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  1. Looking to fund some other projects so these are up for sale. Might add more stuff eventually, but I have pics for these right now. Shipping not included unless we work something out. $415 - KWA MP9 in black with four long mags and three short mags. Also has a 14mm threaded barrel from dangerwerx? I think. Original is included as well. Also has the CQB bolt and the broken original one if you care to fix it. Will part mags for the right price, but I would prefer to sell 3-4 mags at a time. Bushnell red dot not included. Side rail will be included, I have it somewhere. $420 - WE G36c comes with 7 mags that are not leaky. Gun has been lightly used and has a 999k body, although it is a g36c set up. Only real upgrade is the IDZ top rail and the enhanced bolt release, everything else is stock. Only issue is the trigger guard near the mag catch was sanded or dremeled for something. Doesn't affect function, but it's the only big imperfection. Green sling adapter not included. $110 - KJW M700, shoots weak. Not sure why, I tried messing with the gas adjustment in the bolt to no avail. Includes some replacement knocker/mag parts I bought to fix the gun up with, but at this point I don't have the time. 2 magazines, one is non leaky, the other needs some work if I remember correctly. $190 - SRC G36c, should have a decent neo-motor and I think AOE is corrected. In good shape overall and has a metal hop up unit. Otherwise this gun should be stock, but it does work well. Comes with 4 MAG? Midcaps, 1 CA midcap, 1 CA hicap, and 1 TM hicap. Also will throw in my beat up battleaxe magwell conversion. Original handguard rails are included. $180 - ICS Sig 552, comes with 4 hicap mags that work fine. Gun is in good shape and works fine. Nothing real special about this one except that someone tried to enlarge the handguard holes to stick the battery connector through. They probably didn't know you could just do this. Original handguard rails are included. $260 - GHK G5 w/ Aluminum charging handle, three tan G5 mags, M4 stock adapter & original stock. Side rails were removed, but are included. Only problem with the gun is the mag catch is finicky and doesn't always want to work. Otherwise a great gun I just never get to use. If interested I also have some more GHK stanang style mags that work well in the gun. $90 - WE M9 Sword Cutlass. Nothing special, I just never use it. I can take more pics if needed, but this was just a quick one. PM me offers, but I'm more willing to deal if you buy more. Will part mags. Will take some trades, offer up gas guns or revolvers, TM 1911 related stuff, nice gear, optics/lights, M-lok accessories, etc. No AEGs besides a Sten please. Thanks
  2. Looking to offload some old stuff. Please PM me for more info or better pics. 1st lot: WOC parts. I have enough parts for two working guns and have them more or less assembled right now. Anything painted was done with rustoleum camo paint. Something I've noticed with WOCs is they're not very uniform, so when I mention that one lower pairs well with an upper, that means they have the least slack when mated. Otherwise there's alot of play in the lower and upper. Anyways. Photobucket being dumb so no numbers.. 1 - Complete WOC upper minus bcg/charging handle. Not sure if I want to keep the kmr rail or sell it so I don't know about the price. It's a skullfrog upper, 10.5 aluminum outer barrel with a low profile gas block/tube and a birdcage. Pairs nicely with #14. 2 - $50 WOC formerly FDE upper that pairs with #4. Painted it black and it is missing the forward assist. Comes with dust cover. 3 - $50 WOC SR-15 upper, painted green. Like #3, no forward assist, but the dust cover is there. Pairs with #13. 4 - $50 Mostly stripped Magpul FDE lower. Has only the rear body pin which has some surface rust on its face. 5 - $20 14.5 govt profile aluminum barrel 6 - $30 14.5 govt profile steel barrel with funny reverse thread birdcage. 7 - $20 Big latch charging handle. 8 - $50 WOC BCG 9 - $10 alum. buffer 10 - $5 RS buffer spring cut down for gbbr 11 - $10 14.5 barrel cut off to like 9". 