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  1. Meh. I didn't find it even worth thinking about smiling. Of course, I'm in a bad mood. None the less, it's not terribly funny at that.
  2. That size area is far too small, you will need at least a 250ft. square and even then that is really small. With the size area you listed, a stock sniper rifle can shoot across the long end and still hit what you're aiming at. I'd go so far to say that you can't have anything over 325fps if you're going to play in a area that small.
  3. It's a fine gun, I would much sooner get a KWA, in fact do everything you can to persuade him to get the KWA. Don't get me wrong, it is in fact fine, but the KWA one ups in in every way.
  4. Definatly go for the TM, the extra cash will save you from losing what you spent to a crappy KS or E1 P90, which both suck. If you can't get the TM get a CA proline do not, I repeat do not! Get the CA sportline, I've found it to be worse than the KS which is saying somthing.
  5. Mr.z@p

    Airsoft ammo

    It doesn't even matter, your gonna need somthing better than crossman crap, take a look at the airsoft GI newbie section.
  6. I bought my arena flack-jacks off ebay and the arived new, not like new, new, with the packaging and all for less than half the price.
  7. Yup, I love how the gun looks to be in a dark studio whereas the man looks to be outside or in a well lit area.
  8. I think Olga would be best.
  9. To the first part, VFC. To the second part see: E1 & VFC relation.
  10. Sorry, I Haven't been on in a while I'll do my best to get mine in by the end of today or sometime tomorrow.
  11. Since your new to the sport it would be a better idea to get someone else to do it. Diving right into the gearbox with no prior knowledge of an airsoft gun's workings is a bad idea and typically ends up with a pile of parts with some missing or broken.
  12. I'd go $150 but not a dime over $175.
  13. So what I gathered from this thread, the M4 is a great platform but is overused. Guess what, I could have told you that!
  14. The KP9, I own the mac11, which is funtionaly very similar and must say thet the extra rounds down range are much more benificial than staying hidden.
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