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  1. Bump. Now only looking for a good pair of goggles with a fan.
  2. Bump. All I need now is the stuff in the "other stuff" section minus the battle belt.
  3. I'm currently looking to buy basically any of the following items, depending on which ones I can find first/get a better deal on. Items are listed in order of priority. Sidearms KWA KMP9. Must be the foregrip version, preferably in dark earth. Extra mags are preferred, but not mandatory. Tokyo Marui MK23. It's fine if it doesn't come with the LAM and suppressor, but extra mags are preferred. KWA MP7, once again DE is preferred but black is ok. Mags would be nice. Some kind of M93R. Must have a stock, extra mags would be very nice. Wingun Nagant revolver. Must be black. Some kind of M1911. Must be compatible with this, so only single stacks. Some form of Glock, either a G17 or G18. Must be compatible with this. Other stuff A good pair of boots. Preferably Marine Corps boots in 9.5r, offer up. Goggles with a fan. A battle belt. Something like this. Tan is a must. A MOLLE bandolier. Something like this. Once again, tan is a must. A rear wiring harness for a V3 gearbox. It's for this if you're wondering. It's to run a battery out the rectangular hole in the rear of the receiver.
  4. A very long time ago. This is the same guy you emailed.
  5. I disagree. Read my post. You could always get a game/something of similar value for free.
  6. It's kinda funny, I am 14 years old and now own 2 airsoft guns, a Mosin Nagant, and a .357, with almost 0 help from my parents, aside from the firearms being registered in their name. PS, don't freak out, I know how to properly handle a firearm and understand that it is not a toy.
  7. How I afford it is trading up. I found an old game, sold it on eBay for $15, traded up until I wound up with an SRC RPK. (in the process of doing that I also got a JG bar-10 and 2 Killbucket 1919 kits). I got lucky and found a JAC AR-18 for $30, traded for a TM 5-7, then sold that for $130 after I got bored of it. Slightly unrelated, but I just traded a old RC car I got for Christmas 3 years ago for a real steel single action revolver. PS here are pics of my new revolver.
  8. One way I made some cash was selling old stuff. I took an old game I had, and sold it for $15 on eBay. I then bought a crosman springer off of a friend, then turned around and sold it for $30. This continued until I bought a BAR-10, and a Killbucket 1919. I traded both of those of an SRC RPK. I then found a JAC AR-18 (classic worth hundreds) and bought it for $30. Then traded that for a TM 5-7. Sold the 5-7 after I used it for $130. I also had an old RC car I got for Christmas, and traded it for a real steel single action .357. Moral of the story: Sell old stuff, trade up and up and up until you get what you want.
  9. Ok, I finished with it :D I had to cut down the original handguard because without it, it looked really strange and weak. So here they are: Now that it's completely assembled, the accuracy dropped a ton. I'm going to make some barrel spacers later today.
  10. So, A while back I got an SRC RPK. Shortly after getting it, the infamous problem struck. Both the stock tangs snapped off. At that point is was still usable (albeit w/o the stock), but I wanted to make it practical without buying a new receiver. Flash forward 3 months, I got money and bought an S&T Tavor-21. I was then in need of a sidearm. So I decided to get started on building an AK pistol out of it. Step one: The gas block. This has, so far, been the hardest part. First, I cut along the 2 lines on the gas block like so: What we are trying to do here is this: Now we get to welding the 2 together. Since this is cheap pot metal, this presents a unique issue. I decided to go for it and try to weld. This is what happened: A hole was burnt through it. So I shoved the hole full of sponge, and JB welded it up like so: To be continued. Step two: The receiver. This step is pretty straight forward. We just cut off the tangs and the mounting block thingy (for the lack of knowledge of a better name). The back: Step three: The inner and outer barrel. So I found some time to work on it as the sun was going down. I used this guide to chop the barrel down. Here is the inner barrel (after cut) next to the stock one: Here is the re-crown on the end: The chopped outer barrel: The front end test fit: Success! I put it together partially (no outer barrel, top cover, ect) with the new inner barrel, shoots better than the stock one and the new one is out of a crossman springer! To do list: Assemble after JB Weld dries. Chop the front trunnion down so the gas block fits, then JB weld on. Notes: I won't be able to work on this for the rest of the weekend. The JB weld is currently drying at the time this post is made. All cuts but the inner barrel were made with a Makita and a cutoff wheel on it. The welds were made with a cheap MIG welder, on slow wire speed and low heat.
  11. I unknowingly bought cybergun yesterday :(. I bought an S&T Tavor-21 and had no idea it was licensed by Cybergun. I feel guilty now.
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