12 - $30 300mm? Barrel & Hop up 13 - $120 WOCx lower w/ WOCx internals. mostly stock minus the PTS BAD lever and the Phase 5 pistol buffer tube. But I might keep that tube so yeah. Only thing you should need is a screw for the pistol grip and a new buffer lock. All else works. Hammer/sear etc more worn than #14 14 - $160 WOC lower KAC w/ WOCx internals. Ambi safety and cut up A2 pistol grip. The bolt catch has a problem where it can fall out because it's cheap pot metal, but it hasn't given me trouble cycling. Very lnib FCG, this thing didn't see much use. 15 - Green LE stock. Free with anything. 16 - $20 Rock River comfy Houge grip for AR15s. Works with the WOCs just fine. Too lazy to number these next few, but it should be more obvious than the WOC stuff. $25 fake FDE Vltor clubfoot Stock. Definitely fake. $10 tiny HFC mock silencer, the little one. $20 CQB Master mock silencer, the big one. $50 Yankee Hill Machine Diamond rail. It's 10" I think. RS, but works with TM standard AEG uppers. $30 Larue free float. Beat up 9" rail, but it should serve you fine. Missing the left side QD mount. $5 LE stock $20 PWS Diablo flash hider thing. The big one. $40 G&P Tank stock, BNIB never fielded. Hardware included. $50 Smith Ent. Repro silencer for vortex flash hiders. $5 KAC stubby vfg repro. $70 Stock TM V2 w/ small type. All that TM magic. $30 JG?? V2 with small type, long wires. $40 G&P Skull frog mostly stripper lower w/ selector, front pin & trigger guard. $30 CYMA Ultimak railed gas tube for AK & Plastic railed lower w/ergo grip $5 Glock outer barrel, should be TM spec?? $5ea CYMA & WE AKS74UN Lower handguards $10 side rail for AKs free - dboys horrible stripped out ak flash hider free - G36k handguard that was dremeled out to slide over a KWA Vector as a cheap RIS. $80 - G&P XM177 upper w/ apple airsoft XM comp. $100 - E1 plastic upper w/ VTAC rail, a 14.5 barrel that is fluted, a 1pc hop up unit and stock inner barrel. Irons not included. Plastic birdcage. $40 - Old style multi piece barrel M16 front end. Probably JG or other clone. Will slap right onto most TM style AEG uppers. Comes with crappy vfg and 2x Classic Army rail covers.
  3. Looking to offload some extra parts I know I wont use. If I list something as free, it means you buy something else from me and pay the shipping, and then that item is free. But be reasonable. $10 - HFC suppressor, this is the small one ccw $15 - CQB Master suppressor, the big one ccw $30 - "Walther" weapon light w/pressure tape, it works fine $20 - "Larue" 9" free float rail, very beat up and missing the QD thing on the left side, see pic $50 - Yankee Hill Machine Diamond rail, RS rail very sturdy $30 - "Vltor" clubfoot stock w/ rubber butt pad, fake but decent fake. Can hold batteries Free - LE stock Free - Dust cover M4 * $50 - G&p Smith Ent. Clone suppressor, for vortex flash hiders $3 - AK 545 style midcap missing base plate $30 - Mallninja combo: Ultimak + Ak rail lower handguard + ergo grip $5 - CYMA Ak74UN lower handguard $5 - WE Ak74UN lower handguard * $20 - G&P or CA? full stock works fine Free - TM beat up lower $5 - JG good condition lower $20 - Houge Rock river arms pistol grip (RS) for your GBBR useage Free - G36 handguard that was dremeled out for use on a KWA vector * $50 - M16 all-clone front end, multi piece barrel, comes as pictured with rail covers and KAC style grip. $150 - Vtac rail, E1 plastic upper and random plastic lower, and random untested V2. Has old style 2pc hop up and G&G's fancy bronze iron sights. 14.5" barrel, plastic FH, etc. Forward assist is cut off in the pic, but its there. Dust cover and charging handle work. * M14 Junk: $20 - E1 receiver, never used I have a literal bag of this junk. I long ago sold my last M14. If you buy it all I'll cut you a deal. I even have a full stock and upper handguard/heat sheild in atacs-ish. I don't want this stuff, offer up. * Offer - Ratech OGA RAS adapter for vector * Unwilling to part out, except on the Vtac rail boneyard because it's already in pieces anyways. Offer up, the more you buy the more willing I am to take some $ off the top. Will take trades, I like block 1.5 and 2 things. Maybe a bakelite Ak pistol grip and wood upper handguard.
  4. Looking for a B30 lower handguard for my ak. Zenimei, asura or whatever, as long as the rail hasnt been dremeled down or cut up extensively. Might like a B33 too, but I mainly want the lower handguard.
