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  1. Oh, meant nothing by what I said like that man. Just the last time I owned anything classic army was when there stuff was still internal grenades and pot-ish metal, I know they've come a long way but I still don't have any personal experience so thought I'd ask. BTW, PM inbound
  2. Hey, if you have it consider it sold if you can wait until mid-next week? I live in SD and would be willing to drive 80-100 miles out for a good deal. Anything finicky about the rifle or ANYTHING? (I don't mind fixing stuff, I just want to know what I'd be getting, that's all).
  3. Still have the rifle bro? :edit: my apologies but I'm gonna try and go a different route for a rifle but if thing don't go as planned in the next 10 days and you still have it I'll PM you.
  4. Hey guys, name is Trevor Morris. Formally I was 2-Tall_SEAL on here but I guess at some point during my enlistment it got deleted for lack of use or whatever. I have the same callsign on SoCal and frequent there more so. A bit about myself, enlisted in the US Army (E.O.D) in 2007 and was released in mid-'09 for a back injury. I've been around the airsoft block for a minute and there hasn't been a question to date, be it from me or someone else, that I couldn't answer so if you have an issue with finding parts, impressions or tech stuff I'd be more than willing to help you out, all you have to do is ask. I live in San Diego, so I frequent fields within 2 hours of here, more so Jericho and Mr. PB. Um, feels good to be back on here and see some of the "OG" members on here (Battlepriest and a few others) and hope to see ya'll on the flip side.
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