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  1. Hi, <AT> Snipes: In your selling thread you wrote that it shoots straight up to 270ft. Is your effective range without lobbing now 250 or 270ft?
  2. Hi, sorry for double posting... <AT> sgt. snipes: You said in your DMR project that you can hit a chair at 266.5 feet so to say 270ft. How much times out of ten you can hit it? And you said that you can hit a can at 270ft with the 9th or 10th try. Have you done that all (chair and can)with overhop and lobbing? Can you hit a man-sized target at 270ft away at least 5/10 times without lobbing or overhop? da killa
  3. Ok, I see your point, but I think that it do not affect accuracy and range unless you forget to put a part together, do it? I could imagine that you need skill when you are working on the Hop-Up. Is it right?
  4. Ok, Stock effective range of the G&G M14 normal version 150-175ft. So now the same questions as in my last post....
  5. Hi, Ok so with the normal version of the G&G M14 the stock effective range where it can hit about half the time is 150ft. The stock effective range of the Veteran is about 200ft, isnt it? <AT> Deadlyappollo: What do you mean exactly when you say the skill is really important. Because the Problem is I have not worked on much guns. So you can say im not a guy that can have a really nice technique to work on it. So if it is 250ft effective range when something with skill has done it what would be mine results. About 230ft? I know you can not say it exactly but I just want to know how much feet the difference could be when we are talking about the skill. <AT> seargentsnipes: I wrote you a pm maybe you can answer it. da killa
  6. Hi, I want to built a DMR out of a G&G M14 or the Veteran version. First I would like to know which stock effective range it gets (The normal and the Veteran version). With stock effective range I mean the range at which I can hit a man sized target at least 5-6/10times. For the Veteran version it is reported something like 200ft stock effective range. Here it says even 240ft 5/10 times but that was with overhop and lobbing. So id say that it could be 200ft without lobbing. Here is the link: http://www.airsoftarizona.com/forumbb/view...f=5&t=25499 And another one. There it says 200ft 90/10 hits on a man-sized target. And that it can hit up to 230ft. But I think that would be with lobbing. http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/index...e;topic=72364.0 And for upgarding I thougt about the following: For the Veteran Version: Systema-Bucking+SCS-Nub ( I havent seen an SCS -NUb....is it a DIY-Mod?) PDI 6.01 tightbore barrel M150 spring ( which brand to get) Have I to replace any other internals that the Gearbox can take the M150? And I do not know which battery to get. And what battery charger is good? And I will get .29gr maruzen SGMs for the stock Veteran if I get it. Is that ok for the Stock gun? da killa
  7. Hi, I have a few questions about those three guns: KWA SR10 or 12, G&G M14, TM M14: I heard you have all three of them or two of them. Can you say me how good the Hop-Up of those three guns are compared to each other. I read the Marui M14 Hop is the best. How much worse is the range and accuracy if all three guns had the same barrel and the same fps and the same internals. Would the KWA and G&G have a fewer range of 10ft or about 40ft or more? Thanks for answering... That is a message to Golgo 13 and I wanted to send him this per pm but his inbox is full so.... And he does not leave an E-Mail Adress so I ask here. If anyone other know an answer to those questions you can of course answer them, too. da killa
  8. <AT> Soccer : Alright when you will test your KWA with the new Bucking Nub Combo post what you got please... da killa
  9. Ok, Thank you Soccer 77, I look forward to hear what you will get. And please keep in mind with wich BBs and BB weight you got wich performance. It is great that you help me so much. da killa
  10. Hi, <AT> Soccer 77: Ok thank you. Great answer. I am very interested in what you will get at 250ft. Can you test 300ft ,too,please. Maybe you will get 2/10 hits at a man-sized target. So it seems like the KWA SR10 or SR12 is pretty good you have not to upgrade anything expecting the Barrel and a new Bucking Nub Combo right for shooting at about 500-550fps right? The problem is I come from germany and it isnt available there right now. Does anyone knows when it comes on the market there? da killa
  11. Hi, Ok did I understand right that the KWA Hop-Up together with KWA parts give the gun a great consistency from shot to shot right. And that the Consistency with aftermarket parts that were put together is worse. So the Compression is a thing that the Hop-Up is accountable for. Ok. Ok here is what I will want to get: TM M14 G&G M14 or KWA SR12. It should be able to shoot about 550fps with .2gr BBs. I will use high quality bbs like Maruzen SGMs if they are not too light. And I am looking forward to get 6-7/10 torso hits at 250ft and about 2/10 torso hits at 300ft without lobbing. So that is what I am looking for and I want to know how much better the Hop-Up of The TM M14 is than the G&G M14 and the KWA SR12 and the G&P M14. So if the TM M14 has the best Hop-Up and I upgrade all the other things in the Gearbox that can break it would be the best choice right? But if it makes a difference of about 10ft over the G&G M14 I would take the G&G I think. So that is the problem. da killa.
  12. Hi, Sorry for Double Posting, But I have to say that it seems like can not do that with the links on this site so Sorry, my fail. But maybe you can find out what I mean. It is a german site but try it. It is not difficult even for American people. So PLEASE answer my Hop-Up Questions. It is so important to know. da killa
  13. Hi, This is meant with real wood version isn it? http://www.airsoft24.de/ and this is the soc 16 isnt it? http://www.airsoft24.de/ please answer my hop-up questions da killa
  14. <AT> Fatboy: Thank you for your Opinion but I didnt want to know that the KWA can pull those springs and you havent to upgrade anything. I think that is clear and the most people know that now. <AT> all. Please keep answering my questions. My questions before the post of Fatboy are really important because I think I will know then what to get... da killa
  15. Hi, "KWA is nice....which G&G M14 are you talking about? the soc16? or the real wood version?" I do not know, is one of them better than the other one? So I want to upgrade the gun that I will get. The main Difference of all those rifles is the Hop-Up I think. The TM Hop-Up is one of the best Hop-Ups out there right? So is the G&G Hop-up (of the M14 , I heard the others sucks) the G&P(M14) one and the one of the KWA SR12 as good as the TM. The most important parts in the Unit for accuracy are the Bucking and the nub right? Or is it the the whole Unit? So if the G&G Hop Up and the G&P Hop-Up arent as good as the TM can I get a TM and put it in the G&G or the G&P? Could it happen that I install the TM Hop-Up improperly? That would not be a problem when getting the TM M14 directly. And I would upgrade the TM M14 to hold an M140 or M150. And if the Hop-Up is the best and I upgrade the rest it would be the best choice wouldnt it? "da killa, you can make whatever gun you want to into a DMR, just pick one you like and go from there." Yes then I thought I can upgrade the Cyma M14 and it is the cheapest thing... But it will become the same price if I upgrade maybe a G&G M14 (there I have to upgrade and buy fewer parts) or if I get the Cyma and upgrade it( I would have to buy more parts) Is it right? da killa
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