  5. 5-7 Sold Leftover G&P M4 now comes with standard stock, as I'm keeping the crane stock, and the VFG has been replaced with a TM rail cover. New Guns: TM/G&P M16a4 - So I'm still thinking up a price on this one, but it's a stock TM M16a1 inside a G&P M16a1 lower with a regular flat top G&P upper and mixed furniture. Outside it's the quintessential M16. Inside it's all stock TM w/ a eg700, but the hop up unit got messed up and might need replacement down the road. Still works, but I'll provide pics if necessary. Front end is some kind of clone I think. I could be a really old Marui, but I bet it's JG or E1. Rough shape, but it works and looks the part even if it's not the proper style. Barrel is that multi piece older variety. Stock and motor grip along with the rest of the externals are nice quality G&P stuff. R/G dot ACOG also for sale, and I'll likely include it with the gun plus a decent metal carry handle and the vfg which is a Marui to fulfill all your M16a4 needs. Price coming soon maybe. $105 DBOYS RK-12 - BNIB Dboys RK-12 Aks74u. It's supposed to be a SLR106UR clone, but the flash hider is a standard one. Other than that, it's all stock and never used. A few tool marks from disassembly and folding the stock etc, but it's pretty much new inside and out. Comes with stock waffle hicap. VFC Style with good rivets. Two issues: One is that the upper handguard/front sight is loose. Won't fall out on you, but it's something to note. Second is that the selector is funny and won't go from semi to auto and physically will not fully shift into safe or into semi. Basically you can go from safe to auto to semi, but not safe to semi to auto. It's a problem with tolerances or my assembly, but it's not a huge problem as safe semi and auto are functional on the gun. As for the safe/semi shifting, the selector is stiff and won't move all the way up or down. If you take a look at the pictures you'll see what I mean. Same deal with shifting to semi, it won't move all the way so visually it looks funny. Doesn't affect function of semi/auto/safe. I have a number of mags for sale along with this gun. All steel, 7.62 style with metal lips. 3-ish? hicaps and 2 mids of the clone variety I believe. I can't differentiate between the brands. PM me for more pics. I also have two leaky WE M4 open bolt mags if interested. $30 for the two, one in tan one black.
  6. Using it for a project that calls for CYMA as most other brands wont work without modifications. Plus I'm not trying to go broke, I can settle for something cheap haha.
  7. Looking particularly for a bulgy style 4 piece flash hider with ccw threads. Would rather not spend $25 on evike. Also would enjoy picking up a CYMA CM040D Ak 105 with the synthetic stock. I may have founds a guy with one, but I figure I'd post it while I'm here anyways. I'd be buying for the stock/trunnion/externals so the gun can be gutted and mag-less, but must be a CYMA in the vfc style.
  8. Harris bipod sold. EBR price reduced accordingly. $385 - WE EBR
  9. Looking to see if I can still offload a few more guns. Trades at the bottom. Paypal only. Shipping from VA, if from the west coast expect anything that doesn't fit in a flat rate to be anywhere from $25-45 to ship. $265 G&G L85A2 - Got this locally not that long ago. I do like the gun a lot, but I just don’t use it. The gun is stock if I am remembering correctly and everything checks out except the gun’s semi is kinda off sometimes. Will do auto sometimes while in semi, but it’s not a huge problem and doesn't happen alot. I'll be testing this again soon. Ebb disabled. Comes with a STAR Susat 4x and a custom large type battery for the gun. Comes in original box. In very good shape, never fielded. $160 Left over parts M4 - I am willing to part the externals as a lot, not individually, or if you want me to actually give the gun a good once over for a little more on top I can do that too. A M4 I recently created out of spare parts from my bins. Externally it's got a G&P MBK, G&P cw barrel/delta ring/front sight/charging handle/mag catch, a TM KAC style RIS, random rail covers, random carry handle, old TM bolt catch, G&G painted motor grip, plastic flash hider, steel rear sling plate, CYMA buffer, G&G? crane stock, and the vfg is a TM. Internally it's mostly JG? with a CA Spur, E1 motor, and a brass ported cylinder. Hop up unit is a G&G and the barrel is 300mm G&P with a random bucking I had. Has what seemed to be 7mm bearings? a plastic bearing spring guide, and a cut spring. Rear wired small type. Unsure of FPS atm, but it might need some compression work or maybe silicone sealant in places like the cylinder head and a better nozzle with an o-ring for sure because I really just threw this one together. I was just tired of looking at these parts. It shoots fine, but it does have some problems: -The first is the RIS is just a tad too big inside the delta ring so if you push forward on the VFG and then downward the RIS lower pops off, thus the rubber band pictured. If you pull backwards and down it doesn't happen and it stays in place. If you were to slightly dremel the delta