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  1. BUMP! ITEM ADDED TO WTT LIST: UTG m324 upgraded with DBC 6.01 barrel and full length spacer. Lightly used and can include scope along with 2 mags. Offer !
  2. BUMP! Also may have a sniper rifle for trade if anyone is interested.
  3. Well the price you are asking for the two propane adapters is the price that they come new. Are tsd adapters that high quality? Could you go maybe 20-25 shipped? by the way.... empty your inbox, it is full and I could not PM you.
  4. I am looking for a propane adapter. Prefer plastic, but anything will do. I am looking for two, so first come first to get cash! I will probably send money order through the mail or I might be able to paypal.
  5. BUMP. Itouch is most likely SPT unless I get a better offer in the next day or two.
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