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  1. Random lucky event, but I thought I'd share it. Also anyone else play ArmA 2/3?
  2. KJW makes a 10/22 GBBR but there are no AEGs and I think it would be difficult as HS5 said.
  3. I'm assuming the screw that attaches to the spring guide is what you're talking about? It's an M5 screw so just measure the length you need and then order one. Most if not all of the screws on an airsoft gun are metric.
  4. Hate to break it to you, but a 650mm barrel will be detrimental to the accuracy of the gun. First the cylinder in the m14 is waay too small for the length of that barrel, causing undervolumizing Second a barrel of that length really does not have any advantages over the 520mm stock, as the extra length can hurt accuracy
  5. Just saying the G&P LMT is in stock on ehobby for 320, not 550.
  6. Yeah I also saw the RS. Anyways I feel like this isn't the first time this has happened. As long as people are still buying airsoft guns someone will make them.
  7. Yeah, I totally forgot what thread we were in. hopefully /derail
  8. Maybe it's because it's impossible to upgrade them because just about everything in a kwa is non-tm spec. Please do not turn this into a kwa flamewar. KWA fanboyism brings flamewars so easy.
  9. I actually almost did this last week, I should've checked out the situation. Anyways, signed.
  10. Trades: Buffer tube lipos/chargers m4 rail systems UBR in FDE Hey guys, I have too many guns and so this needs to go. She's very lightly used, and had a sponge paint job done to help blend in. Orange tip is still on however. Does not come with the scope. This is the takedown version. $140 OBO
  11. Actually, at my local CQB faciltiy I remember one regular who would challenge himself by using a spring pistol and would still do very well.
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