or RIS it'd solve the problem. I'm lazy. I also wish I had a dremel, but I might attempt to fix this myself. -Next is the fact that there is no spring or plastic piece for the charging handle. This means you can't pull the mock bolt backwards to adjust hop, but since the upper slides off quite easily with G&P's design this isn't too bad. That or you remove the mock bolt all together. Although you can just push the mock bold with your fingers. -Next is the mag catch held the mags too low because it's a tad thin and I had to push it up by putting some electrical tape under it. Just something to be aware of. This was necessary for MAG midcaps, haven't tested other mags. -Next is that the upper receiver was damaged. The little nub/hole the front body pin goes into snapped off. I have since gorilla glued it and it has held up to use at a small game. May need some pinning/screwing and epoxy down the road for a better and more permanent hold but it's fine as is and I'm lazy. -Lastly is that the delta ring will not come off the upper. I tried and that is how that little piece snapped off the upper. Don't know why since the day I put it on I didn't torque it hard or use any adhesive. It's just stuck. If you want to put a free float on here best of luck. If not, it'll be fine. $400 WE M14 EBR - Got this in a trade, but it is just not my style (heavy). Will come with the rest of the rails which I removed to save weight and appropriate hardware to remount. Also will come with a spare bolt pictured, a CYMA optic mount unpictured, two leak free mags, one of which is missing the bolt lock piece, harris bipod and a G&P Smith trademarked QD suppressor for the vortex flash hider. It is stock and the trigger box is in good shape from what it looks. If from the west coast, expect shipping to cost upwards of $40+ because that's how much it cost to get this over here to me. If you don't want the smith can I can take the price down a touch, but that's the only accessory I'd want to keep for myself. I don't have any other M14s, so yeah. $175 TM Five Seven - TM 5-7 with three mags and a Blackhawk serpa without the paddle. Also will come with a Guarder body kit pictured. Gun is mostly stock except a steel MAG outer barrel and some reinforcement work on the barrel/assembly itself to help it stay in place which I have pictured. The gun has two problems: First is that the mag catch is worn down as pictured, if you can see it, and as such will allow the mags to sit too low at times leading to short improper cycles at low power. Second is the two cracks pictured, near the ejection port and a hairline near the rear of the gun. These aren't tough to fix, but I'm just not really trying to do it myself because I'm lazy. I was even thinking of putting a creation metal inner slide in, but I ended up here putting this up for sale mainly because it just doesn't fit in well with my gear. It was cool to play with, but I'm good now. $80 Madbull Daniel Defense FSP 12" Omega RIS - Used lightly, but now I just don't need it. Has all hardware. $50 Yankee Hill Machine 10" Diamond Series RIS - Painted and used. Comes as pictured. Will work fine on standard uppers, wont thread onto unmodified G&Ps. I also have lots of parts. Sold my last M14, but I still have lots of M14 stuff left: An atacs-ish stock, with matching heat shield but the folding shoulder/stock plate broke off. ($15) A number of mixed brand mid and hicaps 5x total I also have other externals: A spare E1 M14 receiver ($20) A lot of mostly small stuff triggers, bolts, the selector piece in a bag etc. Also have one extra plastic mag along with the parts. Would like to sell it all as a lot since I don't have an M14 anymore so offer up. $10ea - Along with the M14 stuff are two plastic M14 RISs. These are both off of a cheap clone springer, but are almost perfect for AEGs. They’re light and will hold accessories just fine. As pictures I had one method of attaching it to my past M14s, and one that was a spare in case I destroyed the other. With some modification they make a great light and cheap rail system for your front heavy M14. I'll take trades. What I'd really trade for are guns like the BELL M10 please, WG Nagant, or WG Webly revolvers, a TM 870, WE Mak, KJW M700, CA B&T MP5A3 or TM MP5A5 (No J-type or full stocks), AGM Sten, M79 or Madbull AGX, and unique/nice pistols, especially if it has a nice aftermarket slide. I also will accept most any working, or non-working TM 1911s, 4.3 Desert/Foliage etc. Warriors, Strike Warrior / Detonics, etc. and quality associated upgrade parts, MBKs, etc No WE/KJW/angelcustom/matrix/cqbchina-whatever or hicapas unless it's that long slide kjw xcelerator hicapa which I do certainly want. I also will take quality NIB steel G&P WOC M4 related parts and uppers. Will maybe take a G&P lower that has good trademarks, ie no skullfrog etc, but more realistic "M16a1/Govt" etc trademarks and a decent lightweight aluminum 10" barrel. Open to most offers. Also accepting leak free WE open bolt V2 M4 mags. Lastly I want a Holosun circle dot or maybe a primary arms aimpoint clone with a 1/3 cowitness mount.
