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  1. my opinion,olive drab and urban camouflage are the best all around camouflage for general CQB and Woodland fighting but I would change my camouflage to blend into the environment if needed.such as sniping or bushing other players during a certain season or environment.
  2. I have a Cybergun/KJW P226,the trigger spring is now permanently broken,where can I get a replacement?
  3. okay,so ive been looking at two guns the JG G36k (the one with the scope) or the Sig 556,I need a good "All purpose" gun for CQB,Field,Woodland basically anything,and what has more upgrade potential?,thanks for any answers you give
  4. I def wanna see a VSS Vintorez,it is my one of my favorite sniping weapon systems,along side with a DSR-1 (yes I know ARES has one,I don't have $800,a CLONE) or a HK PSG1 AEG,if they build a VSS im so buying it.
  5. and most of umarex's guns suck.so we're screwed if H&K gets their way.
  6. G&G isnt out yet.and JLS is not the best quality.I mean there should be replicas of the F2K,a WE GBB F2K would be nice.
  7. B&T MP9/Steyr TMP- AEG Pancor Jackhammer -NBB UMP9/40/45-GBB H&K G11-AEG H&K SL9SD-AEG FN F2000-AEG AKS-74UB-GBB
  8. m not here to flame,this is an opinion forum,so yes I will keep it civil and based on real facts.
  9. but I half to admit,I must give credit to the M4,in ,it is extremely accurate and also offers better penetration of body armor due to the exceptional speed of the 5.56mm round, I like the AK-47 because its powerful,its reliable and can take a beating.
  10. okay,I got into an argument obout this on funny chat moments,I was requested to take it elsewhere.so I did,I find it insulting how like some have said because its not made in america its a piece of "commie garbage",discuss this evergoing topic here,I vote for the AK-47 because it hits harder,its easy to use and is one of the most reliable firearms on earth.please continue from "funny chat moments" or post your opinions here.
  11. I live around the raleigh area,are there any fields nearby,thanks,oh and please provide a link.
  12. okay,im pretty new to airsoft,and looking for the best gun for CQB airsoft wise,that will last me a long time,comes with a decent/adiquate battery,easy to take care of,can be modified easily and is good for those occasional 100 foot+ shots.and ive gotten some rather rude comments on the AK how its "a terrorist gun" or its "communist garbage",please none of those,I want the best gun based on facts.also if you have any other good CQB suggestions such as the TSD G36c or any other gun like that,please let me know,I need it to be under $230.thank's!
  13. sooo..ECHO1's been cheating us all along?,I had a feeling they were rebrands,they've been lying and ripping us off since day one,.and just think,how else could they be so cheap?,let me see,a TM AK-47 costs $270,abs plastic body,made in japan,top quality.an Echo1 "Red Star" costs $200,full metal blowback,real wood,also extremely good quality.mut be made in the PEOPLE'S REPUBLIEC OF..CHINA,which is the EXACT same thing as the CYMA AK-47 blowback.you my good sir get one (1) cookie.
  14. thanks,but I will not be on very often.
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