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  1. I'm gettin grid of all my stuff. 4 mp5's all ICS all different configurations. 2 M4 ICS 1 classic arm M4 pm me and I will give you contact info. I have a ton of accessories as well as pistols and a PSG and M700 tanaka preban
  2. I have one in excellent shape. $100 I'll pay shipping
  3. I'm glad to see the Best gun hop up is availiable in USA. I found it in a trip to Taiwan in 04. It was the single most important mod I made. This is the beginning of an article {see Below} I wrote up on the G&G mag upgrades, it descibes my search for an accurate 'effective sniper platform' I haven't played in 6 years, on that note of interest all 4 of my magazines work fine and the gun still reaches past 100 Yards but most of all it shoots straight. I'm sorry, but not surprised in our pathetic little sue happy world to see they banned/mod this gun. On a different note in 04 I also brought back Li-Po batteries. It sucks that my little collection of spec ops only cool stuff is now main stream. I made a modified crane style stock with 2 2100mah batteries in series. The last game I played was a weekend long battle. I shot 1000's of rounds through it, never charged it all weekend. I pulled it out yesterday, I almost fell over I pulled the trigger and it fired. Its fire rate with an 140 spring was a little more like stock but were talking like 6 years. Thats crazy. But enough rantings from a washed up old warrior who's battle stories are little rusty. I need to sell the guns before the Feds come and take them away! LOL! So, I came on here to see what my M700, is worth. I easily put $1100.00 in it, but that was before it was banned. My rifle is well known in South Florida. I had kills over 100 kills, it would go 620 FPS with .29 but I found that somewhere in the around 550-570 fps was ideal. That was the beauty of the PCS bolt. I played in FL. and if it got real hot the velocity would creep up. Once it got to high the hop up got inconsistent. It could have went to heavier BB but none of them were as accurate as the .29 Super Match Maz. I had more than my share of +250 kills, but even more important is accuracy at that range and thats what the .29 and the PCS bolt provided. The link is to an article I wrote up in 2004? Its worth reading if you can still by those mag updates. http://forum.mnairsoft.org/viewtopic.php?f=59&t=10628 This photo shows the longer nozzle and a modified mag. This article owes its origin to the lack of Tanaka M700 information out there and my quest for an accurate sniper rifle with a minimum effect range of 200 feet. I purchased a M700 Police back in January from friend Chris at Olympus Airsoft. I also purchased about 5 different weight BB?s from various manufactures. The gun was accurate to about 50 feet then I was getting inconsistent results. It had a left curve similar to a golf hook. It also was inconsistent in the hop up setting. The first thing I bought was a KM 6.04 tightbore barrel. I didn?t seem to make much difference. I also notice that when I took it apart that the forward barrel to receiver mount (part 91) was cracked. I had read of other incidents of that happening. I then called around in search of a metal hop up (really part 91 the forward mount, as the hop up is already metal. I found out the one on the M24 is metal! How frustrating that was, I emailed G&G to see if one was available. Yes, I got the auto reply assuring me of an answer in 24 to 48 hours. HaHa no such answer not even with follow up email. I was also in contact with Shawn at Airsoft Extreme. He is one of the few I have found in the USA with M700 experience. I was surprise to find he had a G&G Power Bolt in stock. Well, I ordered it. Who cares if it doesn?t shoot straight it least it will shoot harder LOL. I will write how to install the upgrade in a later review. So I find myself overseas and I am able to nose around in all these stores. I find a small company in Taiwan that makes a metal part 91. WOW have I struck it rich. I also find that this company makes a redesigned hop up assembly. This redesigned assemble has you cut a oval (they include a jig) in you barrel and give you a new bucking and a longer nozzle. I will review and give out the details in my next article. The longer nozzle is the key as it pushes the BB right up to the bucking. I couldn?t be happy about the results. The gun is very consistent and I have kills at 300 feet. The other parts I brought back are the G&G Power Pack, Knock Arm & Plunger Set, Gas Route Connecter Spring all for Tanaka M700 / M24. I wouldn?t have needed the Power Pack except for the Power Bolt nozzle is machined and not removable, so I purchase another stock PCS bolt and put the G&G steel cocking piece and striker spring in it. The funny part is the G&G store owner told me the Knock Arm and Plunger are just for durability. I asked him because you can never find information on what the different modification parts are for. Well as you can see it adds about 50 FPS. OPPS disregard this photo it's shoots the other stuff at 2950 FPS 168gr BTHP anyone thats interested drop me a line, if you just want ask a question or 2 that fine too. I still have the original owners manual, 4 mags, extra hop up parts, a fixed hop barrel (didn't work, I was thinking of real heavy BB and just letting the bb drop), probably a bunch of other snipe junk like .29 SM BB, loader ect.
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