  10. Looking to pick up a knocker lock for TM style Glocks. Instead of buying a steel Guarder I'd rather have a plain stock one since this will be going into an old unupgraded gun. Thanks This thing here http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/guarder-steel-knocker-lock-for-marui-kj-g23-g26-g17-g18c-gbb.html#.VxUtl6QrLcs
  11. TTT Few changes to the SCAR, TBB is back in etc. P226 sold
  12. Got a working 1911 and no longer need a main spring housing. Still looking for a MBK, hammer strut, and the 4.3 slide in particular.
  13. Sorry man those sold. Mostly trying to get rid of my M14 and Ak mags.
  14. So I haven't been on here in a long while, but I've still accumulated a bunch of guns I don't use at all and I just need to slim down my collection, especially long arms. Oh and if I shouldn't be posting just delete this. I don't really get the AS/AS-Free stuff anymore or what rules supersede what right now, seeing as how others are just posting away. Anyways here's a family pic of most of what I'm selling. I was too lazy to fish out a few things, but well I can take specific pics for you with a time stamp if you so prefer, plus I've hit the image limit so some are missing. I do take trades. What I'd really trade for are guns like the WG/GH Nagant or the Webly revolver. Maybe a TM breacher, KWA Mak/TT33, KJW Mk1 or a USPc/Hk45. I also will accept most any working/non-working guns or parts for TM 1911s, Desert/Foliage etc. Warriors, Detonics, etc and or one complete Bell 1911. I also will take quality NIB steel G&P WA M4 related parts and uppers. Open to most offers. $145 SRC G36C - Used, but not abused SRC G36c. Type 2 cylinder, Piston AOE Fixed by adding a spacer and removing the second tooth on the piston, deans. Will also come with the three handguard rails pictured and a damaged but working battleaxe magwell conversion for M4 mags. This will come with a random M4 mag I pick out. $220 GWS XM8 - GWS grey body kit, DBOYS V3 shell, metal bushings, o-ring air nozzle, TM Tappet plate, TM Piston, CA bucking, TM Eg750, low res wires. Have to recheck the inner barrel too, should be a stock brass one. Was once upon a time a CA G36c. A pretty rare gun before TSD stepped in, but this one has HK trades and a better retractable stock than TSD’s. Has a barrel extension because stock barrel is from a C variant, ccw . Will now come with all mags pictured. 5x MAG midcaps, 1x TM hicap, & 1x CA hicap. Will part mags. $210 CA G3SD - 100% stock TM internals, TM MC51 retractable stock w/ CA stock base, CA MP5 SD Front end w/G3 cocking lever. Comes with small metal claw mount. Front wired & SAR M41 trades. Comes with 1 CA hicap mag. Great gun for CQB, even on an 8.4v battery. If I have any parts left I’ll throw them in too, but I’m pretty sure everything went with a previous deal. $265 G&G L85A2 - Got this locally not too long ago. I almost forgot about it. I do like the gun a lot, but I just don’t use it. The gun is stock if I am remembering correctly and everything checks out except the gun’s semi is kinda off sometimes. Will do auto sometimes while in semi, but it’s not a huge problem. Comes with a STAR Susat 4x and a custom large type battery for the gun. Comes in original box. $275 WE SCAR L - Has a Ra-Tech 6.01 TBB w/barrel extension, currently uninstalled, but I'm debating putting it back in, and aluminum nozzle w/ NPAS as its primary upgrades. The gun is in a little rough shape on the outside and is missing the correct front screw in the bottom rail. Functions fine as is though, the screw secures the barrel down just fine. Side rails are removed, but included and can be easily reattached. Doesn’t affect anything. Original barrel is installed with some aftermarket bucking atm, but can easily be swapped out with the Ratech tbb and the original bucking is there too. Also pictured is the repaired stock folding button, which was gorilla glued and is now secure again, but I'm not going to try and break it to test it out. Gun will come with two standard mags. One is working fine, the other is leaky but I’m working on it. Will come with standard birdcage flash hider and the ACOG is not included but is for sale if you’re interested. $225 WE G36k - It has an IDZ stock and the body says G39c but the barrel and handguard are the K length. Iron sights are gone so just the rail is there with chunks missing, but you could put some back in there. Might have a set