anyways, I don't know much about the gas sniping world, but I thought it would be cool to shorten the bolt pull on the gun, since it's gas and shouldn't (at least to my knowledge) need to be pulled back completely (like the spring sniper rifles I've owned). So, how is it that I would go about doing this with a tanaka l96? Thanks guys.
  14. Guys, I think it isn't as much about no one being willing to take apart the guns in his area as much as no one being allowed. If that is the case, then if you're truly set on a sniper rifle, then the g&g l96 is probably your best bet with some madbull .36's. But, honestly, if you're willing to consider other alternatives, a kwa m16 (not a sniper rifle, more of a DMR) will be much more effective without taking it apart.
  15. Here's the thing with spring sniper rifles. The two best budget spring sniper rifles are the utg mk96 and the jg bar 10, which you already know. Now there is no significant difference between them, you'll have to upgrade both of them and they will both perform more or less the same with the same amount of money put into them. People have different opinions about the two rifles, but really, they're both very good and will both make a great rifle with time and money. I'd just choose which one feels best to you (if you can fire both of them), and which one you like the look of better. It's really pretty much that simple.
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