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    ASF's #1 door kicker & plastic wall generator
  • Birthday 06/16/1997

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    Athens, GA

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    UTG L96, G&G full metal M16a3, KWA mac11, WE hi-capa 7.0 dragon, JG G36c.

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hey my real names Josh, I've been airsofting for 5 years I currently own a UTG L96 my other two broke and I should the G&G M16a3 pro-line and a KWA mac11, my WE hi-capa dragon 7.0 is off to be fixed. I usualy play localy at GA airsoft since I live 20 minutes from it, alot of times I play with my friends on privite property, I lead my friends from crossman to jing-gong and they realize what they've been missing. if you have a which gun question, shoot me a PM or if you see me in chat feel free to say "hi".

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