I could part with. Comes with the optic, a NcStar MK III, a pretty affordable illuminated RS variable scope. Probably the best thing is it won’t lose zero like crappy airsoft optics on a GBBR. Average eye relief. Will come with one kinda beat up magazine that'd need a replacement shell to be 100% again, and two other mags in good shape. All work fine, but the beat up one doesn’t always lock the bolt back. Will do just the gun and the cracked mag for $160. $300 TM SPAS 12 - Got a TM Spas here, cut down barrel and mag tube, but it works great. Has a KTW stock on it, more for looks and maybe worth more than the gun, that mostly functions properly. Unfortunately the little button that keeps the stock extended in place on the KTW doesn’t fit the TM grip without modifications, which I have been too lazy to do. Will come with original KTW parts and other trishot parts including another TM Spas body with, I believe, a full length barrel. Would love to trade for a TM breacher + cash, especially if you have the AR style stock adapter. That’s actually what I’d want out of this gun. $240 A&K M249 - Lonex cylinder+cylinder head, probably standard 1metal tooth piston(probably), aoe corrected, Aim Top torque gear set, Lonex POM piston head, SHS ball bearing spring guide, Nukefet mosfet, & 16g wiring w/deans. Painted with krylon. I removed the spring that pushes the charging handle forward because it’s useless and the charging handle stays in place as long as the top cover isn’t up. I also took out the guts of the standard 200rd box mag and put them in a real M249 100rd nut sack mag. Still functions just fine, unzip and you can access the switch easily. if you flip it upside down bbs fly out…. I’m fixing that still. I also removed the handguard, heat shield, and bipod but they are easily reattached and all included still. $250 CA AUGa2 Short barrel - Very well balanced gun, one handed shooting is easier with this than with a P90. Stock TM box and a metal G&P hop up unit. It has a M14 socom flash hider glued on because I was too lazy to get a new barrel as I recall. Looks good actually, and works fine. $250 TM AUGa1 standard - A nice TM AUGa1, don't see too many of these, especially TMs today. The hop up/barrel is stock TM with a CA V3 shell, mystery black full cylinder, Element red HT motor, G&G Standard gears, G&G Piston + Piston Head, Prometheus 6mm bushings, Prometheus ver.3 cylinder head, Prometheus AUG air nozzle, Modify ver.3 Bering spring guide, Madbull M110, G&G Green Bucking, new #14 O-Ring for piston head, and it’s deans wired. If you can't tell already I took the GB out of this TM and put it in the CA and the CA's in the TM now for obvious reasons. $100 Hexagon productions HBAR upper - So I can't remember where the A1 upper came from atm, but I know the barrel kit is a HP. In good shape, has a rail bolted onto the side of the upper for whatever you'd like and the barrel is 16mm pos. I know the inner barrel is much shorter than the outer, but I can't remember by how much. Getting a full size inner barrel is ridiculous anyways. Also the grip is kinda messed up and won't fold down all the way, but I have a spare and it can be fixed if I get the chance. Ready to go on any other AUG. AUG prices are OBO~ish. I also have lots of mags and spare parts to go along with these things. They make a great package together, one thing I've loved about them is the ease of disassembly and how they can interchange parts quickly I also have mags for sale that I don’t use. I have lots of M4 mags, but I'd really want to sell my M14/AK mags and other stuff I don't use because I no longer have those particular guns. 3 CYMA hicaps, 1 TM midcap and 1 E1 midcap for the M14s. On the AKs there are 5? steel, or whatever magnetic metal, AK47 hicaps and I also have one bakelite colored AK74 hicap. $50 + shipping - KWA M9 PTP mags. Sold my M9, but I have one extended mag and one standard mag leftover. In good working shape, not too abused and leak free. Don’t need them at all. $65 Shipped - ACM P226 unknown mfg but we all know where these things come from (China). Good trademarks on slide and barrel. Come with one KJW mag with a 9ball hiflow valve. Mag now leaks alot out of knocker valve, and I keep on not fixing it so; well it's now cheaper accordingly. Not the seal, but the valve itself just got funky for some reason. Bottom of the mag is sealed with a silicone, like a gasket maker, so