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  1. http://imgur.com/Yi7uz1y All real gear at last. Massif ACP's, Crye Pads Blackhawk! PCU Asolo Fugitive GTX Sox hat Mayflower R&C UW Gen II chest rig (RG) First Spear Exigent Circumstances Pack (RG) Buddies P* Mk18 because my hopup was being a pain in the .
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HgTq14bHihI Some video of me and my team at a variety of games this summer.
  3. Hot Weather/Lazy Man kit. Second from left. Tactical Distributors Tac Tee (Grey) (Kirtapalot Patch) Massif Army Combat Pant w/ Crye G3 pads ESS Crossbow Franchise fitted Red Sox hat iWinGear RRV (Coyote, Beat to ) SDS triple M4 shingle, DCU SpecOpsGear IFAK, Khaki KWA MP7 w/ 4 long mags, M6x, C-MORE, HK Sling Mount, Extra Position stock
  4. Green Side Spring Offensive 5 PC is finally set up. Pantac 6094A LBT 2645A LBT Retaining Belt Flyye Admin BFG Double Ten Speed Gerber EPIC First Spear ECP (absolute to get mounted in a way that it doesn't move around. Four G-hooks, two lengths of cord, and a fair bit of praying were involved) ATS Vertical Utility First Spear Shoulder Pads Adventure Lights Strobe
  5. Myself, some team mates, and some other local teams playing at Ground Zero Airsoft USA in Connecticut. Much violence was had.
  6. Thanks man. I always get a kick out of going through old photos and just seeing progressively how much smaller my kit has gotten. Except for big events, I've just kept slimming it down, and it really makes for better play.
  7. Cold Weather Kit. I'm second from right. JJMathews202 to the right, and team members to the left. All vaguely Army SF-ish but nowhere near impressions. My kitlist: Head: Opscore Carbon* (Tan, Painted) First Spear Helmet Cover (Ranger Green) Contour GPS Adventurelights Red Distress Strobe Various lights & patches Torso: (Front) Pantac 6094a* (Khaki) LBT Retaining Belt (in place of cummerbund) (Khaki) Flyye Eagle-Style Admin* (Khaki) Blue Force Gear Double Ten-Speed M4 Pouch (Coyote Brown) (Back) Tyr Tactical 1.5L Hydro Pouch (Coyote Brown) Blackhawk! Single Banger (Khaki) Phantom Single Smoke* (Khaki) Belt: ATS Warbelt (Ranger Green) ATS Inner Belt (Ranger Green) ATS Warbelt Suspenders (Ranger Green) Pantac Single Pistol Mag (Coyote Brown) Fastmag x2* (Tan) Condor Roll up Dump Pouch* (Coyote Brown) Blue Force Gear triple ten-speed M4 (Coyote Brown) P226 SERPA or Mk23 Dropleg Hanger* Apparel: The North Face Polartec Fleece (Camel) Condor Softshell (Foliage) Massif Army Combat Pants (Multicam) + Crye Precision G3 Kneepad Blasters: TM Mk23 + 2 Mags VFC SR15e3 Lower Classic Army VLTOR Battery E-Mod Stock VFC Daniel Defense Upper Madbull Troy TRX Extreme Battle Rail MBUS* M300c Scout Light* (Still need to decide on an optic) Thoughts, questions?
  8. The brand on the NOD shroud is Opscore, but I suspect that's fake as there are about a million fakes floating around out there.
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