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  1. Starfolder didn't come up in a member search. Ideas?
  2. Recently I had some work on my non-sniper, an upgraded Combat Machine M4. I want to have it worked on again, because after the previous mechanic, I experienced a noticeable drop in rps, and a higher pitch sound of the motor working harder (he put in a CQB spring). Now I am used to working with snipers, and occasionally do AEG hop up work, but don't want to open up a GB. I want to switch back to a higher fps spring (m120 probably), metal bushings, and a metal spring guide. I would provide you with parts. If you have any general questions, ask here. If you're interested in helping, PM me with how much you would want for the work. Thanks!
  3. curiosity sake. I got both mine in in less than two weeks, from slovakia to seattle. I installed mine with my modified 90 degree piston (from 45) and it works beautifully, came with all necessary parts for both mechs. Will probably do a review in the coming weeks. As of now, I am impressed.
  4. can you explain the modification of the trigger system? I bought two.
  5. Its the stock piston. Cheap plastic. People talk about doing it all the time. Can anyone tell me the diameter of the 90 degree part?
  6. stock, and no, but I may have access. Ideally it would be without one.
  7. Title says it all. I'm going to be buying a custom trigger set (s trigger) and need to convert my 45 degree to a 90. I am sure I have the tools, I just don't know what to do.
  8. Looking for the MAG equivalent of a laylax m150... is it the MA150? Are MAG springs good?
  9. interested, but "content unavailable on link"
  10. scs nub, and if you have the money, switch the barrel for another. Make it pdi raven, pdi, edgi, dcb, or prommy, depending on budget. EDIT: barrels should be AEG though... I believe.
  11. I currently have a bar 10 with a whole bunch of custom DIY mods in it, as well as a PDI raven barrel and nineball bucking. Im now slamfiring, So I plan on replacing my sears with 45 degree ones. I also want to upgrade my spring, but not by too much, probably the equivalent of an laylax 140... So what spring and sear set would you recommend? As of now, the best idea I have is an sp 150 with p* sear set. I want something a little slower than the sp150 however.
  12. Free bump for a good cause. Thank god my friends are all in Kobe.
  13. I may take you up on that in a few days. The polar star sear set does not come with a spring guide stopper. Does that really matter?
  14. I have done a ton of custom stuff to my bar 10, as well as accuracy related upgrades. A few days ago I glued some sorbothane pads that I cut onto my piston and cylinder head. Yesterday I went out to play, and within 50 shots, the trigger mech broke. I have put a lot of rounds through it, however. I then took my friends treigger mech from his bar 10, and it lasted the weekend, breaking in our last game. Once again, this is with a stock spring, with no spring spacers. I have slightly extended by cylinders hole so the piston could accelerate more, but other than that, I have done nothing to increase power. I plan on taking pics of both trigger mechs so you guys can tell me if the trigger mechs are actually worn down or if its something else. Any ideas of what I should do to make this not kill so many mech? I will be buying an upgraded mech if I need to, not sure which though.
  15. 90 vs 45 is how the piston reacts with the sears. either you piston and sears are 45 degrees (and therefore cause some problems) or 90 degrees (ideal).
  16. Gunshot

    ABB Rings

    sweet, I shoudl have them done by tues night. first round wont be as pretty, but wtvr.
  17. My bolt keeps jamming when I first lift it up. I trying adjusting the screw that applies the pressure to the piece behind it... but it didn't work.
  18. Gunshot

    ABB Rings

    can anyoen take a photo of their ABB rings on their bucking? I just want to compare how it looks.
  19. Ika zuchi ftw! Ive played with two guys who have had the jg alien gun. One was stock, and not too bad. The other was completely customized, and was firing something upwards of 25 rps.
  20. probably. your bbs arent properly feeding, but when they fall into the chamber, they work. My guess would be your magazine spring is wonky.
  21. and I literally just bought a PDI raven.
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