it won't leak unless you try to mess with it. Just fix the knocker. Or you get another valve a stick it in. $130 Maruzen Mac 11 - Got this M11 while ago and I just don’t use it too much. It’s in good shape and fires fine. It's the CQB 3 version and comes with the box, rail system, and the can. I have reattached the RIS as of now. Gun has 2 long mags and 1 short type. The short one and the NIB-ish long mag are in good condition. The other mag leaks if I’m remembering correctly, but work fine. I may try to fix it again. Comp M4 is also for sale if interested in any gun. You can pretend you're still playing Rainbow6 putting Acogs and other oversized crap on a M11. I also have a little gear for sale. Cheap stuff. $10ea - 2x BNIB OD Condor 3cell SMG pouches, never used. Free with any other purchase - OD elbow pads I also have lots of parts. If you need a set of plastic M4 externals or a G&P Skull frog metal set I have both and a front end. Sold my last M14, but I still have lots of M14 stuff left: An atacs-ish stock, with matching heat shield but folding shoulder/stock plate broke off. ($15) A number of mixed brand mid and hicaps 5x total I also have other externals: A spare E1 M14 receiver ($20) A short Socom length threaded barrel in 14mm ccw ($15) A lot of mostly small stuff triggers, bolts, the selector piece in a bag etc. Also have one extra plastic mag along with the parts. Would like to sell it all as a lot since I don't have an M14 anymore. $10ea - Along with the M14 stuff are two plastic M14 RISs. These are both off of a cheap clone springer, but are almost perfect for AEGs. They’re light and will hold accessories just fine. As pictures I had one method of attaching it to my past M14s, and one that was a spare in case I destroyed the other. With some modification they make a great light and cheap rail system for your front heavy M14. PM me with what you want. Open to most offers. I haven’t chrono’d these guns in a bit, but I can do a poor man’s test for you if interested. Prices obo kinda. I just made them up on the spot from what I remember about buying and working on the guns more or less. AEGs will now come with an accompanying battery of some sort even if I didn’t say anything about a battery.
  15. Thanks for the info airborne, forgot about that. Hopefully it goes on easy though
  16. So before I jump on one of the Dytac Giessle rails I'm wondering if anyone knows whether they can be used with G&P uppers. I know the ones on ehobby at least, say they are Marui spec which would be a problem since this would be for my G&P M4. I've looked around and I haven't found any real definitive answer. Is there an alternate barrel nut maybe? I know that was what I did with my madbull rail. Just wondering if someone who owns one could fill me in.
  17. Looking for some stuff to have fun with a project 1911 or two. Looking for a few particular things. Working clone TM 1911: a BELL or ARMY, just no WE. Bell preferred, no mags necessary. Will also take stock TM if not too pricey. TM MEU MBK or preupgraded MEU: Since very few aluminum MBKs are floating around on the second hand market by themselves, I'm willing to buy a preupgraded MEU. I'm buying for the slide and frame. Guarder least desired. Silver/nickel least desired. 1x Hammer strut: If you have the pin too that's even better. 1x Flat MEU/modern style main spring housing: Anything ok. 1x Desert/Foliage etc.. Warrior 4.3 slide: BBU not needed, but I'll take complete slides. Have cash/PP and I also have guns to trade. AEGs, gas pistols, and rifles if that's what you prefer. Will be interested in most parts related to TM 1911s even if not listed. Detonics too. Thanks.
  18. I'd love to pick up a Guarder MBK for the TM MEU. I'd like one that I won't feel bad about beating up so if you have a used one you're looking to get rid of PM me. I'd even pay to swap slides/frames if for some reason you wanted my TM plastic body kit. Not trying to spend big bucks here, so Nova, Prime, PGC need not apply unless you wanna sell cheap. If you can't get a hold of me through PM, email me. It's my username here gmail.com
  19. Still looking as my M14 has been collecting a lot of dust.
  20. Looking for the hop up adjustment screw for TM M14s pictured below. This is for a TM body and it won't accept clone parts or at least not from Echo 1. PM me if you have the TM made part.
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