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  1. So, I have an ACM m500 shotgun that shoots 5 shots at once, and I've installed some deepfire steel charging handles, so I'm kind of invested in it. The problem is that the field I bought it for now tells me that they are going to chrono it with one pellet instead of 5, increasing the FPS up to about 500, and then I cant use it, so the question is how can I get it to 350 or under on one barrel. I was thinking of filling it with duster gas, but if there is some solution I don't know about that would be nice to know. thanks, MAC
  2. The title pretty much says everything, I want an ACM m500 6mm, pretty much as long as it works I'm interested. thanks, MAC
  3. I know what you mean, I had to file down mine to make it fit into a CA metal body.
  4. I've been running a g&g cm with stock gears for around 50,000 rounds at 30 rps. You must have gotten a lemon or something.
  5. A stock JG's trigger contacts won't hold up to a 14.8 volt 40C lipo for long. Or even a 12 volt NON-lipo. Besides, I could get get my G&G m4 up to 30rps and 500 fps semi-easily. I already have a motor that could withstand the 220% spring with out loosing to much RPS, and I'm already shooting 30 RPS on a 10.8 I think the 14.8 volt lipo would balance out the rate of fire lost from such a high powered spring, maybe even increase it, and really the only things I've done internally is add a mosfet and a motor. I've played with JG m4 s-systems, JG m4 standards, JG g36 K and C, and I believe that G&G is superior to a NEW JG. Maybe not by MUCH internally, but most Taiwanese companys are better about the quality control. And besides, they are almost the same, yet the G&G is slightly cheaper (assuming your getting the non-blowback).
  6. Hey, I have some experience with G&G's m4's, and they are fantastic. I think they would be a better buy over the KWA m4s, which I also have experience with. I wouldn't go with the G4 though, unless you really care about the accessories they come with, say the rail systems and the stock. And you said you didn't like the blowback. I would recommend the CM m4 non BB. Yes, it may be true that the barrel isn't the best, but you could go get yourself a Madbull 6.03 tight-bore for $10 more than the G4-a3, and have much better preformance. and no-matter what gun your getting, a 9.6 volt battery from www.cheapbatterypacks.com is highly recommended. And if you do get a gun with blowback, here is how to disable it:
  7. If you wanted some of kick, you could get the combat machine and a modify tremors kit and still be under budget.
  8. does this mean that AGM will come out with the ppsh-41?
  9. I own a CM non bb m4, so I know the answers to these 1. 363mm 2. 8mm brass 3.CM trades 4.no, it is non-functional 5.yes, it can use standard tokyo marui hop ups. 6. it is the best gun for the money imo.
  10. Tornado grenade is back on the market! Desert eagle is sold!
  11. My shimming is fine, and there isn't any heat, by all appearances it's fine. But enough about my gun, I think alot of people have answerd my original question, if I want to make a topic on my gun, I will.
  12. Nope, I don't think matrix is rebranded JG, and I know the magnum motor isn't. The magnum motor is a clone of systema's